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lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2015

Oracle ACE Program Newsletter September 2015

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The Oracle ACE Program
Newsletter | September 2015
Oracle ACE AssociateOracle ACE Spotlight
Jan Karremans
Oracle ACE Associate
Jan Karremans
Since 1994, Jan has been active as an Oracle DBA with the primary focus on leveraging the Standard Edition Oracle Database. He has worked with database versions 7 through 11 on a variety of platforms. Sharing the philosophy of the Real World Performance Group, Jan maximizes system performance by addressing root causes. These causes range from data design to database and system implementation.

In recent years, Jan fulfilled the role of operations manager. In this role, Jan was responsible for designing, implementing and guiding operational processes. He ensured timely and successful production and delivery of software updates for mission critical systems in Dutch rehabilitation healthcare, introducing workflow management and accompanying systems to streamline the organizational procedures.

After becoming an independent consultant, Jan focuses on the usage of Oracle core technology products in a real world setting. Both the administrative and the development aspect of Oracle technology still play a key role in his day-to-day activities.

Both in Jan’s professional and personal life, Oracle plays an important role. As an active member of the Oracle community, he invests a lot of time in developing initiatives, such as the Call for Papers page, to support the sharing of knowledge and the passion for all things Oracle.

In his limited remaining time, Jan likes to practice a few, more mechanical hobbies such as riding his Honda Super Magna motorcycle. Living in the east of the Netherlands, near the German border, the winding dikes as well as the curvy mountain roads are close by to enjoy.

Is there someone you want to see highlighted in the Oracle ACE Spotlight? Send your vote to Jennifer Nicholson.
 Oracle ACE Program News
Congratulate New Oracle ACEs!
Oracle Ace DirectorLuis WeirMWUnited Kingdom
Oracle Ace DirectorAlex ZaballaDBBrazil
Oracle AceMahir M. QuluzadeDBAzerbaijan
Oracle Ace AssociateTim St. HilaireDB Apps DevUnited States
Oracle Ace AssociateEmad Mohammed AlmousaDBSaudi Arabia
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Arrow Bullet Icon Oracle Community Tips & Tricks for ACEs

Oracle Community news blog
We are now posting key information about Oracle Community -- including scheduled outages, known issues, and upgrade announcements -- to a dedicated blog on Oracle Community. For instructions on how to subscribe and stay in the loop on all important community news, see this post.

Arrow Bullet Icon  Register now for OTN’s NEW Virtual Technology Summit – September 16, 2015 

It’s all about the Cloud! Hear from Oracle ACEs, Java Champions and Oracle Product Experts, as they share their insights and expertise through Hands-on-Labs, highly technical presentations and demos that enable you to master the skills you need to meet today’s IT challenges. Chat live with experts and ask your questions as you attend sessions.

Arrow Bullet Icon Interested in doing a 2MTT at Oracle OpenWorld? 

