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lunes, 20 de marzo de 2017


8th LA OTN Tour 2017 - Call for Papers
The North and South tour will run in parallel between in the month of August covering the following cities:

** South Leg **
  • Chile: Friday, 28-jul.-17 
  • Uruguay: Monday 31-jul.-17, Tuesday 1-Aug-17 
  • Argentina: Wednesday 2-Aug-17, Thursday 3-Aug-17 
  • Brazil: Saturday 5-Aug-17 
  • Paraguay: Monday 7-Aug-17 
  • Peru: Wednesday 9-Aug-17
** North Leg **
  • Mexico: Friday 11-Aug-17 
  • Panama: Monday 14-Aug-17 
  • Costa Rica: Wednesday 16-Aug-17 
  • Guatemala: Saturday 19-Aug-17 
  • Ecuador: Monday 21-Aug-17 
  • Colombia: Thursday 24-Aug-17 Friday, 25-Aug-17
This call for papers will be closed April 7th, 2017.

This form has three sections:
1. Section of Speaker information
2. Section of events that you want to participate
3. Proposals
The OTN Tour 2017 will have the following tracks:

- Oracle Cloud Track
- Database Track
- Developer Track
- Application Track
- Middleware Track
- Analytics/Big Data Track
- Devops Track

If submitting more than 3 papers, please send an attached document with your abstracts to else

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