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lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

Oracle Information InDepth DATABASE INSIDER EDITION August 2014

Oracle Information InDepth
Oracle Database 12c
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August 2014
Oracle Database Delivers More Database Innovations
Now available for download, the latest release of Oracle Database 12c delivers new database innovations for simplifying application development, accelerating database performance by orders of magnitude, and delivering mission-critical database-as-a-service environments.

Most notably, the release brings the recently introduced Oracle Database In-Memory to general availability. Other key capabilities of the release include the following.
  • Dramatically simplified application development with storage and query capabilities for nonrelational data
  • Accelerated analytical performance with a new in-memory column store and attribute clustering on disk
  • Delivery of mission-critical database-as-a-service environments with Oracle Flashback archive capabilities for pluggable databases, rapid Oracle home provisioning, and centralized security key vault capabilities
"As relational databases and data warehouses become even more critical to business operations and business analytics, the speed, agility, and quality of service of database management directly enable real-time business processes," explains Andy Mendelsohn, executive vice president, Oracle Server Technologies. "This release enables organizations to easily develop applications with new types of big data, accelerate database/data warehousing performance, and deliver better database-as-a-service environments."

Accelerate Database Queries 100x by Flipping a Switch
To speed analytical performance, Oracle Database In-Memory utilizes a new in-memory column store that scans database tables at billions of rows per second. Using an innovative, dual-format architecture, Oracle Database In-Memory alleviates the overhead of analytical indexes on disk and ensures that the most up-to-date information is available for analytics.

Just as important, customers can use any existing Oracle Database–compatible application to instantly and transparently take advantage of this feature without any additional programming or application changes.

Easily Develop Applications with New Types of Data
Until now, enterprises have had to introduce unfamiliar and unproven technologies to store and analyze new types of nonrelational data.

JavaScript Object Notation support, a new capability of Oracle Database, Standard Edition 12c, enables nonrelational data to be stored in Oracle Database and queried through traditional SQL and RESTful interfaces.

"As new sources of nonrelational big data continue to become popular, enterprises are looking for familiar ways to store and access newer types of information, and this feature makes that possible," says Mendelsohn.

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