lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2014

Congratulations to my friend Deiby Gómez For your goals in this 2014

My goals accomplished in the year 2014.
- I became the President of the Oracle User Group Guatemala
- I was in the Universidad de San Carlos Chess Team in Nicaragua and our team got the Gold Medal.
- I got my First Oracle Conference in Nicaragua in UNAN-Managua
- I was in OTN Brazil and finally I met my good friends Rodrigo Mufalani,Alex Zaballa, David Siqueira, Eduardo Legatti and Eduardo Hahn (Sorry if I forgot someone).
- I came back to Costa Rica.
- I heard a rumor: I am the youngest ACE in the world (I got it when I was 23 years old). So far anyone has said this is not true 
- I met the legendary Francisco Munoz Alvarez in Brazil.
- I enjoyed Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro. Thanks Eduardo Hahn.
- I joined the Company which has the top 5% of talent in the world: Pythian
- I Enjoyed to be in Ottawa, Canada and I made a very good friendFabiano Neves (he works with MS SQL Servers, but anyways he is my friend)
- I organised OTN Tour 2014 in my Country Guatemala and it was completely successful, the event was published in "Prensa Libre". and I was a Speaker in Sao Paolo Brazil and El Salvador.
- I was in Chicago, US. in Oracle University and I made (guess what) more friends from Brazil! Carlos Anibal Amaral De Carvalho
- I became at the first OCP 12c in Latin America (February 12, 2014).
- I created Oraworld-team with my co-authors YV RaviKumar Ocm (India),Nassyam Basha (India), Mohamed Houri (France) , Alex Z. and David S (both Brazil).
- I was the First Guatemalan to appear in the Official and famous Oracle Magazine
- And..... A lot of articles published in Toad, Oracle Mania, Oracle OTN (Spanish, English, Portuguese) and my own
- A lot of conferences in many universities in Guatemala (USAC, Mariano Galvez and Galileo).
- Webinars for Latin America thorough Oracle Mania and LAOUC - Latin American Oracle Users Group Community
- I was accepted in Collaborate15 in Las Vegas, US. (This will be my first time as a Speaker in US).
- I received many Oracle Books directly from the Authors (What a such honour)
- I was accepted as a Speaker in New Zealand in November, because of I was sick I could't go.
Thanks to all my supporters, to my dear nominators: Debra LilleyKai Yu, Francisco Muñoz, Gurcan O., Gustavo Gonzalez and so on.
Thanks to my dear co-authors: Nassyam Basha, Ravi, Alex, David and Mohamed.
Thanks to the committee of Guatemalan OUG: Pablo TumJulio Ayapanand Anibal Garcia.
thanks to all my friends!!!

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