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martes, 21 de febrero de 2017

Recovering an Asynchronous Callback in Oracle BPMN by Mark Petersen

When creating asynchronous services, you don't normally worry about what happens if the service fails to callback to the parent process. However, if the callback does fails, it can create major problems for the parent process, making it stall without an easy way to recover.

Take, for example, the following process, called SubmitCreditCheck. The asynchronous Call: Perform Credit Check service blocks until the Receive: Perform Credit Check callback message is received. If, for whatever reason, this service doesn't return, the main process will be stuck and will not make to the Start: Report Write-up service; and it will never end.

With a little bit of planning, however, you can implement a mechanism to recover from this problem and resume the process. This mechanism only requires the addition of a correlation ID at the start of the process and in the callback activity. Refer to Oracle documentation on correlation here.

Now if the service doesn't return a callback message, you can manually trigger the callback using the callback URL defined below.