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martes, 23 de junio de 2015

Java Code Geeks, 23 June, 2015

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Your Weekly Java Code Geeks Dose

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JCG Partner of the Week

The JCG Partner of the week is:

Dave Fecak
Dave Fecak has been recruiting software engineers for start-ups since 1998 and he has served as the founder and president of the Philadelphia Area Java Users’ Group since 2000. Dave is often cited and published on career topics for technology professionals, and he blogs at

Latest Article: How I Read a Technical Resume

Best of the Week from JCG

30 Java Programming Tips and Best Practices for Beginners (by Shubhra Gupta)
Java is one of the most popular programming languages – be it Win applications, Web Applications, Mobile, Network, consumer electronic goods, set top box devices, Java is everywhere. More than 3 Billion devices run on Java. According to Oracle, 5 billion Java Cards are in use.

JavaEE or Spring? Neither! We Call Out For a Fresh Competitor! (by Lukas Eder)
If you’ve been following some key Java people on Twitter or reading the “news” on Reddit, you could not have missed the hilarious “bitch fight” (pardon my French) between some Spring and JavaEE evangelists. First, Jürgen Höller’s provocative article:...
10 team building tips (by Marco Castigliego)
1. Good Morning: When you enter in the office, before sitting on your desk, smile and say good morning to the team. Yes, E V E R Y day. 2. Listen when someone is talking to you: When a team member is talking to you, look him in the eyes and show interest in what he is saying.

Monolithic to Microservices Refactoring for Java EE Applications (by Arun Gupta)
Have you ever wondered what does it take to refactor an existing Java EE monolithic application to a microservices-based one? This blog explains how a trivial shopping cart example was converted to microservices-based application, and what are some of the concerns around it. 

GC tuning in practice (by Nikita Salnikov Tarnovski)
Tuning Garbage Collection is no different from any other performance-tuning activities.Instead of giving in to temptation for tweaking random parts of the application, you need to make sure you understand the current situation and the desired outcome. In general it is as easy as following the following process:...

Latest JCG Examples

Spring MVC login example
In this example, we shall create a simple Login Application using Spring MVC framework. Spring Framework follows the MVC design by default so that the view,controller and Data modules are loosely coupled. In a typical Spring MVC Application, the role played are :...
  In this example we are going to demonstrate how to use Java Swing JTable, JTable is a Swing component with which we can display tables of data, optionally allowing the user to edit the data, JTable relies on a separate TableModel object to hold and represent the data it displays.

Spring Batch Tasklet Example
Introduction: In this article we are going to present an example that demonstrates the working of Spring Batch Tasklet. We will configure a Spring Batch job that reads data from a CSV file into an HSQL database table and then in the Tasklet make a query into the table.

Jetty WebSocket Example
1.Introduction: This article is about WebSockets with Jetty. In this example we will give brief information on WebSockets and show how to implement WebSocket Servers and Clients using Jetty WebSocket APIs.

Best Web Code Geeks Articles

CSS Rotate Text Example
In this example, we’ll talk about the rotate value of the transform property of css and specifically about rotating text elements in html. Because the rotation of text is achieved using the transform property, like for other element rotation, it is supported by all modern browsers.
  InfoShare is one of the biggest and the most attended Tech and New Media events in Poland. This year for the second time I have the pleasure to attend the conference as a speaker. I will be presenting at Tech Stage about Angular2, the successor of Angular 1.x.
  In this example we’re going to have a look at the last-child css selector. This selector of css is used to match every element that is the last child of its parent and give attributes and properties to specifically that element. It is compatible with all modern browsers, except versions of IE under 9.

Latest Academy Lessons

Java Agents
In this final lesson we are going to talk about Java agents, a real black magic for regular Java developers out there. Java agents are able to “intrude” into the execution of Java applications running on the JVM at runtime by performing the direct modifications of the bytecode. Java agents are extremely as powerful as dangerous: they can do mostly everything however if something goes wrong, they can easily crash the JVM.
  In this final lesson, we will discuss how to Analysis. Analysis, in Lucene, is the process of converting field text into its most fundamental indexed representation, terms. In general, the tokens are referred to as words (we are discussing this topic in reference to the English language only) to the analyzers. However, for special analyzers the token can be with more than one words, which includes spaces also.

New and Noteworthy from the Community

Building Microservices: Using an API Gateway
The first article in this series about microservices introduced the Microservice Architecture pattern. It discussed the benefits and drawbacks of using microservices and how, despite the complexity of microservices, they are usually the ideal choice for complex applications.

Exception Monitoring and Response
Like most software applications, GitHub can generate a few exceptions. Incoming exceptions range from system-level issues including Git timeouts and missing references, to application-level issues including simple code mistakes and JavaScript errors.

The Cloud Migration Checklist
Are you in the process of moving applications to a public cloud? You’re not alone. 451 Research says that 46% of 2015 IT budgets are going towards off-premises systems, with that number expected to climb to over 50% within the next three years[1].

Dude, where’s my heap?
The ability to place controlled content to a predictable location in memory can be an important primitive in exploitation of memory corruption vulnerabilities. A technique that is commonly used to this end in browser exploitation is heap spraying:...

SOLID Principles – Software Craftsmanship Calendar Topics
The SOLID Principles are a set of Object Oriented Design Principles that are very interrelated and when followed can improve your code. Additionally, they make a great acronym that implies the benefits of using the principles.

How to Improve Product Development by Integrating Design Thinking with MVP
It’s difficult to predict the success of a new product—some argue it’s impossible.  Even the largest, best funded, most mature companies have created products that fail to gain market acceptance and profitability.

Blast from the Past !

Builder pattern using Java 8
I work in an environment where a great deal of our day to day scripting tasks occur through calling remote services as opposed to working with the database. For a lot of scripting tasks I’ve often used Groovy and one of the most useful features of Groovy specifically for that task has been it’s built in fluent Builders.

When writing too much code can kill you
So now that I lured you in with that provocative title I suppose I need to clarify. Well it’s true; too much coding can kill you, the real question is “what is the reason?” and the answer to that is; Chronic Stress. So why write about this; well it’s personal. 

Getting Started with Gradle: Introduction
Gradle is a build tool which replaces XML based build scripts with an internal DSL which is based on Groovy programming language. It has gained a lot of traction recently and that is why I decided to take a closer look at it. This blog post is the first part of my Gradle tutorial, and it has two goals:...

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