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miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2014

Oracle Community NewsLetter: Service Oriented Architecture Sept 2014

17 September 2014

Community Newsletter
Service Oriented Architecture
EMEA Partner Community

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Table of Contents

SOA EMEA Partner Community Newsletter September 2014

Dear SOA & BPM Partner Community member,
Oracle OpenWorld is ready to start, make sure you attend our community reception, attend the Focus-On Oracle SOA Suite& Focus-On BPM Focus on IoT session and most important visit the product management team at the demo grounds.
In the case you missed the Introducing SOA Suite 12c Joining the Webcast it is available on-demand. Also the analyst community recognizes SOA Suite 12c Ovum Lauds Oracle SOA Suite 12c, Differentiates Cloud and Mobile Integration. So it is time to learn more about it at Learning Library - Free SOA Suite 12c online learning or our roadshow SOA Suite 12c Pre-Sales Training – Demo the new release! You can also us the Oracle hosted SOA Suite 12c demo Systems to showcase your customers SOA Suite 12c. Upgrading to SOA Suite 12c is a huge consulting business opportunity for you as a partner! Customers who pay maintenance (Software Update License & Support) can update free of charge! Make sure you present them the Samples and Demos for Managed File Transfer a new license option for SOA Suite or standalone.

Thanks to the Community for all the SOA Suite 12c articles, please continue to share them with us via twitter @soacommunity or #soacommunity or Facebook! Special thanks to Vivek Garg for the SOA 12c blog series.
Thanks for sharing all the additional SOA articles within the community: SOA 12c End-to-end (e2e) Tutorial, Set-up a 12c SOA/BPM Infrastructure, FMW 12.1.3 – Invoking Enterprise Scheduler Service Web Services, FMW 12c on the Cloud, SOA12c -Service Bus Resequencer,  Create Service Bus Customization File using WLST, SOA Suite 12c: The LDAPAdapter, Oracle Managed File Transfer Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c
Also for BPM Suite Free BPM Suite 12c online learning and Process sample are available. If you want to try BPM Suite 12c hands-on register for the BPM Suite 12c Implementation Bootcamps. Thanks for sharing all the additional BPM articles within the community: New Features and Changes in BPM 12c, New Types of Modeling in Oracle BPM 12c Process Composer, BPM 12c Gateways (Part 1 of 5): Exclusive Gateway, BPM Process Patterns using BPMN.
In our last section Architecture & AppAdvantage we publish articles about Integrating With Fusion Application Using Services (SoapUi - SSL) and the Usable Apps Events at OpenWorld
Best regards,
Jürgen Kress

Middleware Community Reception at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

You attend Oracle Open World 2014? Make sure you attend the SOA & BPM stream! You are invited to join our traditional Fusion Middleware Partner Community Reception at OpenWorld. The Reception will be held on Tuesday September 30th 2014 in San Francisco! Don't miss this unique opportunity to:
·         Network and exchange information with fellow Oracle Middleware Partners & ACEs
·         Meet with members of the Global Oracle Middleware Product Management team and Oracle EMEA Alliances and Solutions Partner Programs team
·         Learn more about Oracle OpenWorld activities
Schedule: Tuesday September 30th 2014 20:00 (California time)
For details please visit our registration page.

Oracle Group Vice President Amit Zavery: Tackling Digital Disruption with Oracle Fusion Middleware

Digital business is changing customer expectations of business-to-business and businAmit Zavery ess-to-consumer enterprises. Find out from Oracle Group Vice President Amit Zavery how Oracle Fusion Middleware is supporting companies as they adapt to the digital business landscape.
Read More

Oracle Fusion Middleware: Meet This Year's Most Impressive Innovators (CON7029)

Tuesday September 30, 2014, 5:00 p.m.–5:45 p.m. PT, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater (formerly Novellus Theater at YBCA, next to Moscone North), 700 Howard Street, San Francisco.Meet This Year's Most Impressive Innovators
Please plan to attend the Oracle Excellence Awards Ceremony for Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation. These awards honor customers for their most innovative and cutting-edge solutions using Oracle Fusion Middleware. Join us in celebrating the award recipients' great achievements and commitment to innovation.

OFM Summer Camps IV feedback

August 4th – 8th 2014 Lisbon Portugal “Certainly the best technology related Oracle event in Europe!” Frank Munz
Thanks for your support to make the Fusion Middleware Summer Camps IV with 105 attendees (we had a long waiting list) a superb success! Special thanks to all the trainers who delivered superb workshops. Thanks to all the partners who a huge budget in utilization plus travel expenses. For all of the trainings we had a long waiting list with additional partners who wanted to attend. Trained partners position Oracle middleware, implement successful our solutions and generate additional license revenue! Partner attendees included the whole EMEA region – again with visitors from the US and Mexico! Special thanks to Niall who run the first fast track training SOA Suite 12c and BPM Suite 12c in one week!
We posted all OFM Summer Camp training material at our community workspaces (SOA Community membership required:
Feel free to use the documents to run both trainings for your internal consultants and your customers!
Partner Quotes
·         This is the most effective 5 days spend in training, Simon Haslam, Veriton
·         First class knowledge delivered at a first class event! Thanks for the 12c certification quickstart! Milco Numan, Qualogy
·         Defiantly a must attend event, Silviu Leahu, SC Endava Romania SRL
·         Came with 12 people and the summer camps was a great success for all! Torsten Winterberg, Opitz
·         Summer Camps provides the best info of the latest features of the Fusion Middleware products, Marko Parikka, Capgemini
·         Best training I have ever attended from Oracle. Not only was the dept. of the knowledge of the instructor amazing deep, the hands-on lessons ensured I could use the new functionality effectively when I get back to work, Dan Atwood, Avio
·         Amazing energy, getting the knowledge straight from the product management - see you next time!, Martijn van der Kamp, Capgemini
·         The first step towards SOA Suite 12c certification, Bruno Silva, Link Consulting
·         Learn from the best and beat the rest. Great trainers and attendees, Filipe Esteves, Link Consulting
·         Certainly the best technology related Oracle event in Europe! Getting in touch with Oracle product managers is a great way to get information beyond the official documentation, Frank Munz, munz & more
·         Learn, train & share! Ravi N, Arcivate Ltd
·         Great location, great topics, great people! Carsten Wiesbaum, esentri
·         Great trainer and an excellend expertise well done!, Markus Schneeweis, ec4u
·         Knowledge, experience and networking all in one place, Bruno Santos, eProseed
·         Five days full of learning sharing, networking and fun!, Nico van Benthem, eProseed
·         Keep the good work, Marcel Mossel, Profource BV
·         Get jumpstart information and expertise for your SOA 12c projects, Daljit Singh, Amis
Blog feedback
Twitter feedback
Twitter feed #OFMSummercamp

