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Bank and Insurance Innovators to Benefit from European Oracle Fintech Innovation Program with B-Hive Europe

Press Release 

European Bank and Insurance Innovators to Benefit from Accelerated Monetization of Fintech Capabilities, Oracle and B-Hive Europe to collaborate on Fintech Innovation Program 

Redwood Shores, Calif.—Jun 28, 2018 

Oracle has chosen Brussels as a European gateway to roll out its Fintech Innovation Program to Europe. Oracle plans to dedicate additional European staff and resources to set up mutually monetizable relationships with fintechs and digital banking innovators. Oracle plans to work with B-Hive Europe to accelerate enterprise readiness for participating fintechs and banks. 

Brussels was chosen as Oracle’s European fintech hub because of its central location and the presence of leading institutions of the European Union. Oracle’s customers will benefit from a renewed focus on European affairs. 

Johan Van Overtveldt, Belgium’s Minister of Finance, said, “I wholeheartedly support the decision of Oracle to organize their European rollout from Brussels. Oracle is a global, reliable, technology company and B-Hive Europe is an important public and private sector collaboration. I expect this relationship to create real momentum in the acceleration of financial innovation in Belgium and Europe. It further strengthens Brussels as a pan-European hub for fintech and thus contributes to our strategy to focus on attracting niche financial activities, such as fintech, insurance and market infrastructures.” 

“At Oracle, we realize that in Europe, results-driven digital innovation is thriving because of the historical roots of banking. We are choosing Brussels as our fintech center for mainland Europe because of its excellent location,” said Rik De Deyn, senior innovation director, Oracle, who’ll be leading the European rollout. “Brussels is easy to reach from most European financial hubs, close to the European Commission, and an ideal location to bring together fintech innovators and financial institutions,” he added. “Our work with B-Hive Europe will inevitably result in a faster time to innovation value for banks and insurers, and accelerated monetization for fintechs.” 

B-Hive Europe is a collaborative innovation fintech platform that brings together major banks, insurers and market infrastructure players to work on common innovation challenges and build bridges to the start-up and scale-up community. 

“Adding BigTech firms to our ecosystem is an important part of our strategy to grow and expand innovation for our start-ups, scale-ups and financial service partners,” said Fabian Vandenreydt, Executive Chairman, B-Hive Europe. “With Oracle, we share a focus on accelerated productization and monetization of fintech innovation for the benefits of the full ecosystem. As our strategic cloud infrastructure collaborator, we welcome Oracle’s expertise to help our start-up and scale-up community reach higher levels of enterprise readiness, security and scalability. And this will benefit our bank, insurance and market infrastructure partners in the short term.” 

The European fintech market is growing rapidly and banks have an appetite for tangible results. A number of fintech firms have previously worked with Oracle and B-Hive Europe, and welcome the collaboration. 

Hanna Zubko, CEO and Co-Founder of IntellectEU Inc, a smart integration and development company focused on blockchain for financial services, explained: “IntellectEU is proud to be part of the unique ecosystem that Oracle and B-Hive Europe have created. This important work offers industry leading technology and strong business relations that our customers need." 

Alain Vansnick, Senior VP at TAS Group, a mature fintech running payments and credit card software, said, “Our collaboration with Oracle as a cloud technology provider has been transformational to our business over the past years, generating real revenue opportunities. We are now joining B-Hive Europe because we believe that a collaboration between big tech, fintech, banks and public sector can also transform the market.” 

NGDATA, the Intelligent Customer Data Platform, has benefited from B-Hive Europe’s programs from the start, and runs on Oracle technologies. Luc Burgelman, CEO, looks forward to this collaboration: “Oracle and B-Hive share a focus on enterprise-ready, scalable results. We believe in data-based innovation. Oracle and B-Hive Europe combining forces couldn’t have come at a better time.” 

The fintech program is globally spearheaded by Mark Smedley, VP Financial Services Solutions; De Deyn will be leading the European effort. 

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Paul de Lara
+44 7471 020937

Oracle News: New Study: 93% of People Would Trust Orders from a Robot at Work

Press Release 

HR leaders and employees want to embrace AI, but organizations are failing to prepare the workforce 

Redwood Shores, Calif.—Jun 28, 2018 

People are ready to take instructions from robots at work according to a new study conducted by Oracle and Future Workplace, a research firm preparing leaders for disruptions in recruiting, development and employee engagement. The study of 1,320 U.S. HR leaders and employees found that while people are ready to embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) at work, and understand that the benefits go far beyond automating manual processes, organizations are not doing enough to help their employees embrace AI and that will result in reduced productivity, skillset obsolescence and job loss.  

