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viernes, 4 de abril de 2014

Don't miss the announcement of Solaris 11.2

Don't miss the announcement of Solaris 11.2
By MarkusFlierl-Oracle on Apr 04, 2014

It's very hard to find time for writing a blog these days: I've been quite busy working with my team on getting the final features into Solaris 11.2, making sure that we address any remaining critical defects while getting ready for the announcement of Solaris 11.2 in NYC on April 29. I find the latter particularly hard: Trying to squeeze all of the new capabilities of Solaris 11.2 into a 45 min preso feels like trying to squeeze four elephants into a VW Beetle. The current plan for April 29 is to start by ringing the bell and open up the stock market in the morning followed by the announcement event after lunch at the Metropolitan Pavilion on 639 W. 46th Street.

Solaris 11.2 is a huge step function: We are introducing a number number of key differentiators into Solaris. With kernel zones are taking our zero overhead virtualization to the next level, we are introducing industry-leading Network Virtualization and SDN functionality with full-fledged distributed switching capabilities and application-driven SLAs. We are introducing next-generation Life Cycle Management that simplifies and automates VM provisioning while at the same time providing maximum security and compliance. Not to mention all of the additional integration with the Oracle database, the middleware and Java.

On top of all of that we have a full distro of OpenStack included with Solaris through which we expose all of the underlying capabilities of Solaris: Horizon, Nova, Neutron, Cinder, Glance, Keystone etc. are part of Solaris 11.2. By bringing together the best of OpenStack and Solaris we are enabling customers to set up a full-fledged OpenStack based IaaS infrastructure within minutes. I'm very proud of what my team has delivered over the last couple of years! More to come...

Don't miss it!