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martes, 18 de febrero de 2014

Oracle Database Appliance Manager 2.9 release is now available on MOS.

Announcement: Oracle Database Appliance 2.9 now available

Oracle Database Appliance Manager 2.9 release is now available on MOS.

This 2.9 release includes:
  • January 2014 PSU of RDBMS – and
  • Import of http based templates on ODA_BASE
  • Send Key support to the VM
  • Additional hardware  monitoring on X3-2 and X4-2.
  • Out-of-place update Grid Infrastructure from to
  • Oracle Database Patch Set Update (PSU) and
  • Improved VM stack - better module level logging (TINT ID), better exception handling in oakd, mutithreading of XML rpc agent, multithreading oakd adapter, to allow parallel VM commands.
The documentation will be refreshed shortly.