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martes, 14 de febrero de 2017

Updated: Database Partitioning with EBS Whitepaper

Partitioning allows a single database table and its associated indexes to be broken into smaller components depending on the table and choice of index partitioning methods. This can sometimes improve performance of large EBS databases significantly. Several E-Business Suite modules take advantage of database partitioning right out of the box, and custom partitioning is also possible. 

Our Applications Performance Group has just released a major update to their best-practices white paper on EBS database partitioning:
Partitioning diagram
The new white paper covers:
  • Partitioning fundamentals and references to key partitioning resources
  • Relationship between partitioning and compression
  • Principles for effective partitioning of EBS tables
  • Definitions of seeded vs. custom partitioning
  • Benefits of partitioning
  • Considerations when evaluating partition designs
  • Identifying objects that might be good candidates for partitioning
  • Implementing and testing partitioning
  • And most useful: lots of concrete examples with benchmarks!
Over 90% of this whitepaper has been rewritten, so you should check out this new edition even if you've downloaded an earlier version.
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