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martes, 8 de abril de 2014

The Oracle ACE Program Newsletter April 2014

Oracle Technology Network
Oracle ACE Program Newsletter
By ACEs, For ACEsApril 2014
Oracle ACE Spotlight Dan Hotka, Oracle ACE DirectorDanHotka
Dan Hotka is an Oracle ACE Director and a Training Specialist who has over 36 years in the computer industry and over 30 years of experience with Oracle products. His experience with RDBMS dates back to the Oracle V4.0 days. Dan enjoys sharing his knowledge of Oracle. He has written 12 Oracle books and over 200 published articles. He is frequently published in Oracle trade journals, blogs, and speaks at Oracle conferences and user groups around the world.
Dan has enjoyed his vendor jobs over the years, his first one
trained him in both Oracle and Unix. As with many folks, Oracle Corp provided a great start to his career path. He still has the PC Oracle v4 three book doc set with its six 5 1/4 diskettes! He met fellow ACE Director Tim Gorman when working for Oracle Consulting in the early 1990's. Dan enjoys the travel that comes with his work. It has allowed him to explore many parts of the world where he met many interesting people along the way.
One of Dan's favorite hobbies is retoring cars (2 VW bugs and now an Isetta). He also spends time gardening, woodworking, doing home renovation projects on his 75 year old home, hanging out with his aging dad, and playing with his first grandchild! Dan has 3 adult children with his wife of 36 years. Life is good.
Oracle ACE Program News
Welcome New Oracle ACEs
Initiated March 2014
 Name LocationFocus
Rene AntunezOracle ACEMexicoDB
Uli BethkeOracle ACEIrelandBI
Stewart BrysonOracle ACEUnited StatesBI
Karen CannellOracle ACEUnited StatesDB
Jim CzuprynskiOracle ACEUnited StatesDB
Ric Van DykeOracle ACEUnited StatesDB
Maris ElsinsOracle ACELatviaApps
Anar GodjaevOracle ACEAzerbaijanDB
Doug GaultOracle ACEUnited StatesDB
John HurleyOracle ACEUnited StatesDB
Maxym KharchenkoOracle ACEUnited StatesDB
Vishal PathakOracle ACEAustraliaBI
Zoran PavlovicOracle ACESerbiaDB
Ronald Vargas QuesadaOracle ACECosta RicaDB
Manuel RosaOracle ACEPortugalOFM
Tsubasa TanakaOracle ACEJapanAMySQL
Congrats to our first group of Oracle ACE Associates! Thank you Oracle ACE and ACE Directors for all of your nominations. We value your input and appreciate your help with nominations. Keep them coming.
Collaborate 14, April 7-11, Las Vegas will be here in soon! If you haven't registered yet, there's still time. Don't miss out on the fun you will have networking and catching up with your peers throughout the week.
You are also invited to join us at the Oracle ACE dinner on Mon, Apr 7, 7:00 p.m. at Canaletto Ristorante. Please RSVP here if you haven't already done so.
Oracle OpenWorld | Sep 28-Oct 2, 2014 | San Francisco, CA
Submission Deadline: April 15
JavaOne | Sep 28-Oct 2, 2014 | San Francisco, CA
Submission DeadlineApril 15
OAUG Connection Point AppsTech | July 22-23, 2014 | Pittsburgh, PA
Submission Deadline: April 20
UKOUG Oracle Scene Magazine | Summer Edition
Submission deadline: April 11
A global network of billions of devices sharing data is opening up unprecedented business opportunities. How well positioned is your company to take advantage of this seismic shift? Join Oracle, our partners and customers on Thursday, April 24 to learn how turn the Internet of Things into real business value. Register now.
Check out this video showing a new extension to build a mobile app with local persistence, sync to data on the server, via a SOAP/REST service. The supporting details blog post can be read here.
Interested in Writing?