sbernhardtJust published a blog post on #ofmsummercamps here @soacommunity

Yogesh SontakkeWrappg up 12c week with our impressive EMEA partners in Lisbon. Always a great audience! #ofmsummercamps #soasuite12c here

EnnoFinished the official part of MAF Hackathon at #ofmsummercamps. App is running, thanks to @fnimphiu - great framework here

sbernhardt@simon_haslam explains O-Box in 5 minutes at #ofmsummercamps. Sounds interresting... here 

Marcel Amende My fav now at #ofmsummercamps - OEP! As an add-on and inspiration, here my Fast/Big Data roundtrip positioning ;-) here

Frank MunzDay #3 - Fun with SOA Suite 12c at #ofmSummerCamps here

Simon HaslamCheeky O-box stand sneaks up on SOA 12c training room! #ofmsummercamps here twitter

Simon HaslamSubliminal "SOA in a box": O-box banner at #ofmsummercamps. Maybe I'll keep moving it around! here twitter

Marcel MosselFully packed room again on day 2 at combined SOA- and BPM 12c-track. Interesting stuff! #ofmsummercamps twitter

SOA Community At training friends from Russia and Ukraine during #soacommunity here

esentriKaffeepause bei den in Lissabon mit #Oracle twitter

Frank MunzFor sure #ofmsummercamps will be hard to beat, but did you read who’s playing at #oow? here

C2B2 ConsultingOur consultants really enjoyed #ofmsummercamps, make sure you watch out for more follow up blogs posts! twitter
Stephan VosOracle Cloud Control 12c. Cool stuff! #ofmsummercamps twitter

SOA CommunityCloud control for #SOA12c manage your service to ensure transaction response time #ofmsummercamps #soacommunity twitter

Frank MunzJDev & SOA Suite 12c working on Mac OS with up to date JDK 7. tweet your war stories from #ofmSummerCamps here

Carsten WiesbaumLooking forward to an interesting day two of #ofmsummercamps in Lisbao. Great event at a great location so far!

 SOA CommunityFull house at the new #SOA12c & #BPM12c & bootcamps twitter

Bruno Neves AlvesFirst dutch eProseed's reaction to Fado and pasteis de bacalhau #soacommunity twitter

Simone GeibRT: Huge turnout (>100) for SOA & BPM 12c #ofmsummercamps - welcomed by Jürgen here #oraclesoa

Marcel Amende Many new things atI feel to contribute a new word to mankind: askie - ask s.o. to take a photo ;-) here

Bruno Neves Alves#ofmsummercamps one billion dollar selfie!!!! here

Marcel MosselAbout to sail off on the 'Dutch Lion'! here

Bruno Neves Alves#ofmsummercamps hope this doesn't become a huge lost for Oracle SOA community. here

Stephan VosAfter a great start this morning at Club L, now ready to continue the workout at #ofmsummercamps here

Stephan VosGot some great help on my way to the airport #ofmSummerCamps here

Simon Haslam New website plug here! RT @soacommunity a real SOA solution on ODA at talk to @simon_haslam to learn more

Simon HaslamJust leaving Sherborne on my way to Lisbon SOA 12c #ofmsummercamps with my own send-off party! here

Frank MunzFrom Lake Constance to the Atlantic: Back from WLS12c workshop in Konstanz, now packing for #ofmSummerCamps. here
Martijn van der KampMy first and best picture of all week in #ofmsummercamps Feet in sand, beer and ketchup chips. here 
Impression of the OFM Summer Camps
For the first impression visit our Facebook group

SOA Section

Rethink Your IT at Oracle Open World 2014 - Focus on SOA

OpenWorld: Blog | Focus-On Oracle SOA Suite
The single most important thing you can do for your IT roadmap this year is attend Oracle Open World 2014. And to make the best use of your time while at Open World, plan ahead! You can tailor your agenda based on the Oracle SOA Focus On. This will give you a golden opportunity to nail your IT strategy - you can network with experts, get your hands dirty exploring the new Oracle SOA Suite 12c, and understand how to capitalize on every new wave of innovation: mobile, cloud, social, big data, fast data, and internet of things.
Here are some sessions that are on my radar at this Open World 2014:
Time for you to Rethink Mobile?
A Modern Business Demands a Modern Cloud Platform - by Thomas Kurian
From the Horse's Mouth: The Present and Future of Oracle PaaS and IaaS
Customer Panel: Oracle SOA Suite Cloud Integration
Jazz up your Saas with #1 Paas
Enable Apps for Cloud, Mobile, and Beyond 
Oracle Service Bus on Oracle Cloud
User Group Forum: Deep Dive: A SOA Application, End to End

Learning Library - Free SOA Suite 12c online learning 

Make sure you get familiar with SOA Suite 12c, at Oracle Learning Library you can get great videos on demand free:
·         Upgrading Oracle SOA Suite to 12c Video Series – 8 videos
·         SOA New Features Videos

