viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2012

Oracle: My Oracle Support Down for 6.5 hours today 9:00pm PST

Community Outage Planned for Weekend of December 21, 2012
Community Outage Planned for Weekend of December 21, 2012
The Community area on My Oracle Support will have a 6.5 hour outage on Friday, December 21, 2012 starting at 9:00 PM Pacific Time (Saturday December 22, 5:00 AM GMT/UTC) due to system maintenance.

During the first 30 minutes of this outage, the Community area will be unavailable.

During the remaining 6 hours, portions of the Community functionality will be available while some features such as searching, tags and people finder will be unavailable.

Community Outage
Scheduled Start Friday December 21, 2012 / Saturday December 22, 2012
San Francisco Friday 9:00 PM Pacific
Orlando Friday/Saturday 12:00 Midnight
London Saturday 5:00 AM
Paris Saturday 6:00 AM
Bangalore Saturday 10:30 AM
Tokyo Saturday 2:00 PM
GMT/UTC Saturday 5:00 AM
Duration: 6.5 Hours
Thank you in advance for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.

miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2012

Fin de año en carreras y terminando cosas pendientes

Bueno por dicha, después de muchos meses de sequía, hemos tenido algunos trabajos extras, que ayudan en mucho a cubrir los gastos de fin de año, pago de matrículas, aguinaldo para mis hijos ( si para que se compren sus cosas de fin de año ), traslado de las oficinas de la empresa que actual trabajo, etc.

De paso, centrado mucho en temas de Backup&Recovery, tanto en la Universidad, como en asesorías.

Pero al estar a menos de dos días para  "21/12/12", las noticias del "mundillo" tecnológico no se han movida de la misma manera que mi día a día.

Hemos entrado en un pequeño período de quietud, que no deja de ser extraño, pero que se justifica, debido a lo arduo que fue los trimestres II y III.

Por el momento, espero poderles compartir en los próximos días, dos buenos artículos, sobre conceptos básicos de Backup&Recovery y de Afinamiento de base de datos, con aportes de mis alumnos del Diplomado Database Administrator, de la ULACIT.

Hasta entonces y ahí les dejo algo alegórico a la fecha.

martes, 18 de diciembre de 2012

December 2012: Oracle MySQL Information inDepth

MySQL Cluster Manager 1.2 is generally available. Learn more about MySQL Cluster Manager with the following resources.
MySQL Cluster Manager simplifies the creation and management of MySQL Cluster by automating common management tasks. As a result, database administrators and system administrators are more productive, enabling them to focus on strategic IT initiatives and respond more quickly to changing user requirements.
Download the white paper.
Learn how to install, configure, and run MySQL Cluster Manager.
Watch the demo.
Download MySQL Cluster Manager from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. Click through the agreement, then select "MySQL Product Pack.”
Download now.
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Discover why MySQL is an ideal choice for the cloud. Access our resource kit now.
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More than 3,000 independent software vendors and original equipment manufacturers, including 8 of the top 10 and 17 of the top 20 software vendors in the world, rely on MySQL. This white paper reviews the top 10 technical and business reasons why MySQL meets the needs of so many leading vendors and startups to power their applications, including organizations from telecommunications, security, accounting, and education.
Download the white paper.

Download this guide to learn how integrating MySQL with Hadoop enables organizations to gain deeper insight into their customers, partners, and business processes, by asking questions of their data that were never previously possible.
Download the white paper.
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Since its founding, StayFriends has built its infrastructure on MySQL. Learn how MySQL Enterprise Edition provides the scalability that StayFriends needs to keep pace with performance requirements in the years to come.
Read the case study.

As a hosting company, RedeHost’s core business and its customer service quality depend on the availability and performance of its IT infrastructure. As the company grew, it saw the need to automate IT infrastructure management and decided to migrate to MySQL Enterprise Edition from the MySQL Community Edition version, which it had used since its founding.
Read the case study.
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Brush up on new technologies, discover the latest IT trends, learn best practices, and find out how other customers are using Oracle products to drive return on investment. Visit Oracle’s Technology Webcast Center, where you can watch more than 200 Webcasts about Oracle technologies, attend live Webcasts, and subscribe to Webcast updates you won’t want to miss.

Learn how to build highly available services with MySQL and distributed replicated block device (DRBD). The DRBD high-availability solution comprises a complete stack of open source software that delivers high-availability database clusters on commodity hardware, with the option of 24/7 support from Oracle.

MySQL and PHP are two key components in the LAMP stack, widely used by Web developers. One day you launched a Website; it gradually gained traction and now serves hundreds of times more traffic than on day one. Have you ever looked back and adjusted the MySQL configurations according to your current load? Have you ever wondered if there are secret tips you might have missed or common mistakes that you could have avoided? If you answered yes to either question, this presentation is for you.
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By Dimitri Kravtchuk
By Mayank Prasad
By Bertrand Matthelié
By Dave Stokes
By Dave Stokes
By Javier Treviño
By Sheeri Cabral
By Todd Farmer
By Shlomi Noach
By Sergio de la Cruz
By Todd Farmer
By Dimitri Kravtchuk
By Falko
By Sergio de la Cruz
By Ulf Wendel
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Mark Leith, software development senior manager, Oracle, talks about the MySQL performance schema.
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In this four-day class, you'll learn practical, safe, highly efficient ways to optimize the performance of the MySQL database. You can take this class on demand, in a live virtual format, or in a classroom setting.

If you are a database developer who wants to create applications using MySQL, the MySQL for Developers course is for you. This course covers how to plan, design, and implement applications using the MySQL database with examples in Java and PHP.

The MySQL for Database Administrators course is for DBAs and other database professionals who want to install MySQL, set up replication and security, perform database backups and performance tuning, and protect MySQL databases.
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Receive the latest MySQL updates and interact with the MySQL community.
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Want to evaluate the advanced capabilities in MySQL Enterprise Edition? Download the MySQL Enterprise Edition trial.
Download MySQL Cluster
Download MySQL Workbench

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