If you have the enthusiasm for communicating technical ideas and concepts, have a valuable experience or a technical skill that you're keen to share with readers, you should give serious consideration to authoring a book or becoming a technical reviewer. Please for more details.
Oracle ACE Watch
Java 8 is finally here and ready for download. If you missed the Java 8 launch last week, check it out on demand.
As ACE Director and Java Champion Markus Eisele points out, it's been a long wait for Java 8 - exactly 2 years, 7 months, and 18 days after the release of Java 7. Here is a brief overview about his personal highlights of this long journey.
Here's another celebratory blog post by ACE Director Lucas Jellema on his thoughts around the general availability of Java 8.
Last but not least, Manning Publications created a Java 8 video about"First-class functions in Java 8". There is also a standing 38% discount code which is valid for all eBooks, pBooks and MEAPs. Enter code: vturma01 at checkout.
You still have time to create APEX themes and have them viewed by the entire international APEX community. ACE Director Martin D'Souza and Oracle ACE Christian Rokitta will be part of the judging panel. The winner will be crowned 2014 ODTUG APEX Theme Developer of the Year during the Kscope conference, June 22-26. Submission deadline May 15th. Learn more here.
OTN: Using COMSTAR and ZFS to Configure a Virtualized Storage Environment, written by Oracle ACE Alexandre Borges (in Spanish)
OTN: Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Seguridad a nivel de ASM y de Base de Datos (Parte 1) (Part 2) (Part 3), co-authored by Oracle ACE Deiby Gómez Robles (in Spanish)
OTN: Recomendaciones de administración de Oracle SOA Suite 11G. Parte 2 de 2, written by Oracle ACE Rolando Carasco (in Spanish)
OTN: Oracle 12c y Hadoop para mejor almacenamiento y procesamiento de datos, written by Oracle ACE Wissem El Khlifi (in Spanish)
OTN: Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Segurança a nível de ASM e de Banco de Dados (Parte 1) (Part 2) (Part 3), co-authored by Oracle ACEs Deiby Gómez Robles and David Siqueira (in Portuguese)
OTN: Oracle Exadata Database Machine: "Write-Back Flash Cache"co-authored by Oracle ACEs Deiby Gómez Robles and David Siqueira (in Portuguese)
Real Time BI with ACE Directors Stewart Bryson and Kevin McGinley. Episode 18 - This is Part 2 of their conversation with Oracle ACE Uli Bethke from Sonra and Alex Shlepakov from Accenture. They continue discussing all things ODI, including the new version 12c, comparisons to other ETL tools, ODI in the BI Applications, and integration with the world of Hadoop. View Part 1.
OTN Community Video Interview with Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema, solution architect and CTO at AMIS Sercvices, and Oracle Applications User Experience VP Jeremy Ashley where they discuss the evolution of User Experience.
New series of video tutorials brought to you by ACE Director Randolf Geist on the topic of "Analysing Parallel Execution Skew". The initial part of the series is a brief introduction into the topic and here's a supporting blog post
Oracle ACE Ami Aharonovich provides the transcript of his Q&A from the Oracle Database 12c SQL and PL/SQL new features webinar.
This post written by ACE Director Andrejus Baranovskis provides a general method on Improving and tuning ADF applications performance.
Oracle Data Guard can switchover between Primary database and Physical Standby database from the command line and then from OEM12c. Read more in Oracle ACE Bobby Curtis' blog. In a different post, Bobby provides insight into how using DCLI can help run commands across all the nodes of the Exadata.
XREF on a Text Member in Planning 
This post written by Oracle ACE Celvin Kattookaran talks about how to perform an XREF on a text measure.
Recurring Conversations – Incremental Statistics

Doug Burns, ACE Director, writes about a few forgotten fundamentals of using Oracle 11g Incremental Global Stats that can cause confusion the first time you try to use them. Part 1Part 2Part 3.
Read this post written by ACE Director Jonathan Lewis on why a typical database implementation may fail in less than 4 years.
Jonathan also provides part 1 in a series of interpreting Execution Plans.
Yes, that is true, but ACE Director Julien Dontcheff also shares other factors on why the DBA profession falls on top of the lists of hiring and salary surveys.
Live from the 1st Annual World Wide Data Vault Consortium

ACE Director Kent Graziano had the priviledge of speaking at the 1st annual world wide Data Vault Consortium. Here's his daily wrap of the 3-day event. Day 1Day 2, Day 3.
Oracle EBusiness Suite R12 is one of the globally used ERP systems

Oracle ACE Lakshmi Sampath describes the steps involved in setting up UMX Role based Access control (RBAC) to allow viewing other user's request in R12.
Live Blog – Oracle & AMIS User Experience Event
Live blog covering the User Experience day organized jointly by Oracle Applications User Experience team and AMIS, ACE Director Lucas Jellema. Check out the slides from the event.
A minor update 4.01 to the XPLAN_ASH utility is available for download here in ACE Director Randolf Geist's blog.
Dynamic Resource Mastering in 12c
In his blog, Riyaj Shamsudeen talks about new features in RAC and dynamic remastering and discussed important differences between 11g and 12c database versions. In a separate post, he shares the guiding principles while diagnosing performance issues in a RAC database.
Oracle Business Rules (in Spanish)
Using Oracle Business Rules is rules-oriented to express in a very simple pattern. This post written by Oracle ACE Rolando Carrasco provides an overview of how to represent the rules and how to use them.
This post written by Oracle ACE Chris Foot provides a detailed description of the Root Cause Corrective Action process and associated documentation for commonly found issues.
Oracle ACE Out and About
  • Speaking at Collaborate14 (Apr 2014)
    Over 65 Oracle ACE and ACE Directors
  • Speaking at OUGN (Apr 2014)
    Martin Bach - ACE Director, DB
    Doug Burns - ACE Director, DB
    Lonneke Dikmans - ACE Director, OFM
    Markus Eisele - ACE Director - OFM, Java
    Tim Gorman - ACE Director, DB
    Tim Hall - ACE DIrector, DB
    Roel Hartman - ACE Director, DB
    Heli Helskyaho - ACE Director, DB
    Debra Lilley - ACE Director, Apps
    Connor McDonald - ACE Director, DB
    Martin Nash - Oracle ACE, DB
    Kellyn Pot'Vin - ACE Director, DB
    Mark Rittman - ACE Director, BI
    Brendan Tierney - ACE Director, BI
    Jim Czuprynski - ACE Director, DB
    Cary Millsap - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at SOUG (Apr 2014)
    Christian Antognini - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at UKOUG Availability Infrastructure & Mgmt SIG(Apr 2014)
    Jason Arneil - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at EMEA Partner Community Forum (Apr 2014)
    Julian Dontcheff - ACE Director, DB
    James Anthony - Oracle ACE, DB
    Andreas Chatziantoniou - Oracle ACE, OFM
  • Speaking at Enterprise Data World (Apr 2014)
    Kent Graziano - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at EMEA PeopleSoft Roadshow (Apr 2014)
    Graham Smith - ACE Director, Apps
  • Speaking at OAUG Connection Point (Apr 2014)
    Barbara Matthews - Oracle ACE, Apps
  • Speaking at TROUG BI&DW SIG (Apr 2014)
    Gurcan Orhan (+organizer) - ACE Director, DB
    Gökhan Atil - Oracle ACE, DB
    Zekeriya Besiroglu - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at DevNation (Apr 2014)
    Markus Eisele - ACE Director, OFM/Java
  • Speaking at MySQL Japan UG (Apr 2014)
    Ronald Bradford - ACE Director, MySQL
  • Speaking at COUG (Apr 2014)
    Martin D'Souza - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at Hyperion/BI Solutions SE Conference (Apr 2014)
    Glenn Schwartzberg - ACE Director, BI
  • Speaking at Heartland OUG (Apr 2014)
    Susan Behn - Oracle ACE, Apps
    Dan Hotka - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at AOUG (Apr 2014) (May 2014)
    Christian Pfundtner - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at Jax Day (May 2014)
    Torsten Winterberg - ACE Director, OFM
    Adam Bien - ACE Director, OFM/Java|
  • Speaking at DOAG ExaDay (May 2014)
    Andreas Chatziantoniou - Oracle ACE, DB
    Bjoern Broehl - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at SROUG (May 2014)
    Dan Morgan - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at Paris Oracle Meetup (May 2014)
    Christian Antognini - ACE Director, DB
Architect Corner
This OTN ArchBeat Podcast virtual discussion panel is part 2 of how Oracle Database fits into a Big Data Architecture, and shares insight on one of the more persistent problems in technology adoption. The panel includes Oracle ACE Director and Hadoop expert Gwen Shapira and Oracle Big Data Handbook authors. Listen to part 1.
Upcoming Events
  • OUGNApr 3-5, 2014 | Oslo, Norway
  • Collaborate14Apr 7-11, 2014 | Las Vegas, NV
  • COUGApr 17, 2014 | Calgary, Canada
  • Heartland OUG Apr 24, 2014 | Omaha, NE
  • JAX Day May 12-16, 2014 | Mainz, Germany
  • SROUGMay 28-30, 2014 | Arandelovac, Serbia
  • OUGFJune 5-6, 2014 | Espoo, Finland
  • Kscope14June 22-26, 2014 | Seattle, WA

    For a list of all upcoming Oracle events, click here.
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