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martes, 14 de febrero de 2017

NetBeans and Apache: what's the current status?

Since the various announcements about NetBeans transitioning to Apache, what's been going on and what's the current status? 

Before reading on, take a look at the following:
Well, if you're asking "what's been going on?" it simply means you're not part of the discussion, which is a simple step-by-step process to be part of: 

After following the above, you'll be on the NetBeans Apache developer mailing list and be able to follow the process as it happens. Right now, weekly updates are provided on the process. 

In short, Oracle is going through the process of making sure that the NetBeans repositories that are targeted at being donated to Apache do not contain anything that should not be donated. For example, Oracle cannot donate files that are not Oracle's to donate. The repositories contain code going back 20 years, since NetBeans has existed since 1995/96, and are therefore full of potential accidental reusages of code that may or may not belong to Oracle, e.g., that could be forks of the JDK, for example. All files are being examined for such instances, including missing copyright notices, and similar potentially problematic areas. 

Which repositories are we talking about? How long will all this take? Scroll to the end of the page here for details: 

The aim is for NetBeans 9 to be released as a top level Apache project together with the release of JDK 9. Prior to that, i.e., in order to move out of the Apache Incubator, there needs to be at least one release of NetBeans done from within the Apache incubator, i.e., NetBeans IDE 8.2.1 or NetBeans IDE 8.3. 

So, those are tight deadlines we're aiming for, though all sides are clear about what we're targeting and focused on meeting those deadlines. Things are looking good and, speaking for myself, I'm happy that we're going through such a thorough process, since the end result will be clear and comprehensive to everyone involved. 

And, guess what, the Apache NetBeans community already has a new website in place, clearly a work in process though it's awesome we have it at this stage already, with thanks especially to Chris Lenz from Leipzig who is leading this project: 

If you're out there and interested in joining in and keeping in touch with the process, go here to get started:

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