martes, 19 de agosto de 2014

Oracle Coherence Blog: New eBook: In-Memory Data Grids for Dummies

New eBook: In-Memory Data Grids for Dummies

We've just released a new eBook In-Memory Data Grids for Dummies. 

This is a fantastic resource if you're looking to explain in-memory data grids to colleagues, convince your boss of their value, or even discover some new use cases for your existing investment. 

In true "Dummies" style, this eBook will walk you through the basics tenets of in-memory data grids, their common use cases, where IMDGs sit in your architecture, and some key considerations when looking to implement them.
While the title may say "Dummies," we know you'll find some useful overview and technical information in the resource. It's published by us on the Coherence team in partnership with Wiley (the "Dummies" company), but it's not only about Coherence or Oracle. In fact, we took pains to make this book fairly neutral to give you the best information, not a product pitch. Happy reading! 

Download the eBook now