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viernes, 18 de julio de 2014

Kai Yu, My Presentations at Oracle Openworld 2014

Kai Yu, My Presentations at Oracle Openworld 2014

I will be presenting or co-presenting the two following sections at Oracle OpenWorld 2014. This marks my 9th consecutive Oracle Openworld conferences that I have presented. From 2006-2013, I have presented 22 technical sessions or panels at 8 Oracle OpenWorld conferences.

1. Session ID: UGF3431: Implement and Manage IaaS and a Self-Service Portal with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c
(IOUG Sunday session)

Abstract: In Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud model, users can request the infrastructure for applications through the Self Service Portal. This session will focus on how to implement such a Iaas Self-Service with Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) 12c and Oracle VM. This session will cover the IaaS cloud architecture; creation of VM templates/ assemblies using Virtual Assemble Builder (OVAB), and how to setup the Self-Service deployment mode with Oracle VM templates and virtual assemblies. You will learn the configuration of the entire stack of this infrastructure cloud built on Dell platform and how to use EM12c to manage the entire stack of the cloud architecture including hardware through Oracle EM12c’s Dell Dell OpenManage plug-in.
Speaker: Kai Yu

2. Session ID: CON5433: Leveraging New Oracle Database 12c Features to Reduce Storage Costs
OOW weekday section
Advances in flash storage are driving ever-increasing performance. And while the price per GB continues to decrease, the absolute cost of top-tier storage offerings is on the rise. One way to combat the high cost of flash storage is to tier data across multiple types of disks to leverage the cost and capacity of conventional spinning disks. This session shows you how to reduce your storage costs without compromising performance, through automatic tiering of your data with two new Oracle Database 12c features: Heat Map and Automatic Data Optimization
Speakers: Wes Vaske, Kai Yu