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miércoles, 4 de junio de 2014

Mandriva Newflash

This week our newsletter is dedicated to the launch of the « IT Management Station »
Mandriva S.A, announces the world-wide availability of IT systems management solution on QNAP system Inc.NAS hardware.
The seamless, integrated and easy to use IT Management Station is a revolutionary out of the box solution that includes Mandriva’s IT systems management solution Pulse available on QNAP NAS hardware.
Discover the « Out of the box » IT Management Station powered by Mandriva Pulse
Save the date 18 June, 2014: Official Europe launch of the QNAP IT Management Stationpowered by Mandriva Pulse in Paris.

More details in our upcoming newsletter!
« Mandriva and QNAP want to offer all business and administrations the opportunity to take advantage of the best of its software and hardware reliability, scalability, security, and low IT administration costs. Mandriva's partnership with a leading NAS provider like QNAP is a demonstration of the global appeal for the Mandriva brand and its products. This agreement validates Mandriva's strategic investment in the field of enterprise that will be a growing market for Mandriva S.A.» said Jean- Manuel Croset CEO Mandriva S.A.
As the leading NAS hardware, QNAP welcomes this partnership with Mandriva as another step towards our growing ecosystem of enterprise solutions working directly from our hardware. This partnership with the French open source pioneers will definitely bring new innovations to our customer base.” explains Richard Lee, CEO QNAP Systems Inc.
"This product makes it easy for companies of all sizes to adopt IT system management solution. It helps to keep the TCO down for customers by pre-selecting and matching the right NAS profile and by cutting lot of on-site integration. It also reduce the lead time for deployment of IT system management solution by bringing a ready-to-use, pre-configured solution directly with the hardware." said Gaurav Parakh, Vice President, Business Development, Mandriva S.A.
With over 30,000 QNAP NAS machines to be rolled out globally each month, the IT Management Station is simply a click away on your QNAP machine desktop.
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