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viernes, 17 de febrero de 2017

Build Your Nest When Picking With New WMS Functionality

For you Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) license plate number (LPN) people, we bet you have some business processes that require material to be stored in nested LPNs. To wit, finished goods would be stored on a pallet, the pallet would contain boxes, and the pallet would be the outermost LPN while the boxes would be the nested LPNs. In the WMS product, prior to 12.2.5, you could only pick from innermost LPN which would require the nested LPN to first be unpacked for the material to be picked from it. That leads us to exciting news! 

In 12.2.5 warehouse pickers now have the flexibility to pick materials packed in multiple levels of LPNs (inner LPNs or the outer parent LPN) for any picking task, if the total quantity inside the nested LPN is within the tolerance limit. The mobile picking page UI can be used to select and load any material packed in multiple levels of LPNs for an independent or bulk task. The LPN list of values in the pick load page will display inner LPNs as well as the outer LPN for each nested LPN hierarchy. There is no change in the allocation logic to pick from the parent LPNs i.e. for LPN allocation modes, the allocation engine will split the task and allocate innermost LPNs only.

Review 12.2.5 Nested LPN Pick - Feature Overview (Doc ID 2205427.1) for more details on this new functionality.

This is a a great new feature for you warehouse pickers! Check it out and enjoy your nesting.

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