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lunes, 18 de agosto de 2014

Oracle JAVA Developer NewLetter August 2014

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JavaOne is THE premier Java conference. You will learn everything about Java from worldrenowned speakers in core Java, Internet of Things, security, JVM languages, tools, cloud, Java EE and more. Register now
—Yolande Poirier, The Oracle Technology Network Team


This update release includes important security fixes and contains several enhancements and changes. Review the Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory for more information.

WebLogic 12.1.3 version comes with support for probably the most interesting Java EE 7 specifications. More information about Weblogic 12.1.3 and Coherence 12.1.3.

Download the Electric Power Research Institute's (EPRI) new report on transitioning to "Open Application Platforms" with Java.

Awarded in recognition of their efforts on and final achievement in building Java 8.

Here’s an exclusive opportunity to get top-notch Java training while you’re in San Francisco. Java University on Sunday September 28th is a great way to take accelerated Java training taught by experts. Now you can learn all about hot Java topics while in town for JavaOne!

For one week only, save 50% on NEW Java ebooks from O’Reilly Media.

Use CRC Press discount code KVM37 for a 30% discount off book purchases.

Save 20% on all new Oracle Press books related to Java.

Jump into Java Programming For Dummies and save up to 40%.

Apress is offering a 25% discount on IOUG Press titles.

Learn the new Java SE 8 features and enhancements and get an overview of Mission Control and Java Flight Recorder with the Java SE 8 New Features course from Oracle University.

The recent Java 7 update 65 contained an issue that prevents some Applet and Web Start applications from launching. As a result, we have released Java 7 update 67 to restore the functionality for affected users.

What are your favorite JavaOne topics? Whether you attend JavaOne or not, we want to hear from you. This survey will take you a couple of minutes. We will share the results next month!


JavaOne San Francisco, September 28- October 2. Join us at JavaOne for a weeklong deep dive in technical content. The JavaOne tracks this year are Clients and UI, Core Java Platform, Internet of Things, JVM Languages, Java and Security, Tools and Techniques, Server-Side Java, Java in the Cloud, Agile Development. Register today!
Virtual Technology Summits Online, replay. This three-session track will show you, the Java developer, how you can take advantage of the trends of Big Data, HTML5 and JavaScript, and the Internet of Things. Java Champions and Oracle experts will be on hand to answer your questions live. Join us for deep technical information and lots of code!
Java at Work: Industrial & Building Control Online, Replay. Learn about how the Internet of Things is transforming Industrial & Building Control Markets with John Sublett, CTO at Tridium.


Alternative Languages for the Java Virtual Machine A look at eight features from eight JVM languages.
Create The Future at JavaOne Java Magazine's profiles four JavaOne speakers...and tells you where to get your java fix.
Production-Time Profiling with Oracle Java Mission Control Low-overhead profiling and diagnostics for Java applications running on the JVM.
Performing 10 Routine Operations Using Different JVM Languages Venkat Subramaniam explores the unique capabilities of Groovy, Java, and Scala.
Avoiding Benchmarking Pitfalls on the JVM Use JMH to write useful benchmarks that produce accurate results.
JavaFX with Alternative Languages Alternative languages and custom APIs enable rapid JavaFX application development.
Java Gets Its Wings Russian research institute creates custom air traffic control system with NetBeans and Java.
Interactive Objects with BlueJ Visualization and interaction tools illustrate aspects of object-oriented programming.
Understanding Java JIT Compilation with JITWatch Ben Evans provides a primer
on JIT compilation in Java HotSpot VM.

Server-Side Deployment on the JVM JVM deployments with the server outside, inside, and alongside a web app.
Introduction to the Java Temporary Caching API Use a caching strategy without worrying about implementation details.
Spotlight on GlassFish 4.0.1 #2 Simplifying GF distributions: for Java EE , there are 2 types of distributions: Full Platform and Web Profile. Spotlight on GlassFish 4.0.1: #1 JDBC Realm.
Java EE and HTML5 Enterprise Application Development Oracle Product Manager John Brock discusses his new book--a concise and practical guide that outlines the tools and strategies for building next-generation enterprise applications.
New Raspberry Pi Model B+ Runs Java SE Embedded Apps Just Like Model B
Deep monitoring with JMX Learn how the Java Management eXtension (JMX) help monotoring an application on the CPU.
Using 3rd party JDBC Jar Files by Steve Felts 


Free Monthly Java Q&A Sessions with Adam Bien Every first Monday of the month, Java Champion and expert Adam Bien will take your real-time questions about software development, architecture, and Java EE, Java SE and JavaFX coding.
Podcast: NetBeans Podcast 70 Senior Product Group Manager Ashwin Rao discusses how NetBeans Surveys benefit the community. Ken Fogel, author of the "NetBeans in the Classroom" series, explains why NetBeans is an ideal teaching tool.
Video: Adam Bien's Sessions @ JavaOne 2014 Adam Bien talks about his sessions at JavaOne.
Video: JavaOne Interview with Kevin Nilson on IGNITE Interview with Java community leader Kevin Nilson on the new IGNITE evening talks at JavaOne 2014.
Video: David Blevins' Sessions @ JavaOne 2014 In this video, we interview David Blevins - key Java EE advocate, Java EE JCP expert, Apache OpenEJB/TomEE lead developer, speaker and blogger on his sessions.
Video: JVM Language Summit 2014 with John Rose JVM architect John Rose describes some new JVM projects and talks about JVM Language Summit that took place July 28-30, 2014.
Video: JavaFX with Gerrit Grunwald Java Champion, JavaFX community co-lead and JUG Leader Gerrit Grunwald explains what's going on with JavaFX.
Video: Java Security with James McGivern Learn from expert James McGivern, what to do to make your apps secure.
Video: It's YOUR Java Community Process JCP Program Manager Heather VanCura discusses the improvements to the Java Community Procress, all designed to get YOU involved.
Screencast: Oracle Coherence 12.1.3 topics include JCache Adapter, Asynchronous Processors, JVisualVM Plugin, Memcached Adapter.
Webcast on demand: Testing Java EE Applications on Oracle WebLogic Server Using Arquillian
Video: New JTA 12.1.3 Features and Optimization