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lunes, 8 de junio de 2015

Your Weekly Java Code Geeks Dose, June 8, 2015

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Your Weekly Java Code Geeks Dose

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JCG Partner of the Week

The JCG Partner of the week is:

Pascal Alma
Pascal is a senior JEE Developer and Architect at 4Synergy in The Netherlands. Pascal has been designing and building J2EE applications since 2001. He is particularly interested in Open Source toolstack (Mule, Spring Framework, JBoss) and technologies like Web Services, SOA and Cloud technologies.

Latest Article: Getting started with AWS IAM

Best of the Week from JCG

JSP Tutorial – The ULTIMATE Guide (by Kaushik Pal)
1. Introduction: Java Server Pages (JSP) is used for creating dynamic web pages. Java code can be inserted in HTML pages by using JSP tags. The tags are used for retrieving information from the database, sharing information between pages etc.

Continuous Integration and Delivery with Docker (by Florian Motlik)
Continuous delivery is all about reducing risk and delivering value faster by producing reliable software in short iterations. As Martin Fowler says, you actually do continuous delivery if: 1) Your software is deployable throughout its lifecycle. 2) Your team prioritizes keeping the software deployable over working on new features.
  This recent Stack Overflow question by Yahor has intrigued me: How to ensure at Java 8 compile time that a method signature “implements” a functional interface. It’s a very good question. Let’s assume the following nominal type: [code] ...

If you do it do it right (by Peter Verhas)
This is a philosophical or ethical command. Very general. It is something like “fail fast”. The reason it came up to my mind is that I wanted to compile and release License3j using Java 8 and JavaDoc refused to compile during release build.

Java EE Deployment Scenarios for Docker Containers (by Markus Eisele)
I’ve been posting some content around Docker since a while and I like to play around with containers in general. You can find some more information about how to run Docker-Machine on Windows and also showed you how to use the Docker 1.6 client.

Latest JCG Examples

Solr autocomplete example
In this example of Solr autocomplete example, we will discuss about how to implement autocomplete functionality for any UI component. We will be using jQuery autocomplete feature along with Solr indexing data to achieve the autocomplete functionality.
  In this article, we will see some example of ActiveMQ component. Apache activeMQ is one of the most popular open source JMS provider. We will use it to send message to a JMS Queue or Topic and consume messages from a JMS Queue or Topic. 

GWT Charts Example
In this example we will learn about GWT Charts. For GWT charts to work you need Java 1.7 or above. Tools and technologies used in this example are Java 1.8, Eclipse Luna 4.4.2, Eclipse GWT Plugin 2.6.

Apache Camel Timer Example
You can use Camel’s timer component to schedule tasks to occur either at a specified time or at regular intervals. Timer comes as Camel’s core component. Its URI scheme is timer: A timer component generates events which in turn triggers the endpoint that follows and generate messages.

Best Web Code Geeks Articles

CSS Input Type Text Example
In this example, we’ll have a look at how we can style text inputs. Text inputs are very common in websites nowadays like in sign up forms, contact forms, search boxes, survey answers and so on. But you notice...
  In this example, we aim to have a closer look at slideshows with HTML5. Slideshows are a good way to present a set of images within a part of the website. HTML5 doesn’t have a native tag or set of tags to make a slideshow, but you can achieve it using other provided tags.
  Hi there! Today we ‘ll examine a simple table solution, using the Angular.js framework. Suppose we want to display a list of persons, accompanied with their hobbies, in the gentle packaging of an HTML table. Let’s see the way over it!

Latest Academy Lessons

Java Compiler API
In this lesson we are going to take 10000 feet view of the Java Compiler API. This API provides programmatic access to the Java compiler itself and allows developers to compile Java classes from source files on the fly from application code. We also are going to walk through the Java Compiler Tree API, which provides access to Java syntax parser functionality. By using this API, Java developers have the ability to directly plug into syntax parsing phase and post-analyze Java source code being compiled.
  After getting introduced to MongoDB, installing the server and delving into the Shell commands, we covered the integration of MongoDB with applications written in Java and more advanced topics like Sharding and Replication. We will now continue with discussing Map/Reduce and how MongoDB can leverage it. Map/Reduce is a framework which allows to parallelize the processing of large and very large datasets across many physical or virtual servers.

New and Noteworthy from the Community

The OpenJDK Revised Java Memory Model
The traditional Java Memory Model covers a lot in Java language semantic guarantees. In this article we will highlight a few of those semantics and provide a deeper understanding of them. We will also attempt to communicate the motivation for an update to the existing Java Memory Model (JMM)...

Why Open Source Works for LinkedIn
Open sourced software is no longer restricted to addressing small, low-level problems and for companies that can’t afford to built it themselves. Today it is backed by a mature community that creates and adopts it on behalf of some of the world’s biggest technology companies. Why the shift? 

What Makes A Database Mature?
Many database vendors would like me to take a look at their products and consider adopting them for all sorts of purposes. Often they’re pitching something quite new and unproven as a replacement for mature, boring technology I’m using happily.

Dude, where’s my metadata?
This post is about silent data loss in replicated systems (state-machine replication a la ZooKeeper) due to the disk state being wiped out. The disk state is crucial in such systems to guarantee that replicated data isn’t lost in the case a server crashes and recovers.

Career Advancement for the Low Price of Your Soul
When I was a kid, I remember my little brother watching Disney films pretty much constantly from the ages of probably 1 to 6 or so. As a result, I have an embarrassingly encyclopedic memory of the plots and songs of the movies from that specific time window.

Blast from the Past !

7 New Tools Java Developers Should Know
Get ready to lock and load through this quick overview of some of the newest most innovative, tools around. In case you’ve missed it, RebelLabs recently released the results of a global survey of the Java tools and technologies landscape. Alongside the big names and established tools,...

Using IntelliJ..for 2 weeks, so far so good
It’s been almost 2 weeks that I have completely switched over to IntelliJ as my main Java IDE at home and at work. So far so good, here are my  initial findings. 1) Migration: I took me a couple of hours to migrated my projects over. Eventually if your project is already Mavenized, things are simple, no risk involved.

The Mouse is a Programmer’s Enemy
One of the first programming management books I was encouraged to read was Peopleware – Productive Projects and Teams. It was a great read and I try to re-read it every once in a while. One of the topics covered is actually a term that comes from psychology – flow. Flow carries the idea of being completely mentally immersed in a task.

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