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domingo, 20 de julio de 2014

Oracle Database 12c Upgrade/Migration using Full Transportable Export/Import in MOS

Oracle Database 12c Upgrade/Migration using Full Transportable Export/Import 

This article describes how to perform a Database upgrade/migration to Oracle Database 12c with less downtime by using the new Oracle Database 12c feature Full Transportable Export/Import.

The traditional methods such as export/import, Datapump export/import and Transportable tablespaces, can still be used to upgrade/migrate a database to Oracle Database 12c. However, Oracle Database 12c now provides another method with the new feature called Full Transportable Export/Import making the migration/upgrade easier, faster and more efficient.

Let's look at a brief comparison of the various methods:

Upgrade using Database upgrade assistant (DBUA)
  • requires more downtime
  • migration across platform is not possible
Conventional export/import
  • relatively slow
  • not preferred method for large database size systems
  • reliable migration technique, but only recommended for Oracle 9i and earlier databases
Datapump export/import (introduced with Oracle Database 10g)
  • designed to handle large volume of data
  • replaces original export/import as the most common way to move data between Oracle databases
  • overtaken by Transportable tablespace method in terms of performance
Transportable tablespaces
  • achieves upgrade/migrate faster by copying database files to target system
  • requires additional steps to move user and system metadata to destination database
  • user objects associated with non user tablespaces (system and sysaux tablespaces) needs to be taken care manually
  • database file conversion will be required in case, source and target have different Endian format
Full Transportable Export/Import
  • uses both Transportable tablespaces mechanism and Datapump features
  • Transportable tablespace mechanism is used to move database files to target system resulting in faster migration even for large volume of data
  • Datapump is used to move metadata to target database
  • Complete migration with single import command
  • Capable of moving all required user data and metadata to migrate a database

Readme more here ( You need access to MOS )