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lunes, 2 de junio de 2014

New Option for Oracle Exadata Configuration Service: Remote Delivery

MAY 2014
New Option for Oracle
Exadata Configuration Service: 
Remote Delivery
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Advanced Customer Support Services (ACS) announces that Oracle Exadata Configuration Service available at Point of Sale (POS) has been recently enhanced with a remote configuration delivery option.  For the new remote delivery version of this service, the Oracle Field Service Engineer (FSE) will be local to the customer’s site and perform work necessary to enable the ACS Advanced Support Engineer (ASE) to remotely access the Exadata machine and perform the Oracle Exadata Configuration Service.  Oracle Exadata Configuration Service onsite delivery will continue to remain available.
Oracle Partners will now have two options for quoting the Oracle Exadata Configuration Service:
  1. Oracle Exadata Configuration Service:  Onsite delivery with T&E estimates; or
  2. Oracle Exadata Configuration Service:  Remote delivery without T&E estimates.  Oracle Standard System Installation service is mandatory for the remote delivery option.
Make sure your customer gets their Oracle Exadata configured properly from the start by quoting Oracle Standard System Installation and Oracle Exadata Configuration Services together.
Before quoting Oracle Exadata Configuration Service: Remote Delivery, you must verify the following with the customer:
  1. The desired configuration delivery method; and
  2. That they agree to remote connectivity by Oracle
IMPORTANT: Remote Connectivity
Oracle Exadata Configuration Service: Remote Delivery requires connectivity to Oracle for the ASE to perform the Oracle Exadata Configuration Service. For Oracle Platinum Services customers, ACS will use the Advanced Support Gateway for secure, remote connectivity. If the customer is not Platinum Services-certified, then ACS will use Oracle Web Conference or other tools to facilitate remote access.  If the customer does not allow remote connectivity, they must purchase Oracle Standard System Installation: Onsite Delivery AND Oracle Exadata Configuration: Onsite Delivery.
Oracle ACS Services enable customers to achieve seamless deployment of their new Oracle Exadata, helping to:
  • Accelerate production deployment and return on investment
  • Reduce downstream production risks and ensure operational readiness
  • Maximize the availability of their Oracle Exadata
Oracle Exadata Configuration Service: Remote delivery option helps customers:
  • Cost effectively deploy Oracle Exadata using secure, remote configuration services from Oracle
  • Reduce risk and cost with Oracle-proven delivery methodologies executed by skilled Oracle Advanced Support Engineers
  • Oracle Platinum Services customers
  • Price conscious customers concerned about travel and expense costs
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