Once again at Oracle OpenWorld, OTN's Bob Rhubart will be recording "2 Minute Tech Tip" videos in the OTN Lounge, located in the lobby of Moscone South. These videos challenge experts to present a useful technical tip in two minutes or less. Members of the Oracle ACE program have participated in half of the more than 90 videos already recorded over that past year, and he encourages ACE program members to sign up to record tips at this year's event. Click here for more information, or contact to schedule your tip.
 Oracle ACE Watch
Arrow Bullet IconNoCOUG Journal: Raiders of the Data Dictionary – Part II (page13), The Curse of the Buffer Cache, by Oracle ACE Lothar Flatz
Arrow Bullet IconNoCOUG Journal: Many Things Oracle (page 17), by Oracle ACE Director Biju Thomas
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: Optimizando Oracle BI Analytics con la opción Oracle 12c: In-Memory Database (Parte I), by Oracle ACE Directors Kai Yu and Joel Perez
Arrow Bullet IconCustomizing 'Standard' Oracle Supplied Compliance Rules in 12c OEM, by Oracle ACE Associate Philip Brown
Arrow Bullet IconThe Real Future of Oracle Forms - Not the Demise!, by Oracle ACE Director Mia Urman
Mia's response to the recent stir on LinkedIn started by Simon Greenwood's post claiming that Forms have no future past 11g and therefore are rapidly becoming irrelevant and should be replaced with Apex. Mia's post addresses various points in support of Forms and Oracle's commitment to its future.
Arrow Bullet IconWrite Less with More – Part 1 (SQL*Loader Express Mode), by Oracle ACE Associate Oren Nakdimon
Arrow Bullet IconDataGuard Broker Properties Part I: Imported Parameters, by Oracle ACE Franck Pachot
Arrow Bullet IconRounding Amounts, the Missing Cent: with the MODEL Clause, by Oracle ACE Director Alex Nuijten
Arrow Bullet IconReview of OTN TOUR Latin America 2015 - Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, by Oracle ACE Director Alex Zaballa
Arrow Bullet IconOracle Standard Cluster: New Location / Name for Alert Log, by Oracle ACE Associate Anju Garg
Arrow Bullet IconManaging ORE in-database Data Stores using SQL, by Oracle ACE Director Brendan Tierney
Arrow Bullet IconPDB Subset Cloning from a Remote Non-CDB, by Oracle ACE Deiby Gomez
Arrow Bullet IconData Recovery when Issue “delete, truncate, drop” Without Backup in Chinese, by Oracle ACE Associate Jianrong Yang
Arrow Bullet IconDemo Data, by Oracle ACE Director Jonathan Lewis. An example of how to do some simple, fast, but consistent, data masking using basic SQL.
Arrow Bullet IconSuppress Approval Controls from BPM Workspace 12c - Hidden Feature, by Oracle ACE Director Antonis Antoniou
Arrow Bullet IconIs the Migration Database Slower?, by Oracle ACE Lothar Flatz
Arrow Bullet IconFasten Your Seat Belts: Flying the Oracle Development Cloud Service, by Oracle ACE Director Timo Hahn
Arrow Bullet IconMy Feedback After Upgrading EM12c to, by Oracle ACE Ludovico Caldara
Arrow Bullet IconOracle SQL Developer Data Modeler for Database Design Mastery – 20% off Exclusively for Oracle ACE Members!
In this practical guide, Oracle ACE Director Heli Helskyaho explains the process of database design using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler—the powerful, free tool that flawlessly supports Oracle and other database environments, including Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2.
You can read a sample chapter here.
Arrow Bullet IconOracle Exadata Expert's Handbook - 37% Discount!
Publisher Pearson/Addison-Wesley Professional is offering Oracle ACE members a 37% discount off Oracle ACE Director Tariq Farooq's new book, "Oracle Exadata Expert's Handbook." To obtain a discount on either the print or eBook version, enter codeACE37 during checkout:
If you'd first like to learn more, here's a complimentary sample chapter, "The Secret Sauce: Exadata Storage Cells."
Arrow Bullet IconExpert Oracle Application Express
Expert Oracle Application Express, 2nd Edition is a compendium of best-practices and effective development techniques from the leading experts in the field, and is newly updated for APEX 5.0.
By Oracle ACE Director Doug Gault, Oracle ACE Director Denes Kubicek, Oracle ACEFrancis Mignault, Oracle ACE Director Roel Hartman, Oracle ACE Raj Mattamal, Oracle ACE Jorge Rimblas, Oracle ACE Director Martin D'Souza, Oracle ACE AssociateChristoph Ruepprich, Oracle ACE Director Dimitri Gielis, Oracle ACE Associate Karen Cannell, and Oracle ACE Director John Scott.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: 12 More Things About Oracle Database 12c at Oracle OpenWorld 2015
On Sunday October 25, 2015, the EMEA Oracle Usergroup Community (EOUC) presents Twelve More Things About Oracle Database 12c as part User Group Sunday at OpenWorld 2015 in San Francisco, October 25–29, 2015. In this 2 Minute Tech Tip, Oracle ACE Director Debra Lilley, Vice President of Cloud Solutions at Certus Solutions, shares information on this special set of mini-sessions presented by other members of the Oracle ACE program, including Alex Nuijten, Bjoern Rost, Brendan Tierney, Christian Antognini, Douwe Pieter van den Bos, Gurcan Orhan, Heli Helskyaho, Jonathan Lewis, Julian Dontcheff, Martin Widlake, Oded Raz, and Osama Mustafa.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: OTN Tour México 2015 Interview René Antunez (ACE) and Arturo Viveros (ACE Associate) are coordinators of the Oracle User Group in Mexico and they share the activities that are taking place in their group and interacting with other groups in Latin America.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: Oracle Database 12c, Novas Caracteristicas Para DBAs y Desenvolvedores, Oracle ACE Director Alex Zaballa
