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lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2016

Oracle University: New Training and Certifications for December - Now Available!

Take a few minutes to explore Oracle University's new and updated training and certifications. Depending on your needs and schedule, take individual courses, or purchase flexible, all digital Oracle Learning Subscriptions

Subscriptions give you access to 12 months of course content that's updated on a regular basis to keep pace with changing technology.
New and Updated Courses
Spotlight on Oracle Learning Subscriptions
Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions
Get training for all those in your organization who interact with your Oracle Cloud applications and platform services. Our cloud training solutions show you how to migrate to, implement, administer, optimize and use Oracle Cloud applications and platform.

MySQL Learning Subscription
Learn how to successfully administer and develop on MySQL with this portfolio of digital training for key MySQL product areas. We'll provide you with valuable lessons and insight about new releases, product overviews and best practices for this entire range of offerings.

Security Learning Subscription
Protecting corporate information and technology assets from intruders, thieves and vandals is a significant challenge for most enterprises. Historically, investments in security technology were made by individual technology managers and business units in response to specific threats they faced. CIOs are now implