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lunes, 25 de septiembre de 2017

Partner Training: Simplified Buying and Consuming Tech Cloud

By Ramona Costea

Last week Larry Ellison, Executive Chairman and CTO of Oracle, announced two new programs designed to increase flexibility and automation in the way customers can purchase and consume their Oracle Cloud investments. 

OPN and the Oracle Sales and Partner Academy have created a learning path to help you understand and leverage this exciting opportunity: Simplified Buying and Consuming for Tech Cloud

As a benefit of OPN, you have access to this training on the OPN Competency Center free of charge. While it is not an OPN Specialization or resell requirement, we strongly recommended any sales role in your organization to complete it.
Training Description
The training will cover the following programs:
  • Universal Credits: We are helping accelerate customers’ transition to cloud, re-imagining the way customers purchase and consume cloud services. We are providing universal access to all current and future Oracle PaaS & IaaS services, providing ongoing access to new and emerging technology innovations
  • BYOL to PaaS: We are unlocking even greater value for existing Oracle customers by providing license mobility-bringing their own Oracle licenses to cloud
The Simplified Buying and Consuming for Tech Cloud provides the next level of detail, which will help you:
  • Understand these new programs and their benefits to our customers
  • Ensure you can position and quote your customers based on their use case
  • Provide clear guidance on how partners will transact business with Oracle 
If you would like to watch the replay of Larry Ellison’s announcement, please click here.

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Optimismo para una vida Mejor
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