Best Practices for SOA Suite 11g to 12c Upgrade
By Jay Kasi

A lot of effort has been put in by Oracle to make this major upgrade as smooth and easy as possible. The basic approach is to install SOA Suite 12c in a new oracle home and upgrade the domain and schemas in place. Customers undertaking the upgrade are primarily interested in a smooth upgrade, minimizing the number of manual steps in the upgrade, reduce the down time to a minimum, and minimize or eliminate any changes to client apps that use SOA APIs or web interfaces.
The key to a successful and smooth upgrade experience are the preupgrade preparations that you perform. The upgrade must be planned carefully. If the preupgrade preparations are not performed, there is a possibility that upgrade will fail in the middle or the system does not behave properly post upgrade. The only recourse to a failed production system upgrade is to roll it back from a full backup.
If your SOA domain includes BAM, then the upgrade is more complex because BAM does not support inplace upgrade. Please read the documentation carefully. The basic idea is to migrate the whole BAM deployment to a seperate domain using export/import, remove BAM from the soa domain during upgrade, and upgrade your soa domain to interop with the bam 11g domain. Later slowly and carefully migrate to BAM 12c from BAM 11g.
There are six top steps that should be performed before upgrade of your production system as a best practice.
·         Carefully review the prerequisites for upgrade in the documentation. Some of the prerequisites are checked upfront before we upgrade the schema in Upgrade Assistant but not all. Read all relevant upgrade documentation before starting on upgrade. Some of the key prerequisites are:
·         Can only upgrade a domain that is or Migrate to a supported starting point before upgrade.
·         Can only upgrade a deployment using a 64 bit JVM. Migrate to 64 bit JVM before upgrade.
·         Can only upgrade a production domain not using XE DB and is not an admin server only domain.
·         Can only upgrade a domain using LDAP or DB OPSS policy store. Migrate file based policy store to DB or LDAP based policy store before upgrade. Read the complete article here.

Demo for SOA 12c (12.1.3) Comprehensive Platform 

To get access to the Oracle demo system please visit first OPN (OPN account required)
The SOA 12c Comprehensive platform is a single, unified platform that enables ease of integration and helps connect applications across enterprise, thereby helping to achieve faster time to market and increased productivity.
·         Includes 12c version of SOA/BPM, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Managed File Transfer, Service Bus, Oracle Business Activity Monitoring, Oracle Event Processing and JDeveloper.
·         Better documentation, Easier maintenance and Plug-in of additional software/services.
·         Internet Accessible – No VPN is required to access product console URLs.
Call to Action
·         Click the binoculars to watch this ~1 minute video showing what this platform release is about.
·         Check out the Release Notes and Insight Presentation on the GSE Demo Store.
·         Reserve a new demo or environment from the GSE website by searching for "SOA 12c (12.1.3) Comprehensive Platform”
For feedback or questions about this demo release, please contact or in GSE.

Introducing Oracle SOA Suite 12c Joining the On-Demand Webcast

Missed the SOA Suite 12c launch webcast? Watch it on-demand
Highlights include a SOA Suite 12c by Lucas Jellema!

Ovum Lauds Oracle SOA Suite 12c, Differentiates Cloud and Mobile Integration By Mala Ramakrishnan

Ovum has recently published a paper on Oracle SOA Suite and lays out differentiation.  According to the paper, with the latest release of Oracle SOA  Suite, Oracle has again proved that it can swiftly respond to customer requirements while ensuring continuity in product strategy to offer a unified platform for a wide range of integration requirements. Here is an excerpt from the paper:
Oracle SOA Suite 12c has introduced several new features and capabilities that resonate with the current integration priorities of enterprises, especially cloud and mobile integration. What differentiates Oracle SOA Suite 12c from competing platforms is its emphasis on simplifying the process involved in the development, testing, and execution of integration flows connecting a wide range of applications.
This developer-centric approach is evident in the simple approach offered by the Oracle Cloud Adapter software development kit (SDK) for the development of new adapters to software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Furthermore, Oracle Cloud Adapters handle several inherent intricacies of SaaS integration, such as session management, data mapping, and specific security requirements to help reduce development efforts and costs. The developer-centric approach is also evident in the developer tooling enhancements introduced as part of Oracle SOA Suite 12c release.
Another noteworthy feature is the integration between Oracle MFT and Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle B2B 12c, which provides support for complex orchestration use cases, such as the extension of enterprise applications to B2B e-commerce and cloud integration scenarios.
Key messages
§ Oracle has further refined its approach to cloud and mobile integration.
§ Developer productivity is a key theme for Oracle SOA Suite 12c.
§ Oracle MFT strengthens the overall value proposition of Oracle’s integration middleware stack. Read the complete article here.

SOA Suite 12c Pre-Sales Training – Demo the new release!

You want to demo SOA Suite 12c to your customers? Attend one of our 1 day pre-sales workshops to become ready!

SOA 12c partner pre-sales training
September 9th 2014
Kista, Sweden
SOA 12c partner pre-sales training
September 15th 2014
London, UK
SOA 12c partner pre-sales training
September 16th 2014
Utrecht, Netherlands
SOA 12c partner pre-sales training
September 12, 2014
Madrid Spain
We want to give SOA Community members the opportunity to register first therefore please visit our SOA Training Wiki page here at our SOA Community Workspace (SOA Community membership required)

SOA Suite 12c Implementation Bootcamps by PTS

This FREE hands-on workshop covers all the capabilities you need to build robust, reliable and agile SOA solutions. It covers the key
themes/ components of SOA12c, such as developer productivity, adapters, Cloud integration, monitoring and management, Managed File
Transfer(MFT), Enterprise Scheduler (ESS), B2B, Oracle Event Processing (OEP) and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM). The workshop
labs include an end to end example, leveraging components such as BPEL, OSB, Adapters, MFT, ESS and B2B. They also cover the use of
Enterprise Manager for FMW (EM) for monitoring and fault analysis.
After attending this Oracle Suite 12c workshop, you should be in a position to build industry-focused solutions, customer-facing demos,
proof-of-concepts (POCs), pilot implementations and reference architectures on this platform. You will also be in a position to extend your
current SOA implementations with MFT, B2B, Cloud adapters and open your platform for mobile applications. You cannot afford to miss this
workshop, if you are a SOA or BPM developer/ consultant.

·         SOA 12c Overview
·         Developer Productivity
·         Industrial SOA
·         Adapters
·         OSB, Restful Services
·         Enterprise Scheduled Services
·         Managed File Transfer
·         B2B
·         BAM
·         OEP
·         Migration from 11g to 12c 
Lab Outline
·         Quick Start SOA Installer
·         Process Orchestration
·         Build Restful services
·         OSB Integration
·         Coherence and UMS adapters
·         Enterprise Schedule Services
·         MFT to Transfer Files
·         B2B to Share Documents
·         OEP 
·         SOA/BPM developers
·         Technical Architects
·         Industry Solutions Architects 
·         A good understanding of SOA Suite 11g and composite application development
·         completion of SOA 11g Foundation course or on-demand training 
Equipment Requirements

Attendees must bring their own laptops.
The laptops must meet the following minimum hardware/software requirements:
·         Minimum 16GB RAM and 60GB free disk space
·         Up to date version of the browser of your choice.
·         Administrator permissions on the laptop in order to install software
·         The most recent version of Oracle Virtual Box software.
·         You will be provided with a workshop VM when the class begins.
·         September 8-9 2014 Frankfurt, Germany Register here!
·         October 6-9, 2014: Oracle Kista, Sweden Register Here!
·         October 27-30, 2014: Oracle UK - 1 South Place, London UK, Register Here!
·         November 18-21, 2014 Oracle Milan, Italy, Register Here!

SOA 12c blog series by Vivek Garg 

Special thanks to Vivek Garg for all his SOA Suite 12c blog posts! Make sure you share yours with us via twitter @soacommunity or #soacommunity or Facebook! Please visit his Oracle Fusion Middleware Blog and read his great articles:
·  SOA12c -Service Bus Resequencer
·  SOA 12c - Translate Activity
·  SOA 12c - Create Service Bus Project from Service ...
·  SOA 12c - Custom Activity Template
·  SOA 12c - Component Template
·  SOA12c - Project Template
·  SOA12c - Templates
·  SOA 12c - MDS Support For OSB
·  SOA 12c - How to publish service bus artifacts to ...
·  SOA 12c - Custom Coherence Cache Name
·  SOA 12c - Coherence Default Cache Name
·  SOA 12c- Coherence Adapter
·  SOA 12c - Create Java derby database data source
·  SOA 12c- Unable to start jdeveloper - org.netbeans...
·  SOA 12c - Configure Coherence Adapter
·  Oracle BAM interview questions and answers series
·  Oracle Service Bus (OSB) Interview Questions and A...
·  Oracle SOA Interview Questions and Answers Series
·  Oracle BAM Interview Questions and Answers Part-2
·  Oracle BAM Interview Questions and Answers Part-1
·  Oracle SOA Interview Questions and Answers (Adapte...
·  SOA 12c - Schedule Secured SOA Composite from ESS
·  SOA 12c- Schedule SOA Composite Using ESS
·  Oracle Managed File Transfer (MFT) Step By Step In...
·  SOA 12c- Create required schemas for Oracle MFT
·  SOA 12c- Oracle Managed File Transfer (MFT) Instal...
·  Oracle SOA 12c Step By Step Installation Series
·  SOA 12c - Create soa 12c server domain
·  SOA 12c - Create Weblogic server compact domain
·  SOA 12c - Create Integrated Weblogic Server Standa...
·  SOA 12c - Create Integrated weblogic server defaul...
·  SOA12c - RCU Step by Step Installation
·  SOA12c - Oracle XE 11g Database step by step Insta...
·  SOA12c- Enterprise Service Scheduler Introduction
·  SOA12c - Share Artifacts using SOA Design-Time MDS...
·  SOA 12c - Get Started With MDS
·  SOA 12c - Create Java Derby Database Connection
·  Oracle SOA 12c Features
·  SOA 12c - Oracle Service Bus Hands On
·  SOA 12c - SOA Debugger in Oracle SOA 12c
·  SOA 12c - oracle.fabric.permission.CompositePermis... -

SOA 12c End-to-end (e2e) Tutorial: Error deploying ValidatePayment by Daniel Dias

During this tutorial you may have problems deploying the application ValidatePayment (Page 74 of the tutorial). This error occurs when your Oracle Service Bus and Oracle Business Process Manager are on the same domain.
WSDL Errors Can Occur When Oracle Service Bus and Oracle Business Process Manager Are on the Same Domain
Bug: 18856204
Added: 10-June-2014
Platform: All
If Oracle Service Bus is installed on the same domain as Oracle Business Process Manager (BPM), the following error can occur when creating a WSDL file:
The WSDL is not semantically valid: Failed to read wsdl file from url due to — Unknown protocol: servicebus.
 1. Log in to the WLS Administration Console
2. On the navigation tree on the left, expand services and click OSGI Frameworks
Read the complete article here.

Set-up a 12c SOA/BPM Infrastructure by Middleware Snippets 

In this post, we will show how to create automation scripts in order to set-up middleware environments.
In the example, we will use the following software
·         Oracle JDK
·         Fusion Middleware Infrastructure (fmw_12. which can be obtained from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud
·         Oracle SOA Suite (fmw_12. which can be obtained from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud
First, we have to decide which directory structure we are going to use. Below an example is given in which the binaries (that create the run-time) are separated from the configuration.
Read the complete article here.

FMW 12.1.3 – Invoking Enterprise Scheduler Service Web Services from SoapUI by Lucas Jellema 

image.pngThe Fusion Middleware 12.1.3 platform contains the ESS or Enterprise Scheduler Service. This service can be used as asynchronous, schedule based job orchestrator. It can execute jobs that are Operating System jobs, java calls (local Java or EJB), PL/SQL calls, and Web Service calls (synchronous, asynchronous and one-way) including SOA composite, Service Bus and ADF BC web services.
Jobs and schedules can be defined from client applications through a  Java API or through the Enterprise Manager FMW Control user interface. Additionally, ESS exposes a web service through which (pre defined) jobs can be scheduled. This web service can be invoked from BPEL processes in SOA composites – or from any component that knows how to invoke a SOAP Web Service.