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: 2MTT Programming Languages for the Raspberry Pi | with Oracle ACE Director Lonneke Dikmans
The Raspberry Pi plays a significant role in the exploration and experimentation happening around the Internet of Things (IoT). In this tech tip Oracle ACE Director Lonneke Dikmans, an enterprise architect and managing partner at eProseed in the Netherlands, takes you on a two minute journey into the programming languages available for the Raspberry Pi so you can get in on the fun.
 Oracle ACEs Out and About
Nordic ACE Tour Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo
and Stockholm | September 14-18, 2015
Oracle Ace DirectorJim Czuprynski – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorJulian Dontcheff – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorRonald van Luttikhuizen – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorSten Vesterli – Oracle ACE Director
Infratects Top Gun 2015 US Conference Plano, TX | September 17-18, 2015
Oracle AceJohn Booth – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorStewart Bryson – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorCameron Lackpour – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorKevin McGinley – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorTim Tow – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace AssociateJake Turrell – Oracle ACE Associate
RAC Attack! 12c Geneva | September 17, 2015
Oracle AceLudovico Caldara – Oracle ACE
COUG Meeting Schaumburg,
IL | September 17, 2015
Oracle Ace DirectorTim Gorman – Oracle ACE Director
NEOOUG MeetingIndependence, OH | September 18, 2015
Oracle Ace DirectorJohn King – Oracle ACE Director
DOAG Oracle Database Cloning Leipzig | September 21, 2015
Oracle AceJohannes Ahrends – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorChristian Trieb – Oracle ACE Director
2015 East Coast Oracle
Users Conference
NC | September 22-23, 2015
Oracle AceMichael Abbey – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceMichael Ault – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceZeeshan Baig – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceEric Benner – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceKaren Brownfield – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceBill Dunham – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorKent Graziano – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorEric Helmer – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorDan Hotka – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceKyle Hailey – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorDan Morgan – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorCary Millsap – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorKerry Osborne – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace AssociateSimon Pane – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle AceChristian Screen – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceCarlos Sierra – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorScott Spendolini – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorBiju Thomas – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceRic Van Dyke – Oracle ACE
DOAG Nuremberg, Germany | November 17-20, 2015
Oracle AceAmi Aharonovich – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceJohannes Ahrends – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorChristian Antognini – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceGokhan Atil – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorMartin Bach – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceSven Bernhardt – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceAndreas Chatziantoniou – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorLonneke Dikmans – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceBertrand Drouvot – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceMarc Fielding – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace AssociatePhilippe Fierens – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle Ace DirectorDr. Holger Friedrich – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceLothar Flatz – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorRandolf Geist – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceUlrich Gerkmann-Bartels – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorTimo Hahn – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceKyle Hailey – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorSimon Haslam – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorHeli Helskyaho – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorFrits Hoogland – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace AssociateJan Karremans – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle AceMartin Klier – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace AssociateStefan Koehler – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle Ace DirectorAndreas Koop – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorDenes Kubicek – Oracle ACE Director

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