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jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

Achieve Continuous Database Availability with Active-Active Replication by IOUG and Dell

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  • Group: IOUG – Independent Oracle Users Group
  • Subject: FYI: High Availability Webinar Today @ 12 CT
Hello IOUG LinkedIn Group Member!

Today at Noon Central, IOUG and Dell are teaming up to host a webinar on High Availability, entitled: 'Achieve Continuous Database Availability with Active-Active Replication,' ( ).

If you're available at that time, or consider yourself a lunch multi-tasker, sign up and check it out!

You’ll learn simple methods to:
• Leverage Oracle data replication to reduce or eliminate planned and unplanned system outages and control high system load.
• Implement an effective and proven data replication strategy that ensures system and application availability.
• And more!

Plus, you’ll hear from a Fortune 100 company that uses this practice in their data centers on each end of the United States to avoid disruption and achieve continuous operations by converging their high availability and disaster recovery practices.

Here is the registration link:

Posted By Dan McDonnell