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lunes, 8 de junio de 2015

Pipeliner CRM, June, 2015

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Our contributors (and our own team) have been sharing some great sales and CRM advice! A few that you might find useful:
That’s right — we’ve put together a great free resource for you. Four seasoned attendees (Barbara Giamanco, Peri Shawn, Joanne Black, and Chad Porter) share their top techniques and tips for getting the most out of any in-person event. Go into Conference Season prepared!

With Marketing providing air over for salespeople on the ground, closed deals rates are likely to improve. With Bill's list of what salespeople need to know about Marketing, the partnership is more likely to flourish.

Catherine is a stylist and coach, but her advice goes deeper than just the tangible clothing a salesperson wears.

Understanding social listening is the first step toward knowing how to engage a potential client early in their selling process. Tony Hughes' 6-part series starts with knowing what you're listening for.

When a deal is lost, turn the pain into information to use in the future. Eliminate guesswork by getting the story directly from the client.

S. Sterling has made quantifiable improvements since they started using Pipeliner CRM. In fact, after 15 minutes of tweaks to their sales process, they have the sales team humming along smoothly!

Market leading companies are constantly examining what skills are needed in the new market reality. Time management and the tools to make it happen are an under-emphasized piece of the puzzle.

We now partner with RingLead, and their product Capture. With Capture you can easily import contacts from LinkedIn into Pipeliner CRM. This step-by-step tutorial shows you how.

A fun find this week from Popular Mechanics. Check out how Eddie Van Halen Hacks a Guitar. The guitar god is also an inventor. Join him in his shop and see him rebuild his equipment on a quest to find the perfect sound.

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