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sábado, 6 de junio de 2015


Online marketers will have more information about their website traffic with a new solution offered in the Oracle Marketing cloud.
Users of Oracle's Marketing Cloud will soon be able to detect the presence of code from other companies on their website. Thanks to a partnership between Oracle and Ghostery, client businesses can use the latter company's TrackerMapLive software to better police web traffic on their pages and make it easier to verify data collection. For no immediate extra charge, Marketing Cloud users will be able to scan websites and detect suspicious or hidden data-gathering activity, as Computer World UK reports.
By pursuing greater code transparency, businesses will easily be able to harness ad tag information for use in greater marketing planning strategies. They can also enforce legal activity by finding out when a rival company is wrongfully transmitting customer data, as AdAge described.
Although Ghostery and Oracle have worked together in the past, this particular solution represents a faster and more dynamic way for marketing clients to optimize their approach to marketing. As a company with heavy interest in its cloud solutions, Oracle clearly wants to prioritize increasing what a customer is able to do with its cloud-based products.
The AdAge article features comments from an Oracle spokesperson, who said that the solution will make it easier for marketers to improve their collection and use of data.
"Ghostery provides a best-in-breed solution to ensure that the data being collected on websites is secure, private and not redundant," she said. "Because many marketers use the Data Management Platform for ingesting data and making it actionable for their advertising and marketing efforts, it's imperative they have confidence in the data they leverage from a critical channel like their website."
An Oracle consultant will help a company look closer at the way they already use Oracle solutions and start making better use of old and new software.
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