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lunes, 7 de abril de 2014

Sysadmin and Systems Developer Newsletter March 2014

Sysadmin and Systems Developer Newsletter

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The Beta Program for Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 just began. Download the software for free, find the resources to help you try out its latest features, and participate in the forum set up for the beta program. We'd love to get your feedback. More info on the OTN Garage Blog. And don't forget to take our 10-second poll at the bottom of the page! Your answers really help.


by Oracle ACE Alexandre Borges
Alexandre Borges walks you through the steps to configure the Common Multiprotocol SCSI TARget (COMSTAR) capability in Oracle Solaris 11 to provide local iSCSI storage to Windows, Linux, and Mac clients.
by Darryl Gove
The problem can occur when an application wants to load a value that it has just stored in memory. Read After Write (RAW) operations are common, so most chips are designed with hardware that makes that happen fast. But in some cases, you can write code that stumps the hardware. And so it stalls. Darryl Gove describes exactly how this happens and how you can identify, fix, and avoid code that causes it
by Alta Elstad
If you use the Image Packaging System (IPS) in Oracle Solaris 11 to uninstall all packaged content from a directory, it also removes the directory. Not good if you also kinda sorta loaded unpackaged content into that directory. Alta Elstad shows you how to avoid this problem.


Migrating from IBM AIX/Power to Oracle Solaris/SPARC -A variety of resources to help you understand what's involved in migrating to Oracle Solaris/SPARC systems from IBM AIX/Power systems, including technical articles, labs, and training.
Hands-On Lab: Solaris Administration for AIX Sysadmins - Walks an AIX sysadmin through the basic administration of Oracle Solaris 11 and how it compares to IBM AIX Enterprise in areas including installation, software packaging, file systems, user management, services, networking, and virtualization. Even makes helps you navigate your way through documentation, man pages, and online how-to articles.
Book Review: A Simple Way to Become Familar with Oracle VM VirtualBox - Pradyumma Dash provides just the information you need to start using VirtualBox, and keeps out the information you don't. Understanding its architecture, how to install it on Linux, how to play with VM's, how to use virtual networking and virtual storage, and more.


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