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miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2014

Oracle Information InDepth DATABASE INSIDER EDITION ( Take a look back at 2014 )

Oracle Information InDepth
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December 2014

2014 in Review: A Busy Year for the Oracle Database Development Team
For more than three decades, Oracle has helped customers simplify IT and power innovation. Take a look back at 2014 in review—and yet another year of Oracle Database innovation.

April 2014
Oracle Announces Oracle NoSQL Database 3.0
The latest version of Oracle’s distributed key-value database simplifies the development of next-generation applications while enabling greater security and availability for real-time, web-scale workloads.

Oracle Continues Oracle Cloud Expansion with New Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service and Oracle Storage Cloud
Two new cloud services provide a simple, scalable, and low-cost cloud-based backup solution, plus a secure, scalable, and reliable object storage solution for effortlessly storing, accessing, and managing data in the cloud.

May 2014
Oracle Introduces MySQL Fabric, Simplifying High Availability and Scalability with MySQL
This new, open-source framework for managing farms of MySQL servers delivers both high availability—via failure detection and failover—and scalability through automated data sharding.

June 2014
Oracle Launches Oracle Database In-Memory
Oracle Database In-Memory improves performance by orders of magnitude for analytics, data warehousing, and reporting while also speeding up online transaction processing (OLTP). Any existing Oracle Database-compatible application can automatically and transparently take advantage of columnar in-memory processing, with no additional programming or application changes.

July 2014
Oracle Extends Its Big Data Portfolio with Oracle Big Data SQL
New SQL-based software seamlessly integrates data across Hadoop, NoSQL, and Oracle Database, simplifying access to all data while enabling organizations to leverage enterprise-grade data security as well as existing SQL skills.

New Oracle Exadata Database Machine Optimized for Large-Scale In-Memory and Database Cloud Workloads Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4-8 includes increased compute, memory, and communication power to provide an ideal platform for critical, data-intensive operations, including data warehousing, OLTP, and big data analytics.

August 2014
Oracle Customers Secure Critical Encryption Keys with Oracle Key Vault
The latest addition to the Oracle Database security portfolio provides secure, centralized management of encryption keys and credential files in the data center, including Oracle wallet files, Java KeyStores, Kerberos keytab files, SSH key files, and SSL certificate files.

September 2014
Oracle Reinvents Database Protection with Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
This breakthrough appliance enables centralized, incremental forever backup for hundreds to thousands of databases via cloud-scale, fully fault-tolerant hardware and storage. It provides subsecond recovery point objectives and continuously validates backups for assured recoverability.

"With each new computing era, from client/server to the internet, and now cloud and big data, Oracle strives to ensure sure that customers can easily use their investments in Oracle Database to take advantage of the latest advancements in IT," says Vice President of Oracle Database product management Willie Hardie.

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