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martes, 29 de julio de 2014


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July 2014


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During June's Q4 earnings call, Oracle executives announced Oracle's best quarter yet for cloud. Oracle is now the second largest cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) company in the world, and executives plan to close in on the top spot by growing SaaS bookings over 50 percent.

"Our cloud subscription business is now approaching a run rate of $2 billion a year," said Oracle President and Chief Financial Officer Safra Catz. "As our business has transitioned, more software revenues are being recognized over the life of a subscription rather than upfront. We're making this transition to cloud subscriptions and ratable revenue recognition while continuously increasing our top-line revenue and our bottom-line profits year-after-year."

In our special report, learn more about Oracle's recent call, and find out how Oracle's new Oracle Data as a Service for Business helps executives make better business decisions across the enterprise—in real time. Plus, hear from some of Oracle's leading experts on cloud, including Oracle President Mark Hurd, on the secrets to a smart adoption strategy.


"As an antidote to all that complexity and cost and confusion, cloud computing can help CEOs transform their businesses by understanding customers and prospects more intimately, pouncing on new market opportunities as they emerge, accelerating new-product development, and hiring and growing world-class talent," says Oracle President Mark Hurd.
Mark Hurd

"For a midsized enterprise, the decision to evaluate any cloud footprint should begin with the constitution of a risk evaluation and contingency planning board," says Amitava Ghosh, principal business analyst with the Oracle Insight team.
Amitava Ghosh

"ERP cloud solutions have matured to the point where they are a smart strategic alternative for many organizations—especially for those whose ERP system is focused around CRM, HCM, and finance management," says Hans Castel, senior director with the Oracle Insight and Customer Strategy team.
Hans Castel


"Plan your mobile BI implementation strategy with a focus on security, collaboration, and user engagement, and you'll reap the rewards of mobilizing your analytics," says Christian Screen, director of the Oracle Business Intelligence Practice at Sierra-Cedar, Inc. and an Oracle ACE.

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service meets the growing demand for fast, mobile, and secure business intelligence.

What happens when demand starts to outpace supply? "If you're an executive trying to do well in this environment, you have to evolve, because it's really the innovators that succeed here," says Dr. Stefan Heck, author of Resource Revolution: How to capture the biggest business opportunity in a century.

Today's chief information officers have some fantastic new opportunities to deliver transformational business impact and customer value for their organizations. But what does it take to actually deliver on that potential?


Learn the step-by-step process on protecting your Oracle system from a catastrophic breach and reducing company-wide PCI compliance scope in this blog post.

CardConnect offers the only Oracle Validated Integration for protecting and processing credit card payments. Visit for more information or email to schedule a demo.
CardConnect ERP


If you want to deliver value to your enterprise beyond next year, focus on steps you can take today to ensure long-term growth and success.
·         Big Data's Constant Gardener
Oracle Big Data SQL is the only product that provides the three things SQL has to have to be useful across this diversity of repositories: seamlessness, speed, and security.
To truly maximize the value of data to business operations, you must somehow separate the data from the underlying tangle of management, legal, and integration problems that often stunt our ability to use data for competitive advantage.


Oracle's Chief Communication Officer Bob Evans discusses what a new study from IDC revealed about IT complexity.


For Celcom, customer experience is the way back to the top.
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