In this article I will briefly demonstrate how to invoke the ESS Web Service from SoapUI. I will not describe how to create the Job Definition – I will assume two pre existing Job Definitions: HelloWorld (of type PL/SQL job) and SendFlightUpdateNotification of type SOA composite based one way Web Service. Both Job Definitions contain application properties – parameters that can be set for every job instance and that are used in the job execution. When invoking the ESS Web Service to schedule a job, values for these properties can be passed in.

There is one tricky aspect with ESS: jobs cannot be run as anonymous users. So if ESS does not know who makes the request for scheduling a job, it will not perform the request. It returns an error such as ESS-02002 User anonymous does not have sufficient privilege to perform operation submitRequest JobDefinition://oracle/apps/ess/custom/saibot/SendFlightUpdateNotification.

To ensure we do not run into this problem, we have to attach a WSM security policy to the ESS Web Service and pass a WS Security Header with valid username and password in our request. Then the job request is made in the context of a validated user and this problem goes away.
The steps to go through: Read the complete article here.

FMW 12c on the Cloud - Part 1: Prepare the Environment by Luigi Banzato 

Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c is out there. And now it bring the wonders of SOA/BPM quick start, where you can get you development environment setup in 4 clicks. However, at some stage everyone always needs to setup a server, so I've been taking a look at how to do that in the cloud. This is the part 1 of of the tutorial on how to install and configure Fusion Middleware 12c on the Cloud.

Create the EC2 Instance
To create the EC2 instance, on the EC2 Console, click on "Launch Instance":

SOA12c -Service Bus Resequencer by Vivek Garg 

Service Bus ResequencerWe often come under such situation when we receive message from source system which are not in proper sequence but target system need to receive that in proper sequence. To resolve this we need to re-sequence the messages and process them in proper sequence.   Re-sequencing is term used when we need to process incoming messages in sequence which are not coming in proper sequence. Design and developer need to think on this re-sequencing when they encounter such requirement as e described above. E.g. suppose we are receiving sales orders from source system, sales order contain one field with the name sales order number, suppose source system sends sales order in this sequence ( 1, 4,3,2,5,6,7 ) but target system need sales order in this sequence (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) , in this case we need to do re-sequencing of message.
In 11g version of Oracle SOA Suite, re-sequencing was there in Mediator component but this feature was not available for BPEL and Service Bus. In 12c release, this feature is provided for service bus. We can set this feature either at pipeline level or at operation level. In this post, we will discuss on that. We will only discuss about pipeline level re-sequencer.  
We have three types of re-sequencing in Service Bus.

Standard:  This sequencer is used when incoming message contain numeric identifier.  This numeric identifier is termed as Sequence Id. We may specify message Group also, that means incoming order can be Sales Order or purchase order, in this case we will have separate group for both Sales Order and purchase order. When source system send out of order messages then it store out-of-order message until complete order is received this is based on sequence Id.
FIFO: This sequencer works based on message arrival time. Whichever message received first, will be processed first. Here you need to specify only Group. So all the messages which are there in one group processed based on message receive time.
Best Effort: It is used when we receive large number of messages in a short period of time and cannot provide information to the re-sequencer about the identifier to use for sequencing. Typically, the identifier used for sequencing in such scenarios is of a dateTime type or numeric type.
- See more at:
Read the complete article here.

Create Service Bus Customization File using WLST
by Ronald van Luttikhuizen

For one of our Oracle Fusion Middleware projects we had the requirement that the IT Ops activities should be scripted as much as possible. These activities included things like packaging, deploying, and automated testing of Service Bus projects, SOA Composites, and BPM processes. One of the more challenging tasks to script was to create and extract the runtime configuration of services deployed on Oracle Service Bus 11g using customization files. There seems to be no WLST feature readily available for this purpose. Based on some resources that all contained part of the solution, we were able to construct a WLST script for this purpose which you can find in this blog.

This blog briefly explains the use of customization files, how to create a customization file using the Service Bus Console, includes the WLST script to execute this task, and provides a brief conclusion.

Customization Files

Customization files are XML files that contain the configuration of Service Bus resources and projects. Examples of such configurations are Service URIs, JCA settings, Retry Settings, and so on. Customization files provide a convenient way to apply environment-specific configuration during deployment. You can both apply, as well as create and extract the runtime configuration of Service Bus resources and projects into customization files using the Service Bus Console. Read the complete article here.

Oracle SOA Suite 12c: The LDAPAdapter, a quick and easy tutorial by Maarten Smeets

IntroSOASuiteLDAPIn enterprises, LDAP servers are often used to store user credentials and groups and share them among applications. Oracle SOA Suite 12c introduces a new technology adapter; the LDAPAdapter which allows easy integration with LDAP servers. In this blog post I will provide a quick and easy howto on installation of an LDAP server and browser (ApacheDS and Apache Directory Studio). I will also describe the configuration required to use the LDAPAdapter and provide an example BPEL process which allows creation of new users in the ApacheDS LDAP server by means of webservice calls.
Setting up the LDAP server
Installing an LDAP server
For this example I’ll use ApacheDS as LDAP server and Apache Directory Studio as LDAP browser. First download and install Apache Directory Studio from Next create an LDAP server. Click the LDAP server tab in the bottom left corner and click New Server. Read the complete article here.

Closer look at the SOA 12c Feature: Oracle Managed File Transfer By Tshepo Madigage 

The rapid growth of cloud-based applications in the enterprise, combined with organizations' desire to integrate applications with mobile technologies, is dramatically increasing application integration complexity. To meet this challenge, Oracle introduced Oracle SOA Suite 12c, the latest version of the industry's most complete and unified application integration and SOA solution. With simplified cloud, mobile, on-premises, and Internet of Things (IoT) integration capabilities, all within a single platform, Oracle SOA Suite 12c helps organizations speed time to integration, improve productivity, and lower TCO.
To extend its B2B solution capabilities with Oracle SOA Suite 12c, Oracle unveiled Oracle Managed File Transfer, an integrated solution that enables organizations to virtually eliminate file transfer complexities. This allows customers to load data securely into Oracle Cloud applications as well as third-party cloud or partner applications.

