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viernes, 22 de septiembre de 2017

September 22nd, 2017 Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2017-9805

Oracle Corporation
Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2017-9805
September 22nd, 2017
Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2017-9805

Dear Oracle Customer,

Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2017-9805 was released on September 22nd, 2017.

Oracle strongly recommends that customers follow the recommended actions noted in the Security Alert.

The Security Alert Advisory is the starting point for relevant information. It includes a summary of the security vulnerability, and a pointer to obtain the latest patches.
Supported products that are not listed in the "Affected Products and Versions" section of the advisory do not require new patches to be applied.

Also, it is essential to review the Security Alert supporting documentation referenced in the Advisory before applying patches, as this is where you can find important pertinent information.

The Advisory is available at the following location:

Oracle Critical Patch Updates and Security Alerts:

Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2017-9805:

Thank you,
Customer Support of Oracle Corporation

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