The study–AI at Work–identified a large gap between the way people are using AI at home and at work. While 70 percent of people are using some form of AI in their personal life, only 6 percent of HR professionals are actively deploying AI and only 24 percent of employees are currently using some form of AI at work. To determine why there is such a gap in AI adoption when people are clearly ready to embrace AI at work (93 percent would trust orders from a robot), the study examined HR leader and employee perceptions of the benefits of AI, the obstacles preventing AI adoption and the business consequences of not embracing AI. 
Employees and HR Leaders See the Potential of AI 

All respondents agreed that AI will have a positive impact on their organizations and when asked about the biggest benefit of AI, HR leaders and employees both said increased productivity. In the next three years, respondents expect the benefits to include: 

· Employees believe that AI will improve operational efficiencies (59 percent), enable faster decision making (50 percent), significantly reduce cost (45 percent), enable better customer experiences (40 percent) and improve the employee experience (37 percent). 

· HR leaders believe AI will positively impact learning and development (27 percent), performance management (26 percent), compensation/payroll (18 percent) and recruiting and employee benefits (13 percent). 
Organizations are Not Doing Enough to Prepare the Workforce for AI 

Despite its clear potential to improve business performance, HR leaders and employees believe that organizations are not doing enough to prepare the workforce for AI. Respondents also identified a number of other barriers holding back AI in the enterprise. 

· Almost all (90 percent) of HR leaders are concerned they will not be able to adjust to the rapid adoption of AI as part of their job and to make matters worse, they are not currently empowered to address an emerging AI skill gap in their organization. 

· While more than half of employees (51 percent) are concerned they will not be able to adjust to the rapid adoption of AI and 71 percent believe AI skills and knowledge will be important in the next three years, 72 percent of HR leaders noted that their organization does not provide any form of AI training program. 

· On top of the skill gap, HR leaders and employees identified cost (74 percent), failure of technology (69 percent) and security risks (56 percent) as the other major barriers to AI adoption in the enterprise. 
Not Embracing AI Now Will Result in Job Loss, Irrelevance and Loss of Competitive Advantage 

Despite all the talk about people being worried about AI entering the workplace, the study found the opposite to be true with HR leaders and employees (79 percent of HR leaders; 60 percent of employees) believing a failure to adopt AI will have negative consequences on their own careers, colleagues and overall organization. 

· Respondents identified reduced productivity, skillset obsolescence and job loss as the top three consequences of failing to embrace AI in the workforce. 

· From an organizational standpoint, respondents believe embracing AI will have the most positive impact on directors and C-Suite executives. By failing to empower leadership teams with AI, organizations could lose a competitive advantage. 

For this survey, 1,320 HR Leaders and employees were asked about their views regarding AI implementation and usage in the workplace. The study targeted HR Leaders and employees who work across different sectors and in organizations of different sizes. All panelists have passed a double opt-in process and complete on average 300 profiling data points prior to taking part in surveys. 

· “As this study shows, people are not afraid of AI taking their jobs and instead want to be able to quickly and easily take advantage of the latest innovations,” said Emily He, SVP, Human Capital Management Cloud Business Group, Oracle. “To help employees embrace AI, organizations should partner with their HR leaders to address the skill gap and focus their IT strategy on embedding simple and powerful AI innovations into existing business processes.” 

“AI will enable companies to stay competitive, HR leaders to be more strategic and employees to be more productive at work. If organizations want to take advantage of the AI revolution, while closing the skills gap, they will have to invest in AI training programs. If employees want to stay relevant to the current and future job market, they need to embrace AI as part of their job.” 

—Dan Schawbel, Research Director at Future Workplace, author of Back to Human

Contact Info 

Siobhan Lyons

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Oracle Press: The Executive Centre Expands Network and Services to Deliver Ultimate Work Experience

Press Release 
Leading Provider of Serviced and Virtual Offices Streamlines Critical Business Processes to Support Rapid Global Growth with NetSuite OneWorld 

Hong Kong—Jun 26, 2018 

The Executive Centre, a provider of premium serviced office facilities, shared co-work spaces and virtual offices in Asia-Pacific, implemented NetSuite to support its rapid global growth and expanding service portfolio. Headquartered in Hong Kong, The Executive Centre has averaged 20 percent annual growth for the past 10 years and now operates 115 centers in 13 countries. 

Founded in 1994, The Executive Centre offers a member-centric experience that promotes connection, personal growth and professional achievement and serves clients ranging from startups to multinationals such as Pfizer, Expedia and Twitter. 

To meet the demands of distributed, global and mobile businesses, The Executive Centre has added properties in prime locations across Asia Pacific and the Middle East, while also introducing new technology, contemporary interior design and a wide range of business services such as concierge, accounting, professional translation and people management. In order to manage the business complexity presented by rapid international expansion and an increasingly diverse service portfolio, The Executive Centre implemented NetSuite OneWorld four years ago. 