Oracle Managed File Transfer (Oracle MFT) enables secure file exchange and management with internal departments and external partners. It protects against inadvertent access to unsecured files at every step in the end-to-end transfer of files. It is easy to use especially for non technical staff so you can leverage more resources to manage the transfer of files. The extensive reporting capabilities allow you to get quick status of a file transfer and resubmit it as required. You can protect data in your DMZ by using the SSH/FTP reverse proxy. Read the complete article here

Samples and Demos for Oracle Managed File Transfer

Managed File Transfer (MFT) is one of the SOA Suite 12c highlights make sure you demo it to your SOA customers!
·         Video: Monitoring File Transfers (Oracle Learning Library | YouTube)
·         Video: Designing an End to End Transfer (Oracle Learning Library | YouTube)
·         Configuring FTP Users in WebLogic (Coming Soon)
·         SOA YouTube Learning Library
MFT Tutorials
·         Oracle MFT SOA Integrations
Custom Processing Action Samples

Download the MFT-Samples zip file to import and use the following custom processing actions samples

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c: Best Practices for Middleware Management free on-demand training 

This self-paced course teaches you best practices when using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c for managing your WebLogic and SOA applications and infrastructure. It consists of interactive lectures, videos, review sessions, and optional demonstrations.
This course covers Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c licensed with the WebLogic Server Management Pack Enterprise Edition and the SOA Management Pack Enterprise Edition. Watch the training here.

Internet of Things at Oracle OpenWorld 

Need to learn more about the Internet of Things? Make sure to register for Oracle OpenWorld, taking place in San Francisco from September 28 to October 2 in San Francisco, Calif.

"Oracle OpenWorld 2014 will serve as an excellent IoT proving ground, where technologists and business leaders can learn from the experiences of their peers and build their own IoT business cases," says Profit Editor in Chief Aaron Lazenby.

See what sessions he recommends, plus check out Profit's special coverage of the Internet of Things in the August edition.
Is Your Organization Prepared for IoT?
"As the world of IoT becomes a reality, it is becoming evident that even as IoT promises significant benefits for companies, it will involve major changes in the way they operate and do business," says Subramanian Iyer, senior director, Industry and Customer Strategy at Oracle.
The Internet of Social Things
"The cooperation between smart objects will create trusted, dynamic communities that enable insightful data that is beneficial to people and organizations," says Michael Abramow, director, Oracle Strategy and Insight, Asia Pacific.
IoT and the Modern Value Chain
"Modern best practices are more focused on customers, enable faster and more responsive supply networks, inspire more profitable product innovation, and facilitate a more collaborative environment of empowered supply chain professionals," say Gaurav Palta, who heads hi-tech consulting at Infosys, and John Murphy, senior director of Supply Chain and Product Lifecycle Management Applications at Oracle.

BPM & ACM Section

OpenWorld Focus-On BPM sessions

In the case your will attend OpenWorld make sure you attend the  Focus-On BPM session: Monday

13:15 - 14:15
Marriott Marquis - Salon 7/8/9
Oracle Business Process Management Strategy and Vision
Bipin Premachandran
Dan Mascenik, VP of Product Development, Oracle
Meera Srinivasan, Director, Oracle Product Management, Oracle

11:45 - 12:30
Moscone West - 3024
Best Practices Learned from Process Accelerator Solutions
Cesare Rotundo, Director, Product Management, Oracle

16:00 - 16:45
Moscone West - 3022
Managing Unstructured Processes with Oracle Business Process Management: Lessons from the Field
Manas Deb, President & COO, eProseed
Irene Tiepel, Director, Rvdr spir-it
Prasen Palvankar, Director Product Management, Oracle

17:15 - 18:00
Moscone West - 3022
General Session: Enable Apps for the Cloud, Mobile, and Beyond
Amit Zavery, GVP, FMW Product Management, Oracle
Ed Zou, VP, Product Management, Fusion Middleware, Oracle

15:45 - 16:30
Moscone West - 3018
Oracle WebCenter and Oracle Business Process Management: Enabling the Digital Business
Larson Banilower
Andrew Kershaw, Sr Director Business Development, racle

10:45 - 11:30
Moscone West - 3024

Moscone South, Left - SLM-142

Learning Library - Free BPM Suite 12c online learning

Make sure you get familiar with BPM Suite 12c, at Oracle Learning Library you can get great videos on demand free:
·         Upgrading Oracle BPM Suite to 12c Video Series – 8 videos

Two weeks ago I blogged about the new features and improvements to process documentation in Oracle BPM 12.1.3. A sample is now available on for download. This sample includes:
·         A lab document explaining how to use the import feature in Oracle BPM Composer and Studio to convert Visio, XPDL, BPMN 2.0, Oracle Workflow, and Tutor documents into BPM processes. A sample Visio file is included in the download so you can see how the feature works.
·         The same lab document leads you through adding process documentation via the business properties.
·         You are also guided through using the narrative view to edit your sample process.
·         Then the lab prompts you to create process reports to bring all of your process documentation together in one HTML or PDF document.
The sample also includes a lab solution so you can import the project with all of the process documentation already added.

