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jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014


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February 2014

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An update to the Oracle VM cost calculator enables cost comparisons of Oracle VM with Oracle Linux against VMware vSphere with Red Had Enterprise Linux. Take a tour of the new calculator to see how much more you can save with Oracle VM and Oracle Linux.
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Wednesday, February 26, 9:00 a.m. PT
Data Intensity is an Oracle Platinum Partner and a leader in the deployment and management of enterprise applications and database technologies, including remote managed services and private cloud infrastructures. In this webcast, hear best practices and tips from a Data Intensity Oracle VM architect for successful deployment of Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c in a private cloud environment.
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Oracle VM server virtualization is designed for enterprise deployments and optimized for Oracle Applications. Watch the video to learn how Oracle VM is best suited for deployments of enterprise applications and the most cost-effective for Oracle Applications.
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For the latest thoughts from Oracle Senior Vice President of Linux and Virtualization Wim Coekaerts, read this Oracle Magazine interview on the state of virtualization, from applications to consolidation, to engineered systems.
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Oracle Senior Director of Product Marketing Monica Kumar discusses the drivers behind the rise of ready-made IT in 2014 on
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When a crew of Earth's top engineers sets its sights on the mysterious cloud planet, their journey tests the limits of technology, tenacity, and human ingenuity. Join them on their voyage by attending an exclusive screening of Oracle's sci-fi action adventure movie, Cloud Odyssey—A Hero's Quest. Along the way, you will learn how to build private clouds that are agile, scalable, and with sharable infrastructure that enable IT organizations to achieve their most far-reaching goals.
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In addition to the demo videos produced by the Oracle VM team, Oracle VM fans from different parts of Oracle also create videos that contain excellent information. IT Architect Steen Schmidt is one of those video producers, and he has been busy building informative Oracle VM videos.
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Oracle's Virtual Sysadmin Day offers a fantastic opportunity to ramp up your knowledge of Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and Oracle Solaris. In this online event, learn how to deploy and manage a private cloud with Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, and virtualize Oracle Database in minutes using Oracle VM Templates.
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Traditional server virtualization that provides simple server consolidation delivers limited benefits to IT. The demands of cloud computing and complex, business-critical enterprise applications require that virtualization be application-driven, built-in, and integrated across all layers of the computing stack. Read the latest Oracle VM e-book and see how application-driven virtualization enables IT to deliver more business value.
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How can you get access to Windows, Oracle Solaris, and Oracle Linux desktop applications from a single device? What will it take to access Oracle Applications and other desktop software from your tablet? And how can you keep your data secure? Oracle Secure Global Desktop can provide you with the tools you need to solve all of these problems.
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Get a deep dive into best practices and guidelines for naming networks in Oracle VM Server for x86, which can enable you to reduce errors as well as simplify maintenance and troubleshooting.
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An independent lab validation report from Francisco Munoz Alvarez of Revera compares Oracle VM to a leading virtualization solution and concludes, "Oracle VM is best for Oracle Database" in all performance categories.
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Stay current with the latest news, technology, and strategy for Oracle’s virtualization solutions.


Using Oracle VM, Oracle Linux, and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c as the foundation for its consolidated infrastructure, KT is able to deploy cloud services and save on IT and staff costs.

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ASUS successfully completed hardware qualification on Oracle Linux and Oracle VM.
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By supporting many applications, platforms, devices, and hardware—from the ground to the cloud—including Oracle Linux and Oracle VM, Tenable offers customers the broadest, most complete protection available.
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New adapters increase server virtualization density, connect hybrid clouds with virtual network fabrics, enable SDN with open APIs, and optimize application delivery.
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