“Businesses today need more than just basic office space, they need to be able to offer an experience that meets the demands of a global and mobile workforce,” said Jason Wong, CTO, The Executive Centre. “As we expanded our network and services to meet those requirements, we needed to rethink our business operations. With NetSuite we have a global business management platform that has reduced operating complexity and enabled us to focus time and resources on delivering the ultimate work experience for our clients.” 

By switching from Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) to NetSuite OneWorld, The Executive Centre has been able to improve operational efficiency by taking advantage of a real-time, unified global business management platform. As a result, The Executive Centre has been able to streamline and modernize financials, multi-subsidiary management, revenue recognition, billing, multi-currency transactions and multi-country tax compliance. This has enabled The Executive Centre to meet the evolving business needs of its clients across its 34 subsidiaries that span China, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Sri Lanka, Macau and Vietnam as well as its recently opened location in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

“The Executive Centre has achieved incredible success over the last 10 years and the member-centric experience it offers its clients is really impressive,” said Lee Thompson, group vice president and general manager, Asia Pacific and Japan at Oracle NetSuite. “We are thrilled to play a key role in its future expansion in Asia Pacific and beyond.” 
Contact Info 

Suzanne Myerson
Oracle NetSuite
+61 414 101 583

Machine Learning en pañales con el fútbol en el mundial Rusia 2018

Dos modelos de máquinas de aprendizaje, han errado de manera rotunda, a la hora de elegir los posibles ganadores de la Copa del Mundo Rusia 2018.

Recuerden que los modelos de ML, son programados por seres humanos y que el sesgo sigue siendo un factor determinante a la hora de la programación efectiva de estas herramientas.

Caso #1. Alemania ya no estará en la final.

El grupo de banca de inversión Goldman Sachs, que aplica sus fórmulas de probabilidades Estadísticas en el mundo financiero para trazar calificaciones de riesgo para las inversiones, este lunes publicó un informe en el que predice que Brasil será campeón mundial en Rusia-2018.

"Brasil va a ganar su sexta Copa del Mundo, derrotando a Alemania el 15 de julio en la final", estimó el organismo financiero estadounidense, que se basa en un estudio con no menos de "200.000 modelos" de "machine learning" (aprendizaje automático), explotando "datos sobre las características de los equipos, jugadores y rendimientos recientes" y otros elementos. 

Link: http://www.portafolio.co/tendencias/goldman-sachs-da-su-pronostico-sobre-el-mundial-de-futbol-517942
Publicado: 11/06/2018

Caso #2, Falló. Alemania no será el campeón del mundo.

Faltan apenas unas horas para que arranque el Mundial de Rusia 2018, y todo el mundo está haciendo sus pronósticos sobre quién se llevará el ansiado trofeo. Un grupo de científicos alemanes y belgas recurrió a una combinación de aprendizaje automático y estadísticas convencionales para dar su veredicto e identificar al ganador.

El método utilizado en ese estudio por los investigadores se conoce como enfoque de 'bosque aleatorio', y consiste en pronosticar eventos futuros usando un 'árbol de decisiones', en el que cada resultado se calcula como una 'rama', en base al conjunto de datos utilizados para alimentar al sistema.

Para crear el modelo del Mundial, los científicos recurrieron a varios factores: desde el PIB de cada país hasta su clasificación mundial según la FIFA, pasando por la edad media de sus jugadores o el número de ellos que se desempeñan en la Champions League.

Cumplidos esos pasos, los investigadores simularon todo el torneo 100.000 veces, para determinar las probabilidades que tiene cada uno de los 32 equipos participantes.
Los resultados

Según el modelo de bosque aleatorio, España parte como la favorita para ganar el Mundial, con una probabilidad del 17,8 %. A la selección española la siguen Alemania (17,1 %) y Brasil (12,3 %).


Eight Arrested in Africa-Based Cybercrime and Business Email Compromise Conspiracy

Ciudadano México arrestado por participación en conspiración de fraude a través de BEC

In accordance with the Justice Department’s recent efforts to disrupt business email compromise (BEC) schemes that are designed to intercept and hijack wire transfers from businesses and individuals, including many senior citizens, the Department announced Operation Keyboard Warrior, an effort coordinated by United States and international law enforcement to disrupt online frauds perpetrated from Africa. Eight individuals have been arrested for their roles in a widespread, Africa-based cyber conspiracy that allegedly defrauded U.S. companies and citizens of approximately $15 million since at least 2012.

Acting Assistant Attorney General John P. Cronan of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, U.S. Attorney D. Michael Dunavant of the Western District of Tennessee and Executive Assistant Director David T. Resch of the FBI, made the announcement today.

