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Database In-Memory whitepaper new version

Database In-Memory whitepaper new version

If you downloaded from the link below a week or more ago and
your version is "July" version, please replace it with "August" version.
It has many corrections and is easier to read.

Oracle Hot Topics: Knowledge Articles ACFS Filesystem Does Not Autostart

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“You’re A Real ACE”

“You’re A Real ACE”

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Recently I was declared, for want of a better word, an Oracle ACE. I was nominated by someone I respect and admire; just the nomination itself was enough, really, to make my day. When I received notification that I had been selected I was truly surprised. I immediately thanked my nominator, who told me:

                     "Still, it is just a nomination form, and you did all the work that
                     made it so impressive. Congratulations!"

Honestly, it wasn’t, and isn’t, work. It’s a pleasure to share my knowledge with others, which is why I blog, write for twice a month and wrote “Oracle Exadata Survival Guide”.

Being an Oracle ACE is an honor, but it’s also a responsibility. What got me here was writing and participating in discussion groups, and that won’t change. Knowledge is to be shared, not hoarded. What you know does no one else any good if you don’t share that knowledge and experience. If Da Vinci had kept his notes to himself, if Newton hadn’t published his Laws of Motion, if Copernicus has kept quiet our world may have been quite different. It’s because these people had the foresight to look deeper into our world and then tell us what they found that puts us where we are today. It’s only right that we, as beneficiaries of the knowledge others before us shared, share our knowledge no matter how unimportant it may seem. Someone, somewhere, will find it useful and will be grateful that we did.

It may be that our knowledge is gained equally by insight and by mistakes. I know that I’ve made mistakes I’ve learned from, and I know others have done the same. Norton Juster, an architect who wrote a wonderful book named “The Phantom Tollbooth”, said it best: 
"You may not see it now," said the Princess of Pure Reason, looking knowingly at Milo's puzzled face, "but whatever we learn has a purpose and whatever we do affects everything and everyone else, if even in the tiniest way. Why, when a housefly flaps his wings, a breeze goes round the world; when a speck of dust falls to the ground, the entire planet weighs a little more; and when you stamp your foot, the earth moves slightly off its course. Whenever you laugh, gladness spreads like the ripples in a pond; and whenever you're sad, no one anywhere can be really happy. And it's much the same thing with knowledge, for whenever you learn something new, the whole world becomes that much richer." "And remember, also," added the Princess of Sweet Rhyme, "that many places you would like to see are just off the map and many things you want to know are just out of sight or a little beyond your reach. But someday you'll reach them all, for what you learn today, for no reason at all, will help you discover all the wonderful secrets of tomorrow."
I think this sums up being an Oracle ACE better than any words I could put on a page. I keep this quote with me, to remind me that mistakes aren’t the end of the world if you learn from them and move on. And what I learn from those mistakes may help others so they don’t make those same mistakes.

I love sharing what I know; I’ve been doing it for over 16 years now, in various forums, some that are no longer as popular as they once were. I never realized how far my commentary reached until I became an Oracle ACE; I have received congratulations and comments that I never expected, mostly of the ‘it’s about time’ sentiment. Simply because you don’t see the gratitude of others who benefit from your knowledge doesn’t mean that gratitude doesn’t exist. I see now that it does, and I am humbled by it.

“Oracle ACE”. To be among those who have been graced by this honor gives me pause. It’s a good pause, awesome if I may be allowed to say it. And it’s an honor that will only make me work harder so that I can live up to such high standards.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Oracle Support Hot Topics: ORA-600 [KCBO_SWITCH_CQ_1]

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Fri, 29 Aug 2014 04:47 GMT-06:00

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WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter August 2014

WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter August 2014
WebLogic 12.1.3 the foundation for any OFM 12c solution like SOA Suite 12c or BPM Suite 12c is available, make sure you become familiar with this latest release! At our WebLogic Community Workspace (WebLogic Community membership required) you can find the WebLogic customer reference booklet & WebLogic sales kit & ExaLogic sales kit!
In our development tool section, Duncan published an article about Ensuring High Availability in ADF Task Flows and Adam a new video about netbeans. Thanks to the community for the great articles about: Personalization using MDS in Oracle ADF & JDev 12.1.3: Use Default Activity Instead of the Deprecated Invoke Action & AMX Events and Listeners & Accessing ADF Iterator Binding from Value Chain Listener by Red Samurai
I’ts also time to prepare for Oracle Open World 2014, register for the community reception, let us know if you want to attend the WebLogic Partner Advisory Council, and attend the WebLogic sessions & Mobile sessions & visit the middleware demo grounds! If you can’t make it the San Francisco, Tech14 in the UK is a great alternative.
Let’s rock MAF and WebLogic  See you in SF
Best regards Jürgen kress
To read the complete newsletter please visit (OPN Account required)
To become a member of the WebLogic Partner Community please register at ( OPN account required). If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.
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Oracle Knowledge Articles: ORA-01775 or ORA-980 from Public Synonym when Base Table is Missing

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Wed, 27 Aug 2014 01:44 GMT-06:00

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Existe oportunidad de crecimiento en línea de Ingeniería de Sistemas de Oracle ?

Desde la adquisición de SUN por parte de Oracle, se han crearon muchas expectativas con respecto al verdadero valor que podría aportar la tecnología SPARC x86/Risc a la industria del software de Oracle.

Oracle ha creado una línea de Ingeniería de Sistemas, cuyos caballos de batalla EXADATA, EXALOGIC y el Oracle Database Appliance, poco a poco, han ido haciendo surco en el gusto del consumidor, sin ser un noviazgo que por lo pronto, dé para escribir una historia de amor.

El ingreso ha sido lento y si se quiere decir, hasta un poco pálido.

Aún el consumidor, no relaciona la marca Oracle con un hardware.

Tal vez el tibio escenario mostrado por el estudio de IDC en el 2012, en donde tan sólo el 1% de los servidores vendidos correspondían a la marca Oracle, vaya a cambiar de manera positiva para este 2014 y más evidentemente en el 2015. Durante el 2012, las ventas de hardware de SUN para Oracle decrecieron un 16% y un 13% en el 2013.

La venta de la división de servidores x86 por parte de IBM a Lenovo en enero de este año 2014, podría provocar una estampida de clientes, - otrora fieles a la marca IBM -, hacia un fabricante de presencia geográfica en el continente.

Según el dato más actualizado del ITIC 2013 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Report, sólo el 41% de los servidores Oracle cumplieron con los 5 Nueves de servicio, mientras que HP está 2 puntos abajo e IBM muy arriba con 11 puntos porcentuales sobre Oracle.

Pareciera ser con estos resultados, que HP descuido de manera muy riesgosa la calidad de sus equipos y se concentro más en vender.

Lo que habría que esperar para ver si esto afecto o no el mercado de HP, es el resultado en ventas que podría darse para el año 2014 y ver la relación a la participación de su mercado contra sus competidores.

Con niveles de cumplimiento tan bajos y con la venta de la línea de servidores de IBM a LENOVO, podría decirse, que existe una gran oportunidad de negocio, para revertir el panorama del 2012 en el mercado de servidores en favor de Oracle.

Para mi, Lenovo va a cargar con la cruz y el estigma de ser CHINO y de eso se podría valer Oracle para quitarle mercado y aumentar su participación.

Eso sí, Oracle debe poner especial cuidado en la línea de su producto de virtualización, OVM - Oracle Virtual Machine - el cuál no salió bien librado de la calificación en el mismo estudio referenciado para esta nota, siendo el último de 10 productos evaluados.

Q&A: Oracle's Andrew Sutherland on Managing the Entire Oracle Stack with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Source: Blog Oracle Enterprise Manager

As senior vice president of middleware for Oracle in Europe, Dr. Andrew Sutherland has more than 20 years’ experience in emerging technologies and their application to business problems. Currently, he manages a team of architects, business development managers, and technical specialists who help customers make the best use of their investments in Oracle technologies.
Given his breadth and depth of experience, we decided to ask Sutherland how Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4 is helping the Oracle customers he works with.
Q. What makes Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c different from competitors' offerings?
A. Oracle Enterprise Manager's approach is unique in that it manages across the entire Oracle stack, from applications, middleware, and the database all the way down to servers and storage. That means it can truly unlock the value of the entire Oracle stack.

Q. What is the payoff for organizations that adopt such a comprehensive approach?
A. Our customers are able to manage the entire Oracle estate in the most cost-effective way possible by automating many of their day-to-day tasks. To give you an idea of its scope, many of our customers have made sure that Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c’s dashboard is available to their senior IT management team. They use it to ensure that all parts of their IT stack are delivering what they should be delivering, when they should be delivering it.

Perhaps most important of all, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c enables organizations to move beyond the old paradigm of multiple independent IT stacks to offer infrastructure as a service and platform as a service.
Q. As someone who helps customers make the most of their investment in Oracle technology, what do you find most promising about Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4?
A. There are three key areas that are especially exciting. First, it provides an accelerated path to the cloud. Whether you are building a small, medium, or large private cloud within your organization, it provides the tools you need to make it happen, from designing the cloud to provisioning and testing.

Secondly, this release provides monitoring and management tools that go both deeper into the stack and wider across components within the stack. That means an even more comprehensive dashboard.
Finally Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4 offers true enterprise-grade management. With the growth of social and mobile connectivity, the need for a highly performant and robust stack is more prominent than ever. And Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is there to do exactly that: manage true, enterprise-grade IT deployments.
Q. What should Oracle customers do if they want to learn more about the latest release of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c?
A. First, speak to your Oracle contact, whether it is a partner or Oracle representative, to get more complete information. Also consider coming to an Oracle Day event in your area, especially if you can attend one dedicated to cloud computing. And in the meantime, you can always head to the Oracle Enterprise Manager pages on to get started.

Find out more about Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4.
Watch a short video featuring Sutherland.


Oracle Introduces Key Vault Software Appliance to Manage and Safeguard Encryption Keys


While encryption is widely recognized as the gold standard for protecting data privacy, the technology is only as strong as its key management, according to Oracle, and critical credential files such as Oracle wallet files, Java KeyStores, Secure Shell (SSH) key files, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate files are often widely distributed across servers and server clusters that use error-prone synchronization and backup mechanisms. 
Just months after the massive data breaches of the 2013 holiday season, a newly discovered data breach is again shining a spotlight on the need for better enterprise data security and the fact that not enough is being done to secure critical customer data. This time, the reported data breach involves a Russian crime ring and 1.2 billion user names and passwords as well as at least 500 million email addresses.
Against this backdrop, Oracle announced Oracle Key Vault, a software appliance designed to securely manage encryption keys and credential files in the enterprise data center.
What is needed, said Vipin Samar, vice president, database security product development at Oracle, is an approach to data security that addresses new threats as they emerge.
The third member of the Oracle Vault family, after Audit Vault and Database Vault, the new Oracle Key Vault provides secure, centralized management of encryption keys and credential files in the data center, including Oracle wallet files, Java KeyStores, Kerberos keytab files, SSH key files, and SSL certificate files.
“These attacks are constantly evolving. Organizations do a lot for security and that is the good news, but the bad guys keep getting better and better and when you close one window, they find another to break through,” added Roxana Bradescu, senior director, security product management, at Oracle. “As a result, organizations have to look at constantly increasing their security." 
As organizations become more committted to encrypting data at rest and on the network, securely managing all the encryption keys and credential files in the data center has become a new challenge. "Encryption has become the basic thing that everybody does, and that is great," Bradescu said, but "in the ongoing battle between good and evil, the next step for most organizations is really looking at how to protect encryption keys.”
This latest security product, Key Vault, said Samar, “is really about managing all of your keys and credentials and your key stores in one central place and being able to archive your keys there, being able to restore your keys from there, being able to group them together, and share them and being able to audit who is accessing those keys. It really provides enterprises with a great way to manage all of the keys that are otherwise dispersed across systems.”
Optimized for the Oracle technology stack, including Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Key Vault can be deployed seamlessly in existing environments. The product’s browser-based management console offers point-and-click administration, simplified server enrollment, and audit reports, and enables organizations to share Oracle wallet files—standards-based encrypted files that securely store keys and related metadata used by components of the Oracle stack—across database clusters or disaster recovery environments. The product works with Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Active Data Guard, and Oracle GoldenGate. 
Delivered as a software appliance, customers provide bare hardware and on top of that, the fully hardened and preconfigured operating system, database, and application are installed. “Customers have to provide the IP address and the whole system just comes up,” said Samar. “We have done integration with the Oracle stack to enable customers to manage their wallets and key stores, and it is such that the whole provisioning model is greatly simplified because you don’t want to create a bottleneck in adoption.”
For added flexibility, in Oracle Database environments using Oracle Advanced Security with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), Oracle Key Vault manages TDE keys over a direct network connection as an alternative to a local Oracle wallet. And, basedon the OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP), Oracle Key Vault can manage keys from KMIP-compliant clients.
More information is available about Oracle Key Vault and Oracle Database Security.

Community Newsletter Service Oriented Architecture August 2014

21 August 2014

Community Newsletter
Service Oriented Architecture
EMEA Partner Community

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Table of Contents

SOA EMEA Partner Community Newsletter August 2014

Dear SOA & BPM Partner Community member,
Thanks to all Fusion Middleware Summer Camps 2014 attendees. If you couldn’t attend our trainings in Lisbon please make sure you attend one of our up-coming OFM 12c trainings. All trainings are published in our Community trainings calendar (SOA Community membership required). Additional we posted all OFM Summer Camp training material at our community workspaces:
Feel free to use the documents to run both trainings for your internal consultants and your customers!

Let’s rock SOA Suite 12c and BPM Suite 12c and see you at OOW in San Francisco.
Best regards,
Jürgen Kress

Middleware Community Reception at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

You attend Oracle Open World 2014? Make sure you attend the SOA & BPM stream! You are invited to join our traditional Fusion Middleware Partner Community Reception at OpenWorld. The Reception will be held on Tuesday September 30th 2014 in San Francisco! Don't miss this unique opportunity to:

·         Network and exchange information with fellow Oracle Middleware Partners & ACEs
·         Meet with members of the Global Oracle Middleware Product Management team and Oracle EMEA Alliances and Solutions Partner Programs team
·         Learn more about Oracle OpenWorld activities
Schedule: Tuesday September 30th 2014 20:00 (California time)

For details please visit our registration page.

SOA Suite 12c Specialization Sales & Presales available for free

Products are here and Sales & Presales Specializations are here. Make sure you get specialized now:

Oracle SOA Suite 12c Sales Specialist
Oracle SOA Suite 12c Presales Specialist

We expect that SOA 12c Implementation Specialist becomes available after Oracle Open World 2014. More to read here in the newsletter soon!

SOA Suite 12c & BPM Suite 12c local launch events

We are looking for partners who run together with us SOA Suite 12c and BPM Suite 12c launch events. To learn more about them, please get our marketing kit here.

The first local launch event in the Netherlands by our partner Amis was with more than 80 attendees a super success! Thanks and congratulations to Lucas & team! Some nice quotes and pictures from the event:

SOA 12C and BPM 12C where the C stands for Cloud and also stands for Consolidation. #soa12c @soacommunity

Cheerful reaction on live demo of BPM debugger. Results in happy developers. @lucasjell
ema Twitter

BPM and BPEL debugger in BPM12c Simplified and easy development for BPM processes. Nice! Twitter

At our SOA Community Workspace (SOA Community membership required you can find a complete kit for your event including ppt material and demos: SOA Suite 12c kit & BPM Suite 12c ppt kit

OPN Cloud Programs

The Oracle public cloud gets more and more popular and you will see a lot of news at Oracle Open World. For partners Oracle has a dedicated Partner Network Cloud Program:
·         Channel Program
·         Implementation Services
·         Build and Deploy Applications
·         Business Process Services

SOA Section

SOA Suite 12c Launch Webcast Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Simplify Cloud and Mobile Integration

Want to learn how to simplify integration for your cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things? Attend this online launch event to get the latest update on major new enhancements in Oracle SOA Suite 12c including new Cloud integration support, mobile service enablement, and productivity enhancements. Hear success stories directly from Oracle customers Dell, JDSU, and Keste and why they are excited about using Oracle SOA Suite 12c to simplify and differentiate their business.
  • How to unify integration across Cloud, Mobile and the Internet of Things
  • The business value of breaking down the divide between cloud applications and on-premises systems
  • Best practices for mobile enablement within your existing IT environment
The webcast closes with a live demo on SOA 12c new capabilities presented by the Oracle SOA Specialized Partner AMIS Holding B.V.

For more demos and to network with our valued partners please check also the calendar for Middleware Consolidation & Innovation Summit in EMEA.

For details please visit our registration page.
SOA Suite 12c pre-sales demo on-demand webcast & ppt presentations & demos
You are consultant and want to get an overview what is new in SOA Suite 12c? Make sure you watch our on-demand webcast with Yogesh. At our SOA Community Workspace (SOA Community membership required) you can find a complete kit for your event including ppt material and demos: SOA Suite 12c kit & BPM Suite 12c ppt kit.

SOA Suite 12c partner resource kit

Technical resources
Resources for partners

SOA Suite 12c Pre-Sales Training – Demo the new release!

You want to demo SOA Suite 12c to your customers? Attend one of our 1 day pre-sales workshops to become ready!
SOA 12c partner pre-sales training
September 9th 2014
Kista, Sweden
September 12, 2014
Madrid Spain
September 15th 2014
London, UK
September 16th 2014
Utrecht, Netherlands

We want to give SOA Community members the opportunity to register first therefore please visit our SOA Training Wiki page here at our SOA Community Workspace (SOA Community membership required)

SOA Suite 12c Implementation Bootcamps by PTS

This FREE hands-on workshop covers all the capabilities you need to build robust, reliable and agile SOA solutions. It covers the key themes/ components of SOA12c, such as developer productivity, adapters, Cloud integration, monitoring and management, Managed File Transfer(MFT), Enterprise Scheduler (ESS), B2B, Oracle Event Processing (OEP) and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM). The workshop labs include an end to end example, leveraging components such as BPEL, OSB, Adapters, MFT, ESS and B2B. They also cover the use of Enterprise Manager for FMW (EM) for monitoring and fault analysis.
After attending this Oracle Suite 12c workshop, you should be in a position to build industry-focused solutions, customer-facing demos, proof-of-concepts (POCs), pilot implementations and reference architectures on this platform. You will also be in a position to extend your current SOA implementations with MFT, B2B, Cloud adapters and open your platform for mobile applications. You cannot afford to miss this workshop, if you are a SOA or BPM developer/ consultant.
  • SOA 12c Overview
  • Developer Productivity
  • Industrial SOA
  • Adapters
  • OSB, Restful Services
  • Enterprise Scheduled Services
  • Managed File Transfer
  • B2B
  • BAM
  • OEP
  • Migration from 11g to 12c
Lab Outline
  • Quick Start SOA Installer
  • Process Orchestration
  • Build Restful services
  • OSB Integration
  • Coherence and UMS adapters
  • Enterprise Schedule Services
  • MFT to Transfer Files
  • B2B to Share Documents
  • OEP
  • SOA/BPM developers
  • Technical Architects
  • Industry Solutions Architects
  • A good understanding of SOA Suite 11g and composite application development
  • Completion of SOA 11g Foundation course or on-demand training
Equipment Requirements
Attendees must bring their own laptops.
The laptops must meet the following minimum hardware/software requirements:
  • Minimum 16GB RAM and 60GB free disk space
  • Up to date version of the browser of your choice.
  • Administrator permissions on the laptop in order to install software
  • The most recent version of Oracle Virtual Box software.
  • You will be provided with a workshop VM when the class begins.

What's New in SOA Suite 12c - Rapid Installation by Bruce Tierney

By now, you have probably read about the biggest release of Oracle SOA Suite in the last 5 years...Oracle SOA Suite 12c with major enhancements in the areas of Cloud Integration, Mobile Integration and more. This "What's New in SOA Suite 12c" blog focuses on one of the many other new features that developers will be thrilled to experience, the rapid installation feature. Tired of spending an entire afternoon installing Oracle SOA Suite 11g? Then switch to Oracle SOA Suite 12c and the rapid installation for development is completed in less than 30 minutes.

Here is an excerpt from the "What's New in Oracle SOA Suite 12c" White Paper by Oracle's Simone Geib. Download it now to learn about this and many other features:

Crucial first steps in every SOA development cycle are the installation and configuration of a SOA development environment, including the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and the SOA run-time and infrastructure database. For pre-12c versions of Oracle SOA Suite, these steps were challenging, starting with the download of several components and a complicated install and configuration process.

With Oracle SOA Suite 12c, this process has been dramatically simplified with the introduction of the new Quick Start installer. The download consists of a single file that can be obtained from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN). The user only needs to answer a few questions, such as defining the location for Oracle Home, and the installation usually completes in less than 30 minutes as shown in the image to the below.
The Quick Start install provides the foundation for a single user development environment, which includes all Oracle SOA Suite core components - Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle Human Workflow, Oracle Business Rules, Oracle Mediator, Oracle Service Bus, Oracle Technology Adapters, Oracle Enterprise Scheduler, SOA Spring Component and Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control. In addition, Oracle JDeveloper is installed with all SOA IDE extensions and an integrated WebLogic Server.

Download the White Paper here and register for the Oracle SOA Suite 12c Webcast for more information

What's New in SOA Suite 12c - Unified Interface for Service Bus and Event Processing By Bruce Tierney

10gTo11gThis second in a blog series on "What's New in SOA Suite 12c" focuses on another new feature of this major release of Oracle SOA Suite. In Oracle SOA Suite 11g, the user interface was unified across most of the components with the exception of Oracle Service Bus and Oracle Event Processing. When I talk to existing customers and Oracle technical specialists, I hear a wide range of responses when asked "What is your favorite feature of Oracle SOA Suite 12c". Cloud and Mobile integration are at the top of the list, but one of the other common responses is "Oracle Service Bus" using the same JDeveloper interface as Oracle SOA Suite. This major enhancement has been in the works for years and is now delivered in 12c to allow users to learn one interface for all the components of integration, simplifying integration and providing faster time to integrate, especially when projects span many components of integration.

Here is an excerpt from the "What's New in Oracle SOA Suite 12c" White Paper by Oracle's Simone Geib on the unified interface. Download it now to learn about this and many other features:

A key differentiator of Oracle SOA Suite 11g relative to other integration platforms has always been the unified design interface across most of the components for Oracle SOA Suite. Oracle SOA Suite 12c takes this differentiator a big step forward by integrating the remaining major components for Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Service Bus and Oracle Event Processing, into a single unified experience. This feature simplifies integration by eliminating the need to train developers, administrators, architects and others on separate components for every aspect of integration, which lowers cost and provides a faster time to integrate.

The images below show the main component palette for Oracle SOA Suite which now includes "Service Bus" at the top as well as adapters for technology components, on-premise and cloud applications and other advanced features. On the right, is the same JDeveloper drag and drop component palette showing the objects to be used for Oracle Event Processing. Read the complete article here.

GSE is very pleased to announce the availability of SOA Solutions - Mobile Payments demo

‘Mobile payments’ has been the buzz term of the payments world for the past few years. Mobile payments is one major area of innovation allowing people to make real-time payments on mobile phones thus making it easier to pay for goods and services without the need for cash or inputting credit card details.

For example if you’re around a table at dinner and want to split the bill, you could use your mobile phone to send your contribution to your friend’s bank account in less than a couple of seconds.

In this demonstration we have built a mobile to mobile payment service using Oracle’s ADF Mobile framework (MAF) allowing a mobile phone user to make a payment to another mobile phone user requiring only the recipient’s mobile phone number. The solution utilizes Oracle’s SOA suite to integrate a mobile application with payment services and for business activity monitoring of the payment process.
This demo showcases key technologies for a mobility platform.
·         Develop using Oracle JDeveloper and Application Development Framework Mobile, to provide tight device services integration and native user experience.
·         Connect and integrate to backend systems via Service Oriented Architecture – Business Process Execution Language/Oracle Service Bus
·         Monitoring your application flows in Real Time Dashboards using Oracle Business Activity Monitoring.
·         The demo mobile application is available for Android or iOS devices.
Call to Action
·         Click the binoculars to watch this 2 minute video showing what this demo release is about
·         Check out the Demo Scripts and Insight Presentation on the GSE Demo Store.
·         Reserve a new demo or environment from the GSE website by searching for " SOA Solutions - Mobile Payments”
·         Further information about this demo is available at Demo Corner.
For feedback or questions about this demo release, please contact or in GSE.
If you need assistance or encounter any issues please submit a GSE support ticket or call the GSE Support Hotline. The hotline is available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, at:
·         Americas: +1-650-506-8763
·         EMEA: +44-118-9240808
·         APAC: +65-6436-2150
·         APAC: +65-6436-2150

Oracle SOA Suite 12c Now Available!

This major release of Oracle SOA Suite expands Oracle’s leadership to be the most unified and comprehensive solution for simplifying cloud, mobile, and IoT Integration. Learn about all the new assets described below to better understand how Oracle SOA Suite 12c eliminates the need for disparate niche integration toolsets for mobile integration, cloud integration, and IoT integration by unifying into a single platform.
·         Press ReleaseOracle Unveils Oracle SOA Suite 12c
·         White PaperOracle SOA Suite 12c – A Detailed Look
·         White PaperWhat’s New in Oracle SOA Suite 12c
·         Data SheetOracle SOA Suite 12c
·         Data SheetOracle Managed File Transfer
·         Presentation (internal CVC)Solving the integration problem with Oracle SOA & Service Integration
·         Blog - Oracle Unveils Oracle SOA Suite 12c
·         Press ReleaseOracle Unveils Oracle SOA Suite 12c
·         White PaperOracle SOA Suite 12c – A Detailed Look
·         White PaperWhat’s New in Oracle SOA Suite 12c
·         Data SheetOracle SOA Suite 12c
·         Data SheetOracle Managed File Transfer
·         Presentation (internal CVC)Solving the integration problem with Oracle SOA & Service Integration
·         Blog - Oracle Unveils Oracle SOA Suite 12c
New Videos - SOA Suite 12c Customers & Partner
New Podcasts
New Podcasts
Additional Assets
Resource Kits
·         SOA Resource Kit
·         Cloud Integration Resource Kit
·         SOA Governance Resource Kit

SOA Suite 12c free online learning

SOA Suite 12c article series by Vivek Garg

Thanks to Vivek for all his blog posts about SOA Suite 12c:
·         Get started with SOA Suite 12c
·         Enterprise Scheduler
·         Debugger in SOA Suite 12c
Thanks to Vivek for all his blog posts about SOA Suite 12c:
With the release of Oracle SOA 12c, Oracle introduces SOA Debugger in Jdeveloper which helps developer to test and debug the composite. This makes developer life really easy. Earlier in 11g we follow below development cycle.
·         Build code in Jdeveloper
·         Deploy it to Server
·         Test it in EM console and debug it using flow traces
If we see any issue with the code then again we have to repeat above steps. But with the introduction of SOA Debugger development cycle got reduced as trouble shooting environment is provided with in Jdeveloper only. We can add breakpoints in the code and troubleshoot it in debug mode. During debugging you can also change value of the variable or xml element. In this post, I will show how this SOA Debugger works. We will use HelloWorld sample which we built in previous post. Follow below steps to debug your composite using SOA Debugger. First we need to start the debugger if already not started. You can start the debugger in two ways. Either by right-clicking composite file and click on Debug or click on red button in menu bar as highlighted in below screen shot. Read the complete article here.

What's New in Oracle SOA Suite 12c? by Andrew Pielage


With the recent release of SOA Suite 12c, it seems appropriate to give a quick rundown of some of the
new features and improvements made to it from the last release. For those of you who don’t know, SOA Suite is a software collection (or suite, if you prefer) that can be used together to realise a Service-Oriented Architecture.

What’s New?

Oracle have implemented loads of new features and improvements in this latest release, far more than this blog could reasonably explain, so if you want the full list you can find it in this white paper published by Oracle: What's New in Oracle SOA Suite 12c
Read on for an overview of some of the main features…

Cloud Integration

As with much of the 12c range being released by Oracle, a big push has been made in the Cloud department to keep up with the industry and its current fascination with cloud computing.

Cloud Application Adapters

Read the complete article here.

Oracle BPM Suite 12c and SOA Suite 12c at eProseed World 2014 

As most of you know, Oracle officially released SOA Suite 12c (12.1.3) and BPM Suite 12c (12.1.3) a couple of week ago. Exciting times for people like us, who have worked extensively with BPEL Process Manager, Oracle ESB, SOA Suite 10g, and SOA Suite 11g! The same week that 12c was released, eProseed World 2014 took place. During this event all eProseed employees meet for a fun couple of days full of social and work-related sessions. Because Vennster is merging into the eProseed Netherlands office we will soon migrate this blog to an eProseed domain. For us it was an excellent chance to meet all our new colleagues. In between the tour of Luxembourg city and an afternoon full of Highland Games (nobody got injured :-), multiple sessions where organized to present and discuss Oracle BPM and SOA 12c. Get the presentation here.

Get started with MDS by Vivek Garg

Oracle has introduced couple of new features in Oracle SOA Suite 12c. I have listed couple of new features that Oracle introduced for developer in my post. These new features really make developers life easy as these reduce development cycle.
Here we discuss about MDS and what all featured introduced in that. As we know MDS is used to store artifacts like WSDL, XSD, XSLT etc. we have two types of MDS, File based MDS and DB based MDS. In Oracle SOA 12c, when we use default server which is integrated with Jdeveloper then we can use only Design Time MDS (File Based MDS), Run Time MDS (DB Based MDS) is not supported. Check this post to create design time MDS connection. In Oracle SOA 12c release, Oracle provided couple of new options that we can use when we use Design Time MDS, these options were not there in 11g. Below are options available with Design Time MDS.
·         Create and Delete folders
·         Export and Import MDS artifacts
·         Transfer Artifacts between MDS repositories
In this post, we discussed these options one by one. Get started with Oracle SOA 12c.
Create and Delete Folders
We can simple add and remove folders from design time MDS repository. To add a new folder to it, simply right click on the apps folder and choose “Create Folder”. Read the complete article here.

Set-up a 12c Oracle Service Bus Infrastructure by René van Wijk

 imageIn this post, we will show how to create automation scripts in order to set-up middleware environments.

In the example, we will use the following software
·         Oracle JDK
·         Fusion Middleware Infrastructure (fmw_12. which can be obtained from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud
·         Oracle Service Bus (fmw_12. which can be obtained from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud
First, we have to decide which directory structure we are going to use. Below an example is given in which the binaries (that create the run-time) are separated from the configuration. Read the complete article here.

Purging Data From the BPEL Store by Matt Brasier

In this recipe, taken from the book Oracle SOA Suite 11g Performance Tuning Cookbook (ISBN: 9781849688840, Packt Publishing) we will remove old BPEL dehydration data and state from the SOA infrastructure database.

Getting ready

You will need to have access to the database on which the SOA_INFRA schema is hosted. In this recipe we’ll be using a command line local to the host on which we installed the database.

You’ll also need access to the SQL scripts bundled with SOA Suite, if you have SOA Suite installed on the host running the database you can find them under: MW_HOME/SOA_ORACLE_HOME/rcu/integration/soainfra/sql/soa_purge

If the database is running on a separate host then you can simple copy the soa_purge directory from the WebLogic Admin server to a directory on the database host, we’ll be using e:\soa_purge for this purpose.

How to do it...

Follow the steps below to run the soa_purge scripts
1. First log into sqlplus as a user with sysdba privileges, and grant the following permissions to the dev_soainfra user then exit the shell Read the complete article here.

Extending the Oracle Sales Cloud with SOA Suite by Gerhard Drasch

The Oracle Sales Cloud provides an extensive set of features for extending the user interface, the underlying data model, and allows the use of Groovy scripts to extend or adjust the default business logic. If customers have requirements that go beyond these capabilities, Java Cloud Service is a viable option to build new user interface allowing a seamless UI level integration (see the samples here). If an extension is not driven by UI requirements but rather backend orchestration and integration needs, introducing the Oracle SOA stack is a logical option to consider.
This article describes how business logic implemented in Oracle SOA Suite can be invoked in a secure way while ensuring that the additional logic in SOA Suite can execute in the Sales Cloud user’s security context.

Creating SOA services for the Sales Cloud
For simplicity, we are showing here a basic SOA composite with a BPEL component that is doing nothing than receiving a JWT token from the Sales Cloud and then calling back a web service in the Sales Cloud leveraging this token. Here is an overview of the composite:
Read the complete article here.

Running SCA Tests from Maven by Mark Nelson 

In this post, let’s look at how we can run SCA test suites from Maven. To get started, we are going to need a test. Let’s set up our process to add two numbers. Go ahead and open the XML Schema for the inputs and outputs and change it to take two int’s as input and return a single int as output, as shown below:
Now update the assign activity’s copy rule in the BPEL process to add the two numbers together. The “from” part of the copy rule should look like this: Read the complete article here.

You’ve Got Mail: Inbound Email Processing in WLS/OSB integration scenarios by The Cattle Crew

In an integration project we are currently replacing an available integration platform using Oracle Service Bus 11g. Different incoming and outgoing message formats and protocols (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc.) are used from the external partners of our customer and therefore have to be supported. With OSB no problem at all, but polling a MS Exchange server for new e-mails is simply not possible with OSB standard tooling. Debt is a bug in MS Exchange server, which advertises that it supports plain authentification for login, but it does not ([1], search for AUTH=PLAIN). So when trying to access an exchange inbox from a proxy service ends up with failures, which cannot be worked around.

So we decided to implement a custom Java service that does the polling, because with plain Java the bug can be worked around by setting the corresponding Java Mail session parameters described in [1]. The challenge from a implementation perspective is that in a clustered environment, a service is in general active on all cluster nodes and so parallel access and therefore multi processing for one specific e-mail is possible. So the service has to be implemented as a Weblogic Singleton service [2] to avoid this. A Singleton service is physically deployed to the cluster and so available on all nodes, but it is only active on one specific cluster node. In case of problems on the node where the service is active, it might be activated on another node in the cluster automatically, depending on the failover configuration in the cluster. Read the complete article here.

Adding an ADF Human Task User Interface to our SOA Maven build by Mark Nelson 

With the new Maven support in 12c, it is much simpler now to include our ADF projects in our SOA Application build. Continuing on from this earlier post, we will now add the ADF project.

You can do this by opening the Human Task (from the composite view) and clicking on Form and Auto-Generate Task Form.

Then in the popup Create Project dialog box, give the project a name, I used HTUI1, and click on OK. It will take a few minutes to generate the project. When it is done, do a Save All for good measure.

Now if you want to take a look, you will see that you have three POM files – one for the SOA Project (composite), one for the ADF project, and also your application level POM. If you open the application level POM (that’s the one under Application Resources/Build Files, you will see that is is a multi-modules project that lists the other two, as you can see in the image below. It also has some configuration to tell Maven where to find ojdeploy. In this release, we still need to run ojdeploy to build and package the ADF projects, so you do need to have JDeveloper available to your build server if you want to build ADF projects there. Read the complete article here.

Mobile Integration Using Oracle Service Bus Oracle Service Bus 12c enables enterprises to deliver on mobile as an extension of the integration platform . Developers can create REST /JSON APIs and simplify the process of creating customizable applications from reusable components. Oracle Service Bus 12c makes it easy to extend onpremise and cloud applications to the mobile channel. Read the datasheet here.
Oracle Service Bus 12c enables enterprises to deliver on mobile as an extension of the integration platform. Developers can create REST/JSON APIs and simplify the process of creating customizable applications from reusable components. Oracle Service Bus 12c makes it easy to extend on-premise and cloud applications to the mobile channel.

The Oracle Mobile Suite utilizes standard technologies and tools to expose many data formats for exchange data and functions with any mobile application and includes Oracle Service Bus and Oracle Mobile Application Framework. Oracle Service Bus supports all types of connections between applications on mobile devices and back end business systems including the popular REST/JSON.

Using Service Bus, organizations can shield front-end mobile applications from changes that might occur in the backend. They can also shield mobile developers from often intricate and complex details of underlying implementations of back-end applications, such as legacy protocols. In addition, Service Bus can simplify and reduce the information exposed by API interfaces to ensure both optimization of bandwidth and greater control on information shared with mobile users.

Oracle Service Bus is a part of Oracle SOA Suite 12c. It introduces a REST binding within JDeveloper to simplify mobile enablement by exposing traditional SOAP services, Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs), JCA adapters connecting backend applications or just about any other underlying implementation through REST/JSON. The REST binding is available for SOA composites and Oracle Service Bus services and allows the configuration of REST interactions as exposed service or proxy service. It also allows the invocation of externally available REST services.

Interoperability between Microsoft and SOA Suite 12c by Ricardo Ferreira


During the design of SOA applications it is inevitable that from time to time you will need to interface with Microsoft-based applications. While technologies like SOAP and REST do a great job when request-reply communication is needed, most people struggle when a messaging-based communication is required. This blog will present two approaches to get messaging working between Microsoft and SOA Suite 12c.

Which Choices Do I have?

SOA Suite 12c offers a complete set of tools to integrate with Microsoft applications using messaging. Which one to use is a simple question of asking where the messaging system resides. If the messaging system to be accessed sits on SOA Suite side (WebLogic JMS) then you should use the WebLogic JMS .NET Client. If the messaging system to be accessed sits on Microsoft side (Microsoft Message Queuing) then you should use the JCA adapter for MSMQ. Using the WebLogic JMS .NET Client allows code written in .NET to access the WebLogic JMS server using the T3 protocol, just like any other Java application. Using the JCA adapter for MSMQ allows SOA composites and OSB applications to send/receive messages to/from MSMQ queues.

Using the WebLogic JMS .NET Client

The implementation of the WebLogic JMS .NET Client is very straightforward. All you have to do is deploy your .NET application with the WebLogic.Messaging.dll assembly file. You still need to code how your application will send/receive messages to/from the WebLogic JMS destinations. You can easily find the WebLogic.Messaging.dll assembly file in the following location: /wlserver/modules/com.bea.weblogic.jms.dotnetclient_x.x.x.x. In the same location you can find the WebLogic JMS .NET Client API documentation. For those of you that are familiar with the JMS API, it will be easy to understand since the API design is almost the same. For beginners, I have provided the following C# sample code that shows how to publish messages to an WebLogic JMS queue. Read the complete article here.

Today at the Oracle Fusion Middleware Summer Camp in Lisboa I experiencedsome SIGSEGV JVM crashes. It happened when trying to use JDeveloper 12.1.3 under MacOS with the SOA Suite Development installer – right after the installation when starting up the server from within JDeveloper. (Most of the experienced SOA Suite developers went the beaten path using Windows).
My installation used a fairly recent JDK 1.7_45, but SOA Suite 12c is supported on MAC OS only for a single user development installation starting with JDK 1.7_51.

Upgrading to JDK 1.7_65 and recreating the JDeveloper default domain fixed the issue.
Read the complete article here.

Setup GMail as mail provider for SOA Suite 12c – configure
SMTP certificate in trust store By Lucas Jellema

On this subject, there are already many fine articles. I have borrowed from at least a dozen to understand what should happen and to make it work. You will find them listed under resources.

It all started with me trying to have the UMS Adapter send an email. The setup of the email driver was done in EM FMW Control (see below) and I expected my email to be sent successfully. After a considerable and increasingly anxious wait at my mail client, I decided to check the log file for my WebLogic domain. There it was, in the soa_server1.out for my SOA Suite managed server:
Read the complete article here.

Durable Subscribers in 12c by Sivakumar

Business Events are used to notify the interested parties (subscribers) about an occurrence of activity which is of important to them. On raising the business events, the subscribers would consume them and process it based on their business flows. All these things would happen in a highly loose coupled manner and business events producers may not be aware of the subscribers. So when designing an application based on business events one of the aspects requires attention is, Will there be any loss of event? 
This is very important as subscribers are not in a position to request providers to raise event again, even if they do its going to be a duplicate event (occurrence) for other subscribers. Technically speaking, the loss of event can be translated into any of these following scenarios:
  • Subscriber received the business event but faulted during processing.
  • Subscriber is unavailable when the business event is published.
  • The hosted server itself is down when the business event is published.

SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration By Mala Ramakrishna

Delivering on your Healthcare Imperatives

Leveraging the Oracle SOA Suite for Healthcare integration allows connecting clinical and administrative processes. It delivers reliable, secure, and cost-effective ways to exchange information and provides payers and providers with a versatile platform for enterprise-wide information sharing. SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration provides the following:
  • Improves time to market and maximizes business agility with healthcare domain expertise inbuilt into your platform
  • Delivers on unparalleled performance and better visibility across the board on your healthcare systems
  • Lowers total cost of ownership with a unified healthcare integration framework
In order to stay abreast of new industry developments related to electronic medical records, health insurance exchanges, and fee-for-performance care models, health care organizations need to build, buy and integrate many types of software applications. Having a consistent SOA infrastructure helps these organizations to leverage essential business processes so that these software applications can interact and exchange information in a consistent way.

As the standards governing healthcare practices mature and the implementation of EHR systems becomes more ubiquitous, the benefits of having an interoperable infrastructure will become progressively more important. Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration provides essential capabilities required for doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, and other entities by facilitating the sharing of information in a secure and standards-based way.

To learn more, leverage this new resource kit on
SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration. It is a one stop for a deep understanding on the offering. It includes white papers, case studies, customer stories, and technical resources that help increase quality, efficiency and accountability of healthcare.

To learn more on what's new in Oracle SOA Suite 12c, join us at the live webcast on Wednesday, July 30 at 10am. To find out more:
Introducing Oracle SOA Suite 12c.

SOA Suite 12c – Quick Start Domain Configurations by Ganesh Kamble

This article is first of four part series on Oracle SOA Suite 12c Domain Configurations. Here we will discuss the new types of domain configurations released in this release of Oracle SOA.
Oracle SOA Suite 12c Quick Installer Distribution allows you to install Oracle SOA domain in a development or evaluation environment quickly. These domains are not supposed to be used or migrated to the production environments. The typical usage of them is to deploy and test applications during the development phase. The step-by-step installation of SOA Suite 12c Quick Start distribution is given in this post.
Following are the key characteristics:
  • Use on a single host
  • Use only for development or evaluation purposes
  • Limited to one Administration server with no option to add managed servers
  • Cluster not supported
  • Not recommended for production environments
  • Use Java DB to store schemas
  • Extended applications might need schemas to be stored in Oracle databases

Are you considering, or starting to deploy, SOA Suite 12c? You should be talking to O-box!

Is an automatically configured solution to enable customers to install a highly available and robust Oracle SOA Suite platform (with multiple independent environments) for a fixed price, and in very short time-scales.
The O-box SOA Appliance greatly reduces risk and allows IT administrators to focus on SOA project deployment, rather than platform installation. It has the capability to grow with your business depending upon the initial configuration option chosen, up to the point where larger hardware, such as Exalogic, may be required.
Our pricing makes O-box SOA Appliance an attractive option when compared to the cost and risk of implementing SOA as a consulting project or if you are considering doing it yourself, especially when hardware and software costs are also taken into account.
Read the complete article here.

Resolving deployment issues with Service Bus 12c – OSB-398016 – Error loading WSDL by Lucas Jellema

I was completely stuck with Service Bus 12c project deployment from JDeveloper to the Service Bus run time. Every deployment met with the same fate: Conflicts found during publish – OSB-398016, Error loading the WSDL from the repository: The WSDL is not semantically valid: Failed to read wsdl file from url due to — Unknown protocol: servicebus.
I was completely lost and frustrated – not even a simple hello_world could make it to the server.

Then, Google and Daniel Dias from Link Consulting to the rescue: He had run into the same problem – and he had a fix for it! Extremely hard to find if you ask me, but fairly easy to apply.

It turns out this is a known bug (18856204). The bug description refers to BPM and SB being installed in the same domain.

The resolution:
Open the Administration Console for the WebLogic Domain. From the Services node, select service OSGi Frameworks:
Read the complete article here.

BPM & ACM Section

BPM ppt presentations
You are consultant and want to get an overview what is new in BPM Suite 12c? Make sure you
get the latest BPM Suite 12c presentations at our SOA Community Workspace (SOA Community membership required)

Introducing Oracle BPM Suite 12c Webcast Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Business processes are at the heart of what makes or breaks a business and in today’s digital age, capitalizing on disruptive technologies like mobile, social, big data, cloud and internet of things (IOT) to transform your business and drive innovation will be the key to differentiating yourself from the competition. The new release of Oracle Business Process Management Suite 12c not only helps business optimize and automate processes, but it focuses on building connections that will drive engagement to help companies drive innovation and transformation.

Register for the webcast to learn how successful digital business are design processes that enable rich multi-channel digital experience for customers and employees enabling their expansion into new markets. For details please visit our registration page.

BPM Suite 12c partner resource kit

Technical resources
Partner resources

Custom ACM Api This is a FREE hands-on workshop covers all the capabilities you need to build robust, reliable and agile BPM solutions. It covers the key themes/ components of BPM12c, business architecture, verbal rules, requirements capture, new UI for easy to design dashboards and many developer features. The workshop labs include an end to end example, leveraging components such as BPMN, Adapters, OBR and Content Server. They also cover the use of Enterprise Manager for FMW (EM) for monitoring and fault analysis. After attending this Oracle BPM Suite 12c workshop, you should be in a position to build industry-focused solutions, customer-facing demos, proof-of-concepts (POCs), pilot implementations and reference architectures on this platform. You will also be in a position to extend your current BPM implementations with ACM, OBR, BAM and open your platform for mobile applications. You cannot afford to miss this workshop, if you are a SOA or BPM developer/ consultant.
  • New BPM Composer including web-forms
  • Business Architecture
  • BAM 12c
  • Work Assignment
  • Sub-processes, multi-instance and array-handling
  • Error Handling -- includes new error handling support
  • Oracle Business Rules -- using business phrases and other new features
  • Securing BPM processes
  • Development Best Practices
  • SOA/BPM developers
  • Business Analysts/Architects
  • Technical Architects
  • Industry Solutions Architects
  • A good understanding of BPM Suite 11g and application development
  • e.g. completion of BPM 11g Foundation course.
Equipment Requirements
Attendees must bring their own laptops. The laptops must meet the following minimum hardware/software requirements:
  • Minimum 16GB RAM and 40GB free disk space
  • Up to date version of the browser of your choice.
  • Administrator permissions on the laptop in order to install software
  • The most recent version of Oracle Virtual Box software.
  • September 8-11, 2014 – Oracle Kista Sweden. Register Here!
  • September 23-26, 2014 – Oracle Utrecht, Netherlands. Register Here!

Introducing Oracle BPM 12c with Meera Srinivasan 

Listen to Meera Srinivasan, Director, Product Management as she talks about the features of Oracle Business Process Management 12c. For videos on upgrading to BPM 12c see the Oracle BPM 12c playlist.

Copyright © 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle® is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the "Materials"). The Materials are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. Watch the video here.

New release of Solution Accelerators now available on OTN By Cesare Rotundo 

The new release of Solution (aka: Process) Accelerators is now available on OTN. This new release has been focused on improving existing accelerators with most customer demand while adding a new accelerator to the catalog which showcases Adaptive Case Management (ACM): Complaints Management.

Complaints management has become a strategic focus area in many industries where customer service is the top priority. It has impacts on customer satisfaction and retention, and may involve compliance penalties. However, processes and solutions that support employees dealing with complaints are ad-hoc, custom, and fraught with manual steps and paper.

The Complaints Management Accelerator, built using the best BPM, ACM, and Content platform available today, enables effective and efficient customer complaints resolution. Using ACM we have organized the complaints settlement process across four phases: Filing, Review, Investigation, and Resolution, while enabling churn likelihood control via R-generated indexes. The Complaints Management accelerator thus enables knowledge workers to choose the best actions leading to efficient complaint resolution, also taking into account unscheduled events such as the receipt of a new document from the customer.

Customers can quickly input their products, complaints types, and other data specific to them using out-of-the-box Administrator UIs, and refine the resolution processes and cases configured in the Accelerator according to their requirements, exploiting ACM’s model to flexibly fit their needs and exceed customer expectations.

Other accelerators have also been improved, including:
  • Employee Onboarding has been enhanced to provide WebCenter based imaging to allow compliance documents (I-9, W-4) to be scanned and associated with the onboarding instance for the new hire
  • eForms Management, now with the option to remotely deploy a Citizen eForm for submission
  • Internal Service Requests, now with examples of department-specific approval tasks
  • Finally, Approval Management for Microsoft Excel® (AME), which generalizes the model of performing a complete BPM-driven approval cycle from within Excel, first introduced with the Financial Reports Approval accelerator.
This release continues to include out-of-the-box integration scenarios with Oracle Applications Products, including Siebel, PeopleSoft, and the E-Business Suite. Read the article here.

BPM 12.1.3 Process Documentation Sample available on 

Two weeks ago I blogged about the new features and improvements to process documentation in Oracle BPM 12.1.3. A sample is now available on for download. This sample includes:
  • A lab document explaining how to use the import feature in Oracle BPM Composer and Studio to convert Visio, XPDL, BPMN 2.0, Oracle Workflow, and Tutor documents into BPM processes. A sample Visio file is included in the download so you can see how the feature works
  • The same lab document leads you through adding process documentation via the business properties
  • You are also guided through using the narrative view to edit your sample process
  • Then the lab prompts you to create process reports to bring all of your process documentation together in one HTML or PDF document
The sample also includes a lab solution so you can import the project with all of the process documentation already added.

Oracle BPM & Adaptive Case Management By Michael Snow 

Prasen Palvankar speaks on Adaptive Case Management

Oracle BPM Suite offers in-built adaptive case management capabilities to manage unstructured processes and empower the knowledge workers to improve customer experience.
Watch the video here.

BPM 12c - Process Asset Manager (PAM) by Antonis Antoniou

An entirely new feature has been introduced in Oracle BPM 12c called “Process Asset Manager” (PAM) which makes it really simple and reliable to share projects between BPM Studio and BPM Process Composer, providing a unified lifecycle management of BPM projects across BPM Process Composer and BPM Studio tools and offering seamless collaboration across the various personas in a BPM project.

PAM comes with an integrated subversion source control system for version management of BPM assets and can be integrated with OPSS for security and can reference the MDS for run-time artifacts.
So let’s see the lifecycle of PAM from the two different interfaces, starting with the Process Composer.

For the needs of this tutorial I have created a sample Hello BPM project with a synchronous process. Read the complete article here.

Oracle BPM 12c Installation Improvements and Issues with Mac by Andrejus Baranovkis

Oracle BPM 12c is improved with a great installation process - simplified and stable. You only need to download single installation package, run a wizard and after several clicks it gets installed. All required products are installed for you out of the box, no extra configuration is needed - JDeveloper, BPM/SOA extensions, BPM/SOA schemas in Java DB. Developer can focus on his development tasks, no need to spend days to install and configure development environment. You should read official guide - Quick Start for Oracle Business Process Management Suite.
Installer works on Mac OS platform, you can install entire Oracle BPM 12c infrastructure and run domain. However, it fails to open Human Task wizard, while running JDEV on Mac OS. I have developed extremely basic Oracle BPM 12c sample application, to test Human Task wizard with JDeveloper installed on Oracle Enterprise Linux and on Mac OS -

It works fine to load Human Task wizard with JDeveloper 12c installed on Linux:

The same Human Task fails to open with JDeveloper 12c installed on Mac OS. There is Null Pointer exception generated, thrown from JDeveloper IDE class: Read the complete article here.

Process Documentation in Oracle BPM 12.1.3 by Mike Keane

Your ability to add process documentation has been greatly enhanced in BPM 12.1.3. Some of the key enhancements are:
  • The narrative view allows you to write and/or edit in plain language. The narrative view is always in sync with the graphical view so you can see immediately the impact of your changes on the model. You can also add documentation to activities in-line.
  • Business properties can be added to processes and activities, and then you can create process reports that will show all properties for processes and activities in one document.
  • New process reports have been added to allow you to create a variety of different business reports to share.

Don’t Let a Good Idea Get Away by Brandon Dean

Once upon a time, no one really cared how if their house smelled like lavender after they cleaned it.

Thanks to the scientists behind Febreze and an innovative marketing campaign, now our cars and garbage bags smell like lavender too. Innovation changes everything—down to the very way we live. A wealth of it brings companies to the top. A lack of it drags companies to the bottom.

We’ve all experienced those moments when an idea springs to life that could change something for the better. What usually follows that moment though, is the realization that there are very real obstacles that stand in the way of turning that great idea into reality.

Business innovation, whether product- or process-based, starts as an idea. Imagine what could your business do with more support in place for collective creativity? Today’s leading companies recognize that they can’t just take a piece-meal approach to Business Process Management (BPM) and innovation. They need to develop enduring BPM strategies that support ongoing innovation.

Using a high-quality BPM solution is one of the most effective ways to turn those innovative ideas into reality. BPM technology helps businesses stay relevant by quickly and efficiently implementing good ideas when they happen. Read our recent newsletter article, BPM: The North Star of Business Innovation Today, to learn more.

Head over to Oracle’s website to watch a couple short videos. A Queensland University of Technology BPM expert discusses the promise of new technologies in Future Innovation Promising with BPM/Mobile/Social/Cloud. See how Boeing’s Global Services & Support division was able to transform supply chain processes and achieve a 38 percent reduction in proposal and development costs with Oracle BPM Suite 11g.

My Favorite PeopleSoft Flavor: Vanilla by Vivek Ahuja

This post provides an overview of how Oracle BPM can be used with PeopleSoft to gain more out of your ERP. It also covers how to go about separating the process and personalization/customization layers from your ERP, to encourage leveraging more vanilla, out-of-the-box ERP functionality, rather than an over customized, costly to maintain version. Oracle BPM takes out the process inefficiencies associated with your ERP. It provides you with a range of different governance and workflow capabilities, which allows you to efficiently operate in your ERP with robust drill down features. This enables your process users and key stakeholders to uncover operational gaps that may be hindering your business from attaining efficiency gains or untapped revenue channels.

Integration Recommendations
Read the complete article here.

Architecture & AppAdvantage Section

Community Powers Oracle by Debra Lilley, ACE Director

5Red_CX_Boxes2.pngOnce you have decided on your initiative to drive value from Oracle Applications using Oracle Fusion middleware you need to think about the skills you need. Are you going to use a Systems Integrator, in house capability, or increasingly some form of cloud offering? Whichever you decide on you will still have a learning curve which is where I believe community is the answer. Not all learning has to be formal classroom led, look at the skills needed and select the formal training for the base skills, but for the areas you need an understanding of, and these won’t even be all be technical and then to learn more about the formal skills, I recommend community learning.

The Oracle Community is an enormous wealth of groups all offering their members a different angle on learning, through education, through sharing and through asking questions.

This blog, has the strapline, ‘Inside Oracle’s Middleware Community’ and is the sharing of knowledge from a wide range of contributors.

Oracle itself has Oracle Technology Network (OTN) which is a phenomenal resource. It is ‘the world's largest community of developers, admins, and architects using industry-standard technologies in combination with Oracle its articles, blogs and forums cover most of the technology’. Check out this infographic to appreciate the impact OTN has on the community. Read the complete article here.

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 OAUX Applications Cloud Exchange

Oracle OpenWorld is almost upon us again. You've been a special participant in Oracle Applications User Experience efforts before, so we are offering you the first opportunity to register for the OAUX Applications Cloud Exchange that our team is coordinating for Oracle OpenWorld 2014.

This is a reprise of our expo event last year, but with longer hours and an added bonus: we are inviting partners and Oracle Sales Ambassadors (SAMBA) to bring customers with them, who must be escorted and under a non-disclosure agreement. This is a premium, exclusive event.

1 - 4 p.m. and 6 - 8:00 p.m. Monday, Sept. 29, 2014
Oracle OpenWorld 2014: 888 Howard Street, Intercontinental Hotel, San Francisco, CA 94103

Location: Spa Terrace

You have been invited to an exclusive event showcasing the Oracle Applications Cloud user experience. Oracle is giving select attendees -- Oracle partners, Oracle cloud customers, and a few analysts -- a look at what's coming next in the Oracle Applications Cloud user experience at the Oracle OpenWorld 2014 OAUX Applications Cloud Exchange, hosted jointly by the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team, the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), and JavaOne.

Register HERE.

For more information on other activities that highlight the work of the Oracle Applications User Experience team, such as OpenWorld sessions, demo stations, onsite product usability testing, and usability lab tours during OpenWorld, please visit the Usable Apps OpenWorld 2014 Events page.

We look forward to seeing you at our event!

Oracle News

ORACLE HCM CLOUD: So, how is the Oracle HCM Cloud User Experience? In a word, smokin’! Misha Vaughan of the Oracle Applications User Experience (UX) team writes about the Oracle HCM Cloud user experience and its light-weight interactions, tailored to the task you are trying to accomplish, on the device you are comfortable working with.
USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN PATTERNS: The Simplified User Interface Design Patterns for the Oracle Applications Cloud eBook is now easily accessible from the Usable Apps website, as well as the Usable Apps blog. Use it to learn about the user experience design patterns and guidelines used to build the simplified UIs for the Oracle Applications Cloud. If you are looking to understand how to leverage user experience in PaaS4SaaS – start here. This free eBook comes from the Oracle Applications User Experience team and McGraw-Hill. Easy-to-follow patterns and color examples from the Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud will have you building your own simplified UIs quickly. Foreword by Oracle UX champions Floyd Teter and Sten Vesterli.
MORE ON EXTENSIBILITY: Ultan O’Broin also writes about the extensibility in Release 8 in his blog post, Oracle Applications Cloud Release 8 Customization: Your User Interface, Your Text.
OTN LATINAMERICA: Oracle UX champion Plinio Arbizu writes about how Oracle can help companies excel in providing efficient, productive, and highly satisfying experiences to their users in a series of articles (in Spanish) about user experience with Application Development Framework (ADF). He points to the Oracle Fusion Applications User Experience Patterns and Guidelines and provides a step-by-step tutorial to using UX concepts in ADF programs. For more, start with his first article, “Experiencia de Usuario (UX), la siguiente etapa en la innovación de sus soluciones empresariales.” Links to other articles in the series are located at the bottom of the page.
PROFIT MAGAZINE: Oracle Applications User Experience Vice President Jeremy Ashley talks with Profit magazine about one of the driving forces behind the evolving Oracle user experience – simplicity.
MAKER MOVEMENT: Want to know what people were talking about at the Bay Area MakerCon and Maker Faire in May? Watch this video, which features a prominent appearance by Jeremy Ashley, Vice President of the Oracle Applications User Experience team.
JAVA AND THE INTERNET OF THINGS: Read more about MakerCon and the Internet of Things.

Additional new content SOA & BPM Partner Community

·         The UKOUG Technology Conference and Exhibition 2014 agenda is now live. We have loads of Weblogic content, including sessions from Frances Zhao– Perez, Simon Haslam and Peter de Vaal amongst others. Take a look at the agenda and register now. Tech14 is the biggest event for the Oracle Technology community in the UK, so if you operate in this market, make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to position you brand and generate leads. Contact Kerry in our sales team now to discuss.
·         Podcast: Developing Enterprise Mobile Applications A panel of experts discusses the challenges in developing enterprise mobile apps, strategies for bridging developer skills gap, how preparing the enterprise back end to support a mobile strategy has benefits beyond mobile, and why mobile is reinvigorating the SOA world. Listen to the podcast.
·         The Intelligent Internet of Things with Axeda and Oracle Java Embedded The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to revolutionize the world by connecting billions of microcontroller-based devices with millions of web-based applications, and billions of people in new ways. This white paper from Oracle and Axeda shows you how Java can power your end-to-end device revolution. Read the white paper. (PDF, 660 KB)
·         SOA Suite 12c Round-Up During the first 100 hours after the release of Oracle SOA Suite 12c bloggers from the AMIS Technology Blog held a 50-hour blog-a-thon, writing about new features, and tracking the community conversation. This post by AMIS's Robert van Molken compiles highlights from that event. Read the article.
·         Developing Custom Components with Oracle Mobile Application Framework Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) supports the creation of custom components using pure JavaScript and CSS. This article by Fusion Middleware solution architect Jeevan Joseph shows you how. Read the article.
·         Oracle Unveils Oracle SOA Suite 12c New in this release are enhancements to the Oracle Cloud Adapters for SaaS applications, simplified mobile integration with support for the REST/JSON standards and easy to use transformation tools to translate between traditional enterprise SOAP interactions and REST. Get the details.
·         Congratulations to the IoT Developer Challenge Winners Discover the six winning projects of the IoT Developer Challenge showcasing Java Embedded with Raspberry Pi and Gallileo boards. Free training remains available.
·         Oracle Mobile Application Framework Released Develop and run Java mobile apps on iOS and Android from a single source. Reuse your Java skills and build on-device mobile apps with Eclipse or JDeveloper.

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Oracle SOA What's New in #SOASuite12c - Part 2 - Unified Service Bus & Event Processing. Blog highlights and graphic here

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AMIS, Oracle & JavaIk heb 12 foto's op Facebook geplaatst in het album "AMIS event - Oracle SOA & BPM 12c launch event" here

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IDC Releases MarketScape Worldwide BPM Platforms Vendor Assessment 2014 report here

AMIS, Oracle & Java That's is. Wonderful SOA / BPM 12c launch event.

AMIS, Oracle & JavaAnd now practical BPM demonstration by editing BPM processes by round trip via excel. here

Robert van MölkenLast but not least about Service Bus in #SOASuite12c by meanes of a demo. here

Robert van MölkenJust talked about #SOASuite12c Developer Productivity and SCA Composite updates. It was fun, hopefully great reviews.

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AMIS, Oracle & JavaService Bus 12c offers native file transformer. Attractive feature for developers using the file adapter with csv.

AMIS, Oracle & JavaSOA suite 12 c now offers adapter for Microsoft MSMQ. But you might prefer to use the oracle service bus. :-)

Robert van Mölken is talking about the #SOASuite12c and #BPMSuite12c highlights.

Sandor Nieuwenhuijs
Lancering SOA Suite 12c en BPM Suite 12c bij @AMIS_Services door o.a. - volle zaal ondanks mooie weer! here

AMIS, Oracle & JavaSOA 12C and BPM 12C where the C stands for Cloud and also stands for Consolidation. #soa12c @soacommunity

SOA Community&local launch events across Europe register here here @OracleSOA

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Critical Patch Update Advisory - July 2014 here #soacommunity

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Simon HaslamJuly 2014 CPU released here I can't see any updates for SOA 12.1.3 other than JDK 7u65

Oscar Pinto Salazar
It is possible to model SOA BPEL with JDeveloper 12c, 12c Suite new version, Same JDeveloper

Oracle SOADeliver on mobile as an extension of the integration platform #soa #mobile here

Oracle SOAEnterprise File Exchange with Oracle Managed File Transfer #soa #mft here

Oracle SOAJDSU Validates Oracle SOA Suite 12c in Live Webcast #soa12c here

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Vivek Garg totallly redesigned in check out @soacommunity

Oracle SOAChange the Game and Lead Your Industry with Oracle SOA Suite 12c #soa12c

Jorge A Hernández Companies scan thousands of pages, how do you bring them into your enterprise? here

Raastech#Oracle #SOASuite 12c is 1 month old today! A vast improvement over 11g and we get more excited as we learn more about it. #soacommunity

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ADF Advanced Training on-demand chapters one and two
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Lisbon, Portugal
Jürgen Kress
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Corry Weick/ Local Presales
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BPM Suite 12c - Alle Neuerungen im Überblick (In German)
Corry Weick/ Local Presales
Utrecht, NL
Utrecht, NL
Kista, Sweden
London, UK
BPM Suite 12c - Hands-On Workshop (In German)
Munich, Germany
Corry Weick/ Local Presales
Flexibel agierendes BPM mittels Oracle Adaptive Case Management (ACM)
Munich, Germany
Corry Weick/ Local Presales

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