This is a FREE hands-on workshop covers all the capabilities you need to build robust, reliable and agile BPM solutions. It covers the key
themes/ components of BPM12c, business architecture, verbal rules, requirements capture, new UI for easy to design dashboards and many
developer features. The workshop labs include an end to end example, leveraging components such as BPMN, Adapters, OBR and Content
Server. They also cover the use of Enterprise Manager for FMW (EM) for monitoring and fault analysis.
After attending this Oracle BPM Suite 12c workshop, you should be in a position to build industry-focused solutions, customer-facing demos,
proof-of-concepts (POCs), pilot implementations and reference architectures on this platform. You will also be in a position to extend your
current BPM implementations with ACM, OBR, BAM and open your platform for mobile applications. You cannot afford to miss this
workshop, if you are a SOA or BPM developer/ consultant.
·         New BPM Composer including web-forms
·         Business Architecture
·         BAM 12c
·         Work Assignment
·         Sub-processes, multi-instance and array-handling
·         Error Handling -- includes new error handling support
·         Oracle Business Rules -- using business phrases and other new features
·         Securing BPM processes
·         Development Best Practices
·         SOA/BPM developers
·         Business Analysts/Architects
·         Technical Architects
·         Industry Solutions Architects
·         A good understanding of BPM Suite 11g and application development
·         e.g. completion of BPM 11g Foundation course.
Equipment Requirements
Attendees must bring their own laptops.
The laptops must meet the following minimum hardware/software requirements:
·         Minimum 16GB RAM and 40GB free disk space
·         Up to date version of the browser of your choice.
·         Administrator permissions on the laptop in order to install software
·         The most recent version of Oracle Virtual Box software.
·         September 8-11, 2014 – Oracle Kista Sweden . Register Here!
·         September 23-26, 2014 – Oracle Utrecht, Netherlands. Register Here!

New Features and Changes in BPM 12c by David Winters

At the Oracle BPM 12c summer camp in Lisbon, I had a chance to deep-dive into world of Oracle BPM suite 12c which went GA at the end of June. In this blog, I will discuss which I believe are the most notable changes in the BPM 12c product, some of which also impact SOA suite 12c since the BPM suite shares some components with the SOA suite including the human workflow and business rules engine among others as we can see from the diagram below. Furthermore, both the BPEL and BPMN service engines share fundamentally the same codebase. Read the complete article here.

New Types of Modeling in Oracle BPM 12c Process Composer by Jessica Ray

Enterprise Maps, Value Chain Modeling and Strategy Models - These are all new modeling types that are introduced as part of the Oracle Process Composer in the 12.1.3 version of the Oracle BPM Suite. 
Here is a quick, two minute tour of these new modeling types in Oracle Process Composer. 
Types of Modeling
These new types of modeling are a step in the right direction for business to model the high level models and map them to the lower level, executable business models.
Enterprise Maps
Enterprise Maps are the highest level of modeling, level 0. The show lanes and process areas. Some common examples of process areas are Sales, Marketing, HR and R&D. Of course, the process areas in an Enterprise Map will very much depend on the type of organization that is being modeled and the structure of that organization. 
“The Enterprise Map described the primary business functions of an enterprise and the pieces of the organization that perform those functions” - Oracle Process Composer Watch the video here.

BPM 12c Gateways (Part 1 of 5): Exclusive Gateway by Antonis Antoniou

Oracle BPM provides us with various components to control the flow of a process such as gateways, timer events, errors, message events, send and receive tasks, loop markers and multi-instance markers.

In this five part series part I will be elaborating the gateway control flow components and how we can use them to define the flow of our process.

Gateways are very similar to a flowchart decision element. Using a gateway you can define the control points within your process by splitting and merging paths. At runtime a gateway will determine based on the control points defined at design time the path that a token will take through a process.

There are five gateway types; Exclusive Gateway (XOR), Inclusive Gateway (OR),  Parallel Gateway, Event Based Gateway and Complex Gateway.

Exclusive and Inclusive gateways consist of two outbound sequence flows; a default sequence flow representing the normal path between two objects and a conditional sequence flow to control the process flow based on the evaluation of an expression.

BPM Process Patterns using BPMN by Dan Atwood 

Business analysts and developers new to BPM sometimes struggle with the art of discovering, modeling, understanding and explaining business processes. BPM Process patterns provide a time proven and simple technique to shorten the learning curve and improve productivity and quality of the processes designed.  The patterns described here were created using Oracle BPM's BPMN process modeling tool.
Process patterns are example fragments of processes that show how to connect activities together to solve various and common workflow problems.  Like words that are combined to form sentences, these patterns are combined to form complete processes and illustrate some of the best thoughts on modeling business processes today.   Professor Wil van der Aalst's Workflow Patterns article written in 2002 noted that processes have common and reusable patterns.  These process patterns are broken down into these six categories that gradually grow in complexity:
1.     Procedural Patterns
2.     Advanced Branching and Synchronization Patterns
3.     Structural Patterns
4.     Multiple Instance Patterns
5.     State Based Patterns
6.     Cancellation Patterns
Procedural Patterns
Sequence Pattern
This is the most common and obvious of all the patterns. When business analysts begin to model the way things work today ("As-Is" process) usually much of the process looks like activities strung together in a series. Instances (individual items of work flowing through the process) step through the activities one by one. Read the complete article here.

Architecture & AppAdvantage Section

Integrating With Fusion Application Using Services (SoapUi - SSL) By Jani Rautiainen

Fusion Applications provides web services that allow external systems to integrate with Fusion Applications. There are two types of services: ADF services and composite services. ADF services are created for a logical business object and provide functionality to access and manipulate these objects. The composite services are mostly process oriented and provide an orchestration of multiple steps.

Information about the web services provided by Fusion Applications is hosted in
Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER). The information provided by OER can be used to understand the functionality provided by the service and how the service can be called.

This series of articles describes how one can invoke SOAP web services provided by Fusion Applications using various technologies. In
previous article we covered how to invoke a Fusion Application web service secured with simple username token using SoapUI. In this article we will cover a call to service secured with SSL policy.
The reader is expected to have SoapUI installed.
Fusion Applications Web Service Policy
This example covers a call to a web service that support user name tokens and SSL. The example was tested with a service using "oracle/wss_username_token_over_ssl_service_policy" commonly available for Oracle SaaS environments.
Implementing Web Service Call
Generally the steps to call a SSL and non-SSL services are the same. The SSL services are however commonly configured to validate a timestamp though. So calls to SSL services commonly require the "wsu:Timestamp" element and the value used must be within tolerance. If the timestamp is not provided or the value is not within the tolerance you would see error such as:
 InvalidSecurityToken : The security token is not 


To get a look at the many customer-facing activities coming from the Applications User Experience (UX) team during Oracle OpenWorld 2014, in San Francisco from Sept. 29 – Oct. 2, visit the Usable Apps Events page.
Recruiting for the on-site usability labs has kicked off. Sign up for a session on the Oracle
OpenWorld blog. More information about the on-site usability labs and how to book a tour during OpenWorld of the usability labs at HQ are also available on the Voice of User Experience, or VoX, blog.