Five individuals were arrested in the United States for their roles in the conspiracy including Javier Luis Ramos Alonso, 28, a Mexican citizen residing in Seaside, California; James Dean, 65, of Plainfield, Indiana; Dana Brady, 61, of Auburn, Washington; Rashid Abdulai, 24, a Ghanaian citizen residing in the Bronx, New York, who has been charged in a separate indictment; and Olufolajimi Abegunde, 31, a Nigerian citizen residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Maxwell Atugba Abayeta aka Maxwell Peter, 26, and Babatunde Martins, 62, of Ghana and Benard Emurhowhoariogho Okorhi, 39, a Nigerian citizen who resides in Ghana, have been arrested overseas and are pending extradition proceedings to face charges filed in the Western District of Tennessee. 

The indictment also charges Sumaila Hardi Wumpini, 29; Dennis Miah, 34; Ayodeji Olumide Ojo, 35, and Victor Daniel Fortune Okorhi, 35, all of whom remain at large. Abegunde had his detention hearing today before U.S. District Court Judge Sheryl H. Lipman of the Western District of Tennessee, who ordered him detained pending trial, which has been set for Oct. 9.

“The defendants allegedly unleashed a barrage of international fraud schemes that targeted U.S. businesses and individuals, robbing them to the tune of approximately $15 million,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Cronan. “The Department of Justice will continue to work with our international partners to aggressively disrupt and dismantle criminal enterprises that victimize our citizens and businesses.”

“Today, the FBI and our partners are announcing indictments as part of Operation Keyboard Warrior,” said FBI Executive Assistant Director Resch. “Following the success of Operation WireWire in early June, these indictments continue to demonstrate the FBI’s commitment to working with our partners around the globe to disrupt and dismantle criminal enterprises that target Americans and their businesses. This should stand as a warning that our work is not over, and we will continue to work together with our law enforcement partners to put an end to these fraud schemes. I want to thank all the agents and analysts at the FBI, our partners at the Department of Justice, and our Ghanaian partners at the Economic and Organised Crime Office for all their tireless work to continue to pursue this issue at every turn.”

The indictment was returned by a grand jury in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Tennessee on Aug. 23, 2017, and charges the defendants with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering, conspiracy to commit computer fraud, and aggravated identity fraud.

The indictment alleges that the Africa-based coconspirators committed, or caused to be committed, a series of intrusions into the servers and email systems of a Memphis-based real estate company in June and July 2016. Using sophisticated anonymization techniques, including the use of spoofed email addresses and Virtual Private Networks, the coconspirators identified large financial transactions, initiated fraudulent email correspondence with relevant business parties, and then redirected closing funds through a network of U.S.-based money mules to final destinations in Africa. Commonly referred to as business email compromise, or BEC, this aspect of the scheme caused hundreds of thousands in loss to companies and individuals in Memphis.

In addition to BEC, some of the Africa-based defendants are also charged with perpetrating, or causing to be perpetrated, various romance scams, fraudulent-check scams, gold-buying scams, advance-fee scams, and credit card scams. The indictment alleges that the proceeds of these criminal activities, both money and goods, were shipped and/or transferred from the United States to locations in Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa through a complex network of both complicit and unwitting individuals that had been recruited through the various Internet scams. Some of the defendants are also charged with concealing their conduct by, among other means, stealing or fraudulently obtaining personal identification information (PII) and using that information to create fake online profiles and personas. Through all their various schemes, the defendants are believed to have caused millions in loss to victims across the globe.

An indictment is merely an allegation and the defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

The FBI led the investigation. The FBI’s Transnational Organized Crime of the Eastern Hemisphere Section of the Criminal Investigative Division, Major Cyber Crimes Unit of the Cyber Division, the Legal Attaché in Accra, and International Organized Crime Intelligence and Operations Center all provided significant support in this case, as did the Ghanaian Economic and Organised Crime Office, INTERPOL Washington, the U.S. Marshals Service, and the U.S. Attorney’s Offices of the Northern District of Georgia, Western District of Washington, Central District of California, Southern District of New York, and the Northern District of Illinois.

Senior Trial Attorney Timothy C. Flowers of the Criminal Division’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section and Assistant U.S. Attorney Debra L. Ireland of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Tennessee are prosecuting the case, with significant assistance from the Department of Justice’s Office of International Affairs.

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Manual de Mantenimiento e implementacion Oracle Database Backup Cloud Services Parte 1 y 2

Manual de Mantenimiento e implementacion Oracle Database Backup Cloud Services

Conceptos involucrados en las tareas de administración e implementación de Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service, para integrarlo con el utilitario Recover Manager, para realizar respaldos de sus bases de datos a la Nube.

Implementación de Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance. Habilitación Oracle Storage Cloud Service

Implementación de Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance. Habilitación Oracle Storage Cloud Service

Por Ronald Vargas Quesada Publicado en Junio 2018 Revisado por Diana Patino Para empezar con este manual de implementación y utilización del servicio Oracle Storage Cloud Service, empezaremos respondiendo a la primera y más común pregunta de todas: ¿Qué es Oracle Storage Cloud Service?

Pharmas Turn to Oracle to Meet New Drug Safety Reporting Regulations in China

Press Release 

Shanghai, China—Jun 26, 2018 

Luoxin Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“Luoxin Bio”) and Innovent Biologics, Inc. (“Innovent Bio”) have selected Oracle Argus to help them comply with new drug safety regulations and reporting in China. 

Since 2018 the regulatory landscape for drug safety and pharmacovigilance in China has changed dramatically. The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has been driving reforms to improve the quality of drugs and to encourage innovation in the development of new drugs and medical devices. This change is driving demand for pharmacovigilance and drug safety reporting solutions that can help pharmaceutical and medical device companies meet regulatory demands while shortening time to market for life-altering therapies. 

Luoxin Bio has selected Oracle Argus to meet the FDA and CFDA’s regulatory compliance on clinical report submissions for their international study. With Oracle Argus, Luoxin will have a single global safety database and an integrated workflow for superior safety reporting. 

Innovent Bio selected Oracle Argus to eliminate manual processes associated with reporting its adverse events (AEs) and serious adverse events (SAEs). The company’s pharmacovigilance team turned to Oracle Argus to eliminate manual data entry and potential errors on narrative drafting and to automatically track and support changing regulations in various global regions for timely reporting. 

Oracle Argus is a comprehensive pharmacovigilance platform that enables biopharma companies to make faster and better safety decisions, optimize global compliance and integrate risk management into key processes. 

Contact Info 

Valerie Beaudett
Oracle Corporation
+1 650.400.7833

Oracle Extends Cloud-based Warehouse Management to Give Customers Enhanced Logistics Performance and Global Inventory Visibility

Press Release 

Improvements to Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud include yard management, enhanced solution extensibility, and integrations to Inventory Management Cloud 

Redwood Shores, Calif.—Jun 26, 2018 

To help customers reduce logistics costs, optimize inventory levels and improve customer service, Oracle today announced extended Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS) Cloud capabilities. The latest global enhancements offer heightened inventory visibility through yard management and integration with Oracle Inventory Management Cloud, as well as improved extensibility with the addition of new REST Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). 

Legacy transportation and warehouse management systems are often unable to provide insight into trailers in the yard, which creates a significant gap into visibility that can lead to fulfillment delays. Oracle WMS Cloud yard management capabilities directly address this challenge, making it easier to locate shipments in trailers in order to expedite unloading for high priority inventory. 

Oracle Integration Service (ICS) based integrations between Oracle WMS Cloud and Oracle Inventory Management Cloud will enable Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud customers to rapidly implement source-to-settle and order-to-cash flows to improve business responsiveness. The addition of REST web service APIs improves extensibility and enables customers to customize Oracle WMS Cloud for their specific business and industry needs. 

“We were consistently running out of inventory and needed a scalable solution that would deliver real-time visibility into inventory to grow our business,” said Eduardo Gonzalez de Boado Halcon, vice president of Supply Chain at Supermercados Peruanos, “Since implementing Oracle WMS Cloud, our stock outs have reduced by 80 percent and our market share has increased by six percent, which equates to a lot of revenue.” 

“Today’s eCommerce driven economy has changed customer expectations for fulfillment, and delays or inconsistencies can significantly impact customer satisfaction and loyalty,” said Diego Pantoja-Navajas, vice president, WMS Product Development at Oracle. “The extended capabilities to Oracle WMS Cloud enable companies to gain greater visibility of inventory so they can implement more rapidly, reduce costs, optimize inventory levels and deliver consistent, high-quality customer experience.” 

The enhancements further strengthen Oracle’s position as the leader in cloud-based Warehouse Management Systems, and Transportation Management Systems, delivering end-to-end logistics capabilities including Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud, Oracle Transportation Management Cloud, and Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud

The latest improvements to Oracle WMS Cloud include: 

· Yard Management: Offers organizations inventory visibility into trailers and their contents in the yard. This allows companies to expedite unloading high priority trailers and shipments needed to speed-up order fulfillment. 

· Solution Extensibility: Allows customers/partners to build customized extensions to standard cloud-based WMS capabilities using REST web service application programming interfaces. These tailored functionalities enable personalized timelines to meet specific business requirements while reducing cost. 

· Oracle Inventory Management Cloud Integration: Oracle Integration Service (ICS) based integrations to Oracle Inventory Management Cloud for inbound logistics, inventory operations and outbound fulfillment. This enables Oracle ERP and SCM Cloud customers to implement source-to-settle and order-to-cash flows at an accelerated pace. 

· Improved User Experience: A new browser-based user interface look and feel helps to simplify the user experience. 

· Global Support: Ten additional languages are supported, including traditional Chinese, traditional French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Thai and Turkish. 

· Barcode Scanning: Allows processing of multi-element 1D barcodes and 2D barcodes. 

· For additional information on Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud, visit Facebook, Twitter or the Oracle SCM blog

Contact Info 

Vanessa Johnson

Oracle Empowers Customers to Embrace Cloud Innovation

Press Release 

Free online learning platform helps customers gain more value from Oracle Cloud Applications with comprehensive learning paths and modules, live events and an introduction to guided learning 

Redwood Shores, Calif.—Jun 26, 2018 

An entry look at the new Oracle LaunchPad 

Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) today unveiled a free digital learning platform designed to help customers quickly and easily take advantage of the continuous innovation within Oracle Cloud Applications. Developed by Oracle University, the new Oracle LaunchPad online learning platform provides comprehensive learning paths and task-focused modules with video tutorials and step-by-step instructions. Oracle is also offering SaaS customers free live ‘Quick Start’ learning events and a ‘Starter Pack’ for guided in-app overlays to further accelerate end-user adoption. 

“Cloud technology changes rapidly and new features and capabilities are constantly being added to our cloud applications,” said Damien Carey, senior vice president, Oracle University. “Oracle LaunchPad makes it easier for customers to take advantage of the continuous innovation within our suite of cloud applications. This is powered by the industry’s most comprehensive learning platform and platinum-level support services that are offered at no additional cost.” 

In addition to its easy-to-navigate learning platform, Oracle is the only SaaS vendor that provides free live ‘Quick Start’ events and a ‘Starter Pack’ for guided, in-app learning to accelerate onboarding and cloud adoption. 

“Oracle’s success in cloud applications is closely linked to our customers’ success so we’re continually raising the bar for baseline support,” said Catherine Blackmore, group vice president, Oracle North America Customer Success. “Oracle LaunchPad online learning resources are a key feature of our no-cost platinum-level SaaS support offering, which also includes 24/7 rapid support, proactive technical monitoring, success planning and adoption guidance. Oracle SaaS Support Services along with Oracle Soar, our innovative cloud migration offering, make it easy for customers to upgrade and thrive in the cloud.” 

A sample view of Oracle University's Guided Learning Solution 

Part of Oracle’s new platinum-level SaaS Support Services, Oracle LaunchPad will include: 

· 24/7 on-demand training: Oracle’s on-demand digital learning platform enables customers to search and learn topics and tasks of their choosing, on their own schedule. 

· Essential training and best practice content: Oracle LaunchPad features the latest digital training on thousands of topics spanning the Oracle Cloud Application portfolio. There are currently around 2,000 topics on 70 cloud services. 

· Comprehensive learning paths for all positions: Tailored to the specific needs of administrators, implementers, and business users, learning paths guide users through their cloud learning experience by grouping training modules on specific skills and topics. 

· Searchable content: Powerful filtering capabilities help users find the training they need. Users can search and choose where to get started by filtering for role, skill level, cloud service, and functional area within a cloud service. 

· Personalized Dashboard: Users can edit their learning profile to better identify training topics that meet their specific needs. 

· Gamification and tutorials: Modules feature product images and embedded videos with demonstrations. As users complete modules, they can take quizzes, and earn points and badges that accumulate throughout the process. 

In addition, Oracle offers two free introductory programs: 

· Guided learning Starter Pack: Oracle’s unique guided learning experience enables end users to learn while completing real tasks. 

· Quick Start Live events: Quick Start live events enable customers to learn from Oracle experts and ask questions in a live forum. 

The full suite of Oracle’s free platinum-level SaaS Support Services are now available for North American customers using Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle EPM Cloud, Oracle SCM Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle CX Cloud

For additional information on Oracle SaaS Support Services, visit oracle.com

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Bill Rundle

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KCR Streamlines Drug Safety Reporting with Oracle

Press Release 

Taps Oracle Argus to grow its pharma, biotech and medical device pharmacovigilance business 

Redwood Shores, Calif.—Jun 25, 2018

KCR, a full-service contract research organization (CRO) for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, is improving the way it meets its clients’ pharmacovigilance and drug safety reporting needs with Oracle Argus.

The increase in drug consumption and the rise in drug reactions are fueling the need for improved monitoring and reporting of adverse events during clinical trials and after drug approval. With its eye on growth, KCR is streamlining the recording and tracking of its clients’ serious adverse events (SAEs) reported during clinical studies by leveraging modern technology to replace manual, repetitive data entry.

