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La Asociación de Usuarios Oracle de Colombia- ASUOC tiene el gusto de invitarlos a la Videoconferencia INTEGRACIÓN CON ORACLE CLOUD la presentación se enfocará en : - Arquitectura y Posibilidades de Integración del Cloud ERP - Migración de Sistemas a IAAS o PAAS Fecha : Viernes 23 de noviembre Hora : 8:30 am a 12:00 m Link de acceso : https://lnkd.in/gFsbgrg

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dbForge Studio 2018: Práctico, simple de usar y muy útil


"Actualmente trabajo como arquitecto de información en una compañía financiera. Tengo más de 25 años de ser Oracle DBA y otros motores de base de datos. Durante estos años, he conocido muchas herramientas.
Durante el último año he usado dbForge Studio para Oracle.

  • Interfaz agradablemente cómoda.
  • Perfecta conectividad a nuevos sistemas como legado. 
  • Funcionalidad para creación de instantáneas de esquemas y comparación de esquemas, 
  • Además de todas las herramientas necesarias para el día a día.
  • Fácil de instalar y menos consumidor de recursos que otras herramientas.

En comparación con los recursos de SQL Developer, es un minicompacto con provisiones de un 4x4.

Recomendado en todos los sentidos. "

dbForge Studio 2018: Practice, simple to use and very useful.


"I currently work as an Information Architect in a finance company. I have more than 25 years of being Oracle DBA and other database engines. During these years, I have known many tools. Some free and others pay.
For the last year I have used dbForge Studio for Oracle. Interface pleasantly comfortable. Perfect connectivity to new systems as a legacy. Functionality seen as creation of snapshots of schemes and comparison of schemes, plus all the tools required for day to day.

Easy to install and less resource consumption than other tools.

In comparison to the consumption of resources by SQL Developer, it is a mini-compact in consumption, with provisions of a 4x4.
Recommended in every way."

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Court Orders Rimini Street to Comply with Permanent Injunction Prohibiting Further Infringement

Press Release 

Redwood Shores, Calif.—Nov 7, 2018 

On Monday, a federal appeals court rejected Rimini Street’s motion to stay and effectively delay a permanent injunction issued by the Federal District Court in Nevada. That injunction prohibits Rimini Street from engaging in specific unlawful practices in connection with its core business practices as found in Oracle’s 2015 copyright infringement trial against Rimini Street and its founder, Seth Ravin. 

The trial court had determined earlier that the more than $100 million that Rimini Street paid to Oracle in damages following trial was inadequate to fully compensate Oracle for Rimini Street’s copyright infringement, citing “Rimini Street’s conscious disregard for Oracle’s software copyrights” and the fact that Rimini Street’s business model “was built entirely on its infringement of Oracle’s copyrighted software.” The Court ruled that Rimini Street can only provide support for Oracle’s PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards, Siebel, and Database software subject to certain court-mandated restrictions, as set forth in the injunction.

While Rimini Street made public statements suggesting that it can comply with the injunction without changing its business model, it told the federal appeals court a different story in court filings. Rimini Street instead argued that the “injunction goes far beyond the changes that Rimini Street [already] made in response” to the Nevada court’s rulings, and would therefore harm its business. Rimini Street must now comply with all the terms of the injunction while its latest appeal is pending.

“We are grateful that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied Rimini Street’s latest attempt to delay justice. The federal courts in this country have appropriately recognized that the only way to stop serial infringers such as Rimini Street is to subject them to detailed, court-ordered prohibitions against unlawful practices and subject them to contempt of court penalties for any breach. Oracle will continue to be unrelenting in its mission to stop the infringement of its intellectual property rights,” said Dorian Daley, Oracle’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel. 

Contact Info 

Deborah Hellinger
Oracle Corporate Communications

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Public Utilities Enhance Energy Efficiency Programs with Oracle

Press Release

Redwood Shores, Calif.—Nov 5, 2018

Elizabethtown Gas and Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) join a growing list of utilities using Oracle Opower Home Energy Reports to educate customers on energy efficiency and related savings. With Oracle Opower, these utilities have the potential to increase savings and engagement for more than 179,000 households. 

"We are proud to be working with Riverside Public Utilities and Elizabethtown Gas to enhance their energy efficiency education and drive increased efficiency solutions amongst their customers," said Rodger Smith, SVP and general manager of Oracle Utilities. "Our behavioral Energy Efficiency programs have contributed significant bill savings for consumers, and we continue to innovate to bring our utility customers the best in home energy management solutions." 

Since Elizabethtown Gas launched the program in December 2017, participating customer savings continue to trend upward. The utility also implemented Oracle's energy efficiency web portal to provide online tools including bill comparison insights and an online audit. 

RPU selected Opower Home Energy Reports to help improve customer experience, increase energy efficiency savings, and drive more digital engagement. The implementation of the Home Energy Reports represents an expanding relationship between RPU and Oracle Utilities. The utility currently utilizes Oracle’s Work and Asset Management solution to manage asset lifecycles, streamline maintenance operations and improve regulatory compliance. 

"Working with Oracle, we are now able to deliver new, cutting-edge tools that allow our customers to gain a better understanding of their energy use at home and make educated decisions regarding their electric bill," said RPU account manager, Ryan McManus. 

Ranked number one in Navigant Research's Leaderboard report on Home Energy Management systems, Oracle Opower Home Energy Reports provide residential customers personalized feedback and actionable insights about their energy consumption to help motivate them to lower their usage. 

Oracle Utilities recently announced that its Opower Home Energy Reports and Energy Efficiency programs achieved a total of $2 billion in utility bill savings for consumers over the past decade and have reached more than 20 TWh in energy savings. The reports include a neighbor comparison, energy usage trends, seasonal disaggregation, and personalized energy saving tips that are powered by an intelligent recommendation engine. 
Follow us on Twitter and the Oracle Utilities blog 

Contact Info 

Valerie Beaudett
Oracle Corporation
+1 650.400.7833

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