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martes, 6 de mayo de 2014

Anthology First #Oracle Magazine (Volume 1 Number 1)

Oracle Magazine–Volume 1 Number 1


Brendan Tierney - Oralytics Blog

A few weeks ago I sent a few emails to some well know names in the Oracle World looking to see if they have a copy of the very first Oracle Magazine (Volume 1 Number 1).

Many thanks to Oracle ACE Director Cary Millsap of Method R, who responded to say that he had the very first Oracle Magazine. He kindly arranged to have it scanned into PDF.

To view the 12 page Oracle Magazine (Volume 1 Number 1) click on the following image. Read and Enjoy!


Some people have said that his is not the first Oracle Magazine, published in June 1987. Although this edition is labelled as Volume 1 Number 1, an Oracle Newsletter existed for a few years prior to this edition.
Do you know of anyone who has these newsletters ?
My Oracle Magazine Collection can be found here. You will find links to my blog posts on previous editions.