“Many of our clients are developing breakthrough medications, especially in oncology and CNS, so it is critical that we are able to support their safety reporting needs with a solution to process SAEs to regulatory authorities worldwide,” said Anna Baran, chief medical officer, KCR. ”We need to provide constant expertise on global and local safety requirements and this is the reason we selected Oracle Argus safety and pharmasol’s rapidLIVE. We have been able to dramatically streamline the process of recording, tracking and reporting adverse events during clinical studies and have seen significant increased efficiencies and time savings.”

Oracle Argus provides KCR with a safety database and system that tracks all regulatory submissions giving clients peace of mind by enabling them to meet stringent regulatory compliance mandates. For example, in the European Union, adverse events reported into the European Medicines Agency’s Eudravigilance database must meet the new ICH E2BR3 reporting standard. Oracle Argus enables this seamlessly with a click of a button, helping eliminate manual, time consuming and error-prone processes.

A trusted KCR partner, pharmasol, helped implement the hosted Argus solution using its rapidLIVE Software as a Service solution. 

“We are pleased to report that the time it took from KCR’s selection of Oracle Argus and their full implementation was approximately 7 weeks,” said Tim Billington, pharmasol’s chief sales officer.

Contact Info
Valerie Beaudett
Oracle Corporation
+1 650.400.7833


Oracle Hot Topics: ORA-27603: ORA-27626: EXADATA ERROR : 2201

BugProduct AreaBug IDLast Updated
ORA-27603: ORA-27626: EXADATA ERROR : 2201Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition22468034Sat, 23 Jun 2018 04:29 GMT-06:00

Knowledge Articles
Knowledge ArticleProduct AreaLast Updated
opatch command throws error: "OPATCH/OPATCH: TEST: ARGUMENT EXPECTED"Oracle Database - Enterprise EditionFri, 22 Jun 2018 10:55 GMT-06:00


BugProduct AreaBug IDLast Updated
WRM$_SNAPSHOT_DETAILS NOT PURGED EVEN AFTER PATCH 9797851Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition16319365Sun, 24 Jun 2018 04:26 GMT-06:00

Knowledge Articles
Knowledge ArticleProduct AreaLast Updated
opatch command throws error: "OPATCH/OPATCH: TEST: ARGUMENT EXPECTED"Oracle Database - Enterprise EditionFri, 22 Jun 2018 10:55 GMT-06:00

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Oracle Introduces New Java SE Subscription Offering for Broader Enterprise Java Support

Press Release
Java SE Subscription Provides Licensing and Support for Java SE on Servers, Desktops, and Cloud Deployments
Redwood Shores Calif—Jun 21, 2018 

In order to further support the millions of worldwide businesses running Java in production, Oracle today announced Java SE Subscription, a new subscription model that covers all Java SE licensing and support needs. Java SE Subscription removes enterprise boardroom concerns around mission critical, timely, software performance, stability and security updates. Java SE Subscription complements Oracle’s long-standing and continued free Java SE releases and stewardship of the OpenJDK ecosystem where Oracle now produces open source OpenJDK binaries, enabling developers and organizations that do not need commercial support or enterprise management tools. 

Java SE Subscription provides commercial licensing, including commercial features and tools such as the Java Advanced Management Console to identify, manage and tune Java SE desktop use across the enterprise. It also includes Oracle Premier Support for current and previous Java SE versions. For further details please visit FAQ list at: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javaseproducts/overview/javasesubscriptionfaq-4891443.html

“Companies want full flexibility over when and how they update their production applications.” Said Georges Saab, VP Java Platform Group at Oracle. “Oracle is the world’s leader in providing both open source and commercially supported Java SE innovation, stability, performance and security updates for the Java Platform. Our long-standing investment in Java SE ensures customers get predictable and timely updates.” 

“The subscription model for updates and support has been long established in the Linux ecosystem. Meanwhile people are increasingly used to paying for services rather than products.” said James Governor, analyst and co-founder of RedMonk. “It’s natural for Oracle to offer a monthly Java SE subscription to suit service-based procurement models for enterprise customers.” 

"At Gluon we are strong believers in commercial support offerings around open source software, as it enables organizations to continue to produce software, and the developer community to ensure that they have access to the source code." said Johan Vos, Co-founder and CTO of Gluon. "Today's announcement from Oracle ensures those in the Java Community that need an additional level of support can receive it, and ensures that Java developers can still leverage the open-source software for creating their software. The Java SE Subscription model from Oracle is complementary to how companies like Gluon tailor their solutions around Java SE, Java EE and JavaFX on mobile, embedded and desktop." 

