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viernes, 27 de junio de 2014

Oracle BPM 12c now GA!!

Oracle BPM Suite 12c is now GA!
We are pleased to announce that as of today (June 27, 2014) Oracle BPM Suite version 12.1.3, unified platform for both BPM and Adaptive Case Management is Generally Available.
With the Oracle BPM 12.1.3 release, we are offering a comprehensive, unified and robust platform to build intelligent business processes (both structured automated flows as well as dynamic collaborative cases) that are flexible, adaptive and aligned with business objectives. With the addition of business friendly features such as business architecture, verbal rules, requirements capture, new UI for easy to design dashboards and many developer features, the platform provides the empowerment that business desires and the power that IT requires to be an efficient enabler for business. Oracle BPM together with Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle WebCenter Portal enables organizations to embrace key tenets of digital business by designing processes that enable rich multichannel digital experiences for customers and employees, enabling expansion into new markets and revenue growth opportunities.
· Light-weight Actionable Business Architecture
· Business friendly verbalization of Rules and excel integration of Rules Decision Table
· Business context for processes and impact analysis reports
· Groovy based scripting, full support for debugging and a number of developer productivityfeatures
· 1-click developer, low memory footprint Quick Start Install
· Enhanced out of the box dashboards for performance, trend and bottleneck analysis of processes, activities and people
· Innovative business friendly unification of Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) with the complex query processor engine for identifying emerging trends and risks for proactive actions
· Deep integration of BAM component and Oracle BI for unified dashboards and side by side historical comparisons
· Modern, business user friendly BAM Composer
· Linking cases, sub-cases and case dashboards for Adaptive Case Management
· Integration with Oracle R for predictive analysis to determine next best action
· Tool led migration from Oracle BPM 10g to Oracle BPM 12c
· Seamless upgrade from 11g to 12c without business disruption
For more details on the releases, please have a look at the following documents: