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lunes, 25 de agosto de 2014

Oracle ACE Program Newsletter August 2014

Oracle Technology Network
Oracle ACE Program Newsletter
By ACEs, For ACEsAugust 2014
Oracle ACE Spotlight Tim TowTim Tow
Tim Tow is the Founder and President of Applied OLAP and the visionary for the innovative Dodeca product. He has been working exclusively with Oracle Essbase since 1995 specializing in the Essbase Java API. Tim was the first Oracle ACE and the first Oracle ACE Director in the Hyperion space and assisted Oracle to build the initial Oracle ACE team in that community. Tim is an award-winning speaker who had the highest-rated, and the third highest-rated, presentations at the recent Kscope15 conference which earned him the prestigious Kscope15 Best Speaker award. He also blogs on Essbase topics, leads the development team that develops, and supports free of charge, the popular OlapUnderground Essbase utilities. Tim is serving his third term on the ODTUG Board of Directors and is currently the Treasurer of ODTUG.
Tim has some exciting hobbies! He owns and flies a 1970 Cessna 210K for both business and pleasure. He enjoys cycling (he even commutes by bike) and outdoor rock climbing. He also obsesses over Michigan football and enjoys reading the blogs daily to stay informed!
He has been married to his wife, Darlene Tow, for nearly 25 years, but he says that it seems like only a year or two. He has a ‘his, hers, and ours’ family. He has a daughter, Whitney, a step-son, Billy, and he and Darlene have a son, named Logan. They also have a 2 year old granddaughter.

Tim will be at Oracle Open World, so please introduce yourself and say “hello” if you see him!
Oracle ACE Program News
Welcome New Oracle ACEs
Recently Initiated
 Name LocationFocus
Nitin VengurlekarOracle ACEUnited StatesDB
Ludovico CaldaraOracle ACESwitzerlandDB
Michelle KolbeOracle ACEUnited StatesBI
Vinay KumarOracle ACEGermanyMW
Bingyang LiOracle ACEChinaDB
Maclean LiuOracle ACEChinaDB
Carlos SierraOracle ACEUnited StatesDB
Antonis AntoniouOracle ACECyprusMW
Christian BergOracle ACESwitzerlandBI
Lee BriggsOracle ACEUSAApps
Fei ChengOracle ACEChinaDB
Philippe FierensOracle ACEBelgiumDB
Amr GawishOracle ACEUnited KingdomWebCenter
Øyvind IseneOracle ACENorwayDB
Sheng LiuOracle ACEChinaDB
Daniel Merchan GarciaOracle ACESpainDB
Ajith NarayananOracle ACEIndiaApps
Christoph RuepprichOracle ACEUnited StatesApps
Sarah ZumbrumOracle ACEUnited StatesBI
If you have the enthusiasm for communicating technical ideas and concepts, have a valuable experience or a technical skill that you're keen to share with readers, you should give serious consideration to authoring a book or becoming a technical reviewer. Please for more details.
Oracle ACE Watch
OTN: Playing with ZFS Encryption in Oracle Solaris 11.1, written by Oracle ACE Alexandre Borges
OTN: Minimal Downtime Patching by Cloning Oracle DB (Oracle Server 10.2, 11.2, 12.1) (Cómo un clon de la base de datos nos puede ayudar a aplicar un patch), written by Oracle ACE Enrique Orbegozo
Oraworld: Oracle Database 12c: Database Resource Manager, written by Oracle ACE Deiby Mauricio Gomez
Ten Ideas for Using AWR Reports for Beginners, written by Oracle ACE Chris Lawson
How Oracle Calculates the Cost of a Delete, by ACE Director Jonathon Lewis
Oracle Database 12c In-Memory, a Quick Overview, by Oracle ACE Ludovico Caldara
EMCTL Blackout Scripts, by Oracle ACE Ray Smith
Oracle ACE Director Brendan Tierney’s Oracle Press book, Predictive Analytics Using Oracle Data Miner: Develop & Use Data Mining Models in Oracle Data Miner, SQL & PL/SQL, is available August 5. Charlie Berger, Senior Director Product Management, Oracle Data Mining and Advanced Analytics says about the book: “If you have an Oracle Database and want to leverage that data to discover new insights, make predictions, and generate actionable insights, this book is a must read for you…Definitely a must read for any Oracle data professional!!” The table of content and a sample chapter can be downloaded for free here.

Oracle ACE Michael Rosenblum and Oracle ACE Paul Dorsey partnered to write the Oracle Press book Oracle PL/SQL Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques, available August 13. They present a hands-on approach to enabling optimal results from PL/SQL. The table of contents and a sample chapter can be downloaded for free here.

Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate Study Guide, written by Oracle ACE Biju Thomas

JavaServer Faces 2.0: Essential Guide for Developers, written by Oracle ACE Deepak Vohra

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Distinctive Recipes: Architecture, Development and Administration, written by Oracle ACE Director Frank Munz

MySQL Kernel: InnoDB Storage Engine Volume 1, written by Oracle ACE Jiang Chengyao
Oracle ACE Out and About
  • Speaking at OTN Latin America Tour Quito (August 2014)
    Kamran Agayev- Oracle ACE Director
    Francisco Munoz Alvarez- Oracle ACE Director
    Rene Antunez- Oracle ACE Associate
    Plinio Arbizu- Oracle ACE Director
    Nelson Calero- Oracle ACE
    Rolando Carrasco- Oracle ACE
    Jim Czuprynski- Oracle ACE Director
    Mike Dietrich- Oracle ACE
    Hans Forbrich- Oracle ACE Director
    Deiby Gomez- Oracle ACE
    Gustavo Gonzalez- Oracle ACE Director
    Alex Gorbachev- Oracle ACE Director
    Orhan Gurcan- Oracle ACE Director
    Edelweiss Kammermann- Oracle ACE
    Debra Lilley- Oracle ACE Director
    Michelle Malcher- Oracle ACE Director
    Daniel Morgan- Oracle ACE Director
    Rodrigo Mufalani- Oracle ACE
    Marcelo Ochoa- Oracle ACE
    Glenn Schwartzberg- Oracle ACE Director
    Brendan Tierney- Oracle ACE Director
    Ronald Vargas- Oracle ACE Director
    Alex Zaballa- Oracle ACE
  • Speaking at NOCOUG (August 2014)
    Jeffrey Jacobs- Oracle ACE
  • Speaking at LVOUG (August 2014)
    Ronald A Bradford- Oracle ACE Director
  • Speaking at DOUG (August 2014)
    Jim Czuprynski- Oracle ACE Director
  • Speaking at AIOUG TechDay, India (August 2014)
    Satyendra Kumar- Oracle ACE
  • Speaking at OUG Ireland Technology SIG Meeting (September 2014)
    Osama Mustafa- Oracle ACE
  • Speaking at DOAG SIG Meeting (September 2014)
    Johannes Ahrends, Oracle ACE
    Christian Trieb, Oracle ACE Director
  • Speaking at SOAG SIG (September 2014)
    Johannes Ahrends, Oracle ACE
    Christian Trieb, Oracle ACE Director
  • Speaking at AIOUG TechDay (August 2014)
    Satyendra Kumar, Oracle ACE
  • Speaking at UKOUG Ireland Technology SIG Meeting (September 2014)
    Osama Mustafa, Oracle ACE
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