To learn more about Java SE Subscription, please visit https://www.oracle.com/java/java-se-subscription.html. Java is the world’s most popular programming language, with over 12 million developers running Java. Java is also the #1 developer choice for cloud, with over 21 billion cloud-connected Java virtual machines. 
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Oracle Utilities Ranks No. 1 in Home Energy Management

Press Release

Navigant names Oracle the leader in customer engagement and demand side management technology

Redwood Shores, Calif.—Jun 20, 2018

Oracle, the largest provider of cloud technology for the utility industry once again earned the top spot in a Navigant Research Leaderboard report that ranks companies in the home energy management (HEM) space. Oracle Utilities, which acquired Opower in 2016, received the highest ranking in this 2018 report due to significant market penetration of its home energy management solution across 100 utilities and its ability to offer utility companies a comprehensive, end-to-end utility software solution at scale around the world.

“This is significant validation of our continued leadership and support of our utility customers,” said Rodger Smith, SVP and general manager of Oracle Utilities. “Since acquiring Opower we have continued to innovate in the rapidly evolving home energy management market to deliver the strongest results in the category. Our investment in scalable solutions that connect every customer enables tighter customer-to-grid integration for the utility of the future.”

Prior to joining Oracle, Opower has been consistently ranked as the top provider since Navigant introduced the HEM Leaderboard, due to its leading capabilities in this category including home energy reports, behavioral demand response, smart meter and rates engagement, billing insights and alerts and embeddable online tools.

“Home energy management (HEM) is a broad market of technologies and services that consumers use to better manage and control their home energy consumption and production. With the development of the smart home and connected devices, energy management has become a critical part of the digitization of the home. Oracle Utilities’ Opower solutions are at the forefront of monitoring energy usage, demand side management programs and increasing customer engagement to increase energy efficiency,” said Paige Leuschner, Research Analyst at Navigant.

The Navigant Research Leaderboard Report examines the strategy and execution of 14 companies that offer HEM software solutions and rates them on 10 criteria: vision, go-to-market strategy, partners, technology, geographic reach, sales and marketing, product performance, product portfolio and integrations, pricing, and staying power. Using Navigant Research’s proprietary Leaderboard methodology, vendors are profiled, rated, and ranked to provide an objective assessment of each company’s relative strengths and weaknesses in the global HEM market.
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Oracle Hospitality OPERA Reporting and Analytics Cloud Service Arms Hoteliers with Critical Insights to Improve Operational Efficiencies and Create Rewarding Guest Experiences

Press Release

New Analytical Tools Empower Corporate Revenue Managers, Property General Managers and Front Desk Managers to Make More Strategic Decisions

Redwood Shores, Calif.—Jun 19, 2018

Oracle Hospitality today unveiled OPERA Reporting and Analytics Cloud Service, a new offering providing hotel management with access to business data and performance metrics, intuitive data visualization and customized reporting. OPERA Reporting and Analytics Cloud Service is powered by Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) an industrial-strength analytics engine known for its capability to develop, design and deploy reports that is used by Fortune 100 organizations to leapfrog their competitors. With Oracle Business Intelligence at the core, OPERA Reporting and Analytics Cloud Service empowers corporate hotel executives and front-desk staff to make more strategic decisions that optimize operational efficiency, enhance guest experience, and drive continued revenue. 

“OPERA Reporting and Analytics was developed with the goal of simplifying reporting, creating a common reporting platform for both our restaurant and hotel customers and integrating with OPERA platform to provide actionable insights to the hospitality industry faster than ever,” said Laura Calin, vice president strategy and solutions, Oracle Hospitality. “With these new tools hotel staff at every level can make more accurate and strategic decisions that align to corporate growth objectives while enabling meaningful guest interactions that enhance guest loyalty.” 

OPERA Reporting and Analytics enables smarter decisions and better forecasts by allowing management to easily analyze and visualize data on property financial performance, guest profiles, reservations, room rates and revenue metrics, restaurant sales, catering events, and blocks. The solution can be fully customized to reflect performance indicators and metrics unique to individual properties and multiple tiers of hotel staff.

Empowering Staff at Every Level to Execute Better

OPERA Reporting and Analytics provides hotel staff at all levels to drive revenue and better guest experiences with a variety of use cases including:
· Allowing corporate and area revenue managers to analyze performance across multiple properties in a region and understand the factors that cause revenue to fluctuate year to year.

· Providing general managers with deep analysis of daily operations and measurement against room revenue, food and beverage revenue and occupancy which can be aligned with monthly, quarterly and annual performance goals.

· Empowering front desk management to offer better guest experience by accelerating guest check-in and prioritizing room availability for loyal or VIP guests with near real-time perspective on departures and room inventory.

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