Information about three exclusive events, for partners and sales reps as well as escorted customers under Oracle’s non-disclosure agreement, is also posted on VoX in “
See the latest Applications Cloud user experiences at Oracle OpenWorld.”
If you want a preview of some of the key ideas that will appear in OpenWorld sessions on the strategy and roadmap of Oracle’s Applications User Experience, head to the Usable Apps YouTube channel for three new videos:
User Experience Strategy: Simplicity, Mobility, Extensibility
User Interface vs. User Experience
UX Design Philosophy: Glance, Scan, Commit
OFFER FEEDBACK ON THE ORACLE SALES CLOUD: The Oracle Sales Cloud user experience team will be conducting feedback sessions on designs for Territory Management and Partner Management applications Sept. 25-26, just before Oracle OpenWorld 2014.
If you fit one of the following roles, we need your feedback! Participant profiles include business systems analysts, sales operations, sales managers, channel managers, and partner roles. Sessions will be held on-site at Oracle headquarters and through remote sessions.

Territory Management activities will include:
•       Defining sales territories for sales organization
•       Maintaining territories for sales representatives (for example, reassign territories)
•       Analyzing territory information (for example, coverage)
Partner Management activities will include:
•       Creating and maintaining partner accounts or partner users
•       Managing leads and opportunities as a partner, through a partner application
•       Managing leads and opportunities that your partners are working on
•       Analyzing partner performance
Sign up to attend one or both sessions until Sept. 12, 2014. Contact for more information.

ORACLE SALES CLOUD HIGHLIGHTS: See our new release 8 post on the Voice of User Experience, or VoX, blog called “
‘Simple is the new cool’ in the Oracle Sales Cloud user experience.”

Build a simplified UI landing page, or simplified UI rapid development kit, is now live on the Usable Apps website. You can find links to it from the Usable Apps Home page under the For Developers section, from the UX design patterns page, and from the Cloud landing page.

Oracle User Experience Specialist role for the Oracle Applications Cloud has been updated with release 8 user experience information. More than 1,300 people have now taken the training and become certified on this Oracle Partner Network guided learning course, which teaches partners about Oracle's user experience investment in the cloud and how to position the benefits. New content includes a four-part developers’ series (below) on designing and building a simplified UI for the Oracle Applications Cloud using the simplified UI rapid development kit.
Designing the Oracle Applications Cloud Simplified User Interface with Oracle ADF: Simple to Use, Simple to Build
Overview of Oracle ADF Components Used to Create the Oracle Applications Cloud Simplified UI
11 Coding Best Practices for the Oracle Applications Cloud Simplified UI Using Oracle ADF
Developers Toolkit Review: The Resources You Need to Design & Code Your Own Simplified UI for the Oracle Applications Cloud
ORACLE VOICE: Vinay Dwivedi and Anna Wichansky write about Oracle Voice for the Oracle Sales Cloud, which was released in late July, in the Voice of User Experience, or VoX, blog. The post, “
Oracle Extends Investment in Cloud User Experiences with Oracle Voice for Sales Cloud,” describes the user experience and links to a demo.

Additional new content SOA & BPM Partner Community

·         SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration - Blog | Resource Kit
·         Mobile Integration using Oracle Service Bus - Blog
·         Siram S.p.a. Achieves Commercial Efficiency and Business Process Agility Siram, an Italy-based energy services management company, is leveraging the Oracle AppAdvantage program's pace-layered architecture—powered by Oracle Fusion Middleware—to streamline and automate interdepartmental efficiencies. For further details, watch the full webcast featuring Siram
·         Big Data Integration: Big Data Reservoir—A New Way to Think About Your Information Architectures Wednesday, September 17, 2014, 10:00 a.m. PT
Learn the best practices for using big data reservoirs to unlock the value in your enterprise big data.
·         Drive Real-Time Business with Oracle Business Process Management 12c Demand for fast, interactive information access has skyrocketed, driving even more urgency for ever-faster business responsiveness. Find out how the latest release of Oracle Business Process Management brings together cross-departmental applications to create end-to-end, efficient, social business processes that support modern enterprises.
Read More

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SOA Suite 12c - Alle Neuerungen im Überblick (In German)
Corry Weick/ Local Presales
SOA Suite 12c - Hands-On Workshop (In German)
Frankfurt, Germany
Corry Weick/ Local Presales
BPM Suite 12c Bootcamp
Kista Schweden
SOA Suite 12c pre-sales workshop
Kista, Sweden
SOA Suite 12c pre-sales workshop
Madrid, Spain
SOA Suite 12c pre-sales workshop
London, UK
BPM Suite 12c - Alle Neuerungen im Überblick (In German)
Corry Weick/ Local Presales
SOA Suite 12c pre-sales workshop
Utrecht, NL
BPM Workshop
Reston, USA
BPM Suite 12c Bootcamp
Utrecht, NL
Fusion Middleware OOW Community Reception
San Francisco, US
Jürgen Kress
SOA Suite 12c Bootcamp
Kista, Sweden
SOA Suite 11g Implementation Bootcamp
Utrecht, NL
SOA Suite 12c Bootcamp
London, UK
BPM Suite 12c - Hands-On Workshop (In German)
Munich, Germany
Corry Weick/ Local Presales
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Milan, Italy
Flexibel agierendes BPM mittels Oracle Adaptive Case Management (ACM)
Munich, Germany
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