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miércoles, 25 de junio de 2014

July/August 2014 digital edition of Oracle Magazine is now available

Oracle Magazine
Your July/August 2014 digital edition of Oracle Magazine is now available
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Welcome to the July/August 2014 digital edition of Oracle Magazine.
This issue includes the usual mix of news, community, customer-focus, and technology stories, with a cover salute to SPARC—the servers and the chips that power them. The July/August 2014 issue of Oracle Magazine includes conversations with organizations that depend on SPARC T and M series servers, Oracle news, partner news, and still more in our continuing coverage of the event that is Oracle Database 12c, with technology articles that focus on top features in the new database release.

Here are some highlights from the July/August 2014 issue:

Cover Feature: Success on SPARC
Replace older and underperforming servers with newer and more efficient servers. Add a high-performance operating system and low-overhead virtualization technology that deliver new enterprise capacity and processing power to cost-cutting consolidation projects. Read how organizations are turning to the new generation of SPARC servers and the Oracle Solaris operating system for better business processes and a better bottom line.

Interview: Big Data Integration
As NoSQL technology evolves, Oracle NoSQL Database 3.0 gets more involved in big data strategies and deployments.

Ask Tom: On Table Updates and SQL Plan Baselines
Our technologist—Tom Kyte—updates tables quickly via CTAS and optimizes queries for evolution.

Manageability: Managing Expressly
Oracle ACE Director Arup Nanda demonstrates how to manage Oracle Database 12c with Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express.

PL/SQL: The Joy of Low-Hanging Fruit
PL/SQL evangelist Steven Feuerstein wants to know: Are you using BULK COLLECT and FORALL for bulk processing yet?
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Best Regards,
Tom Haunert
Editor in Chief
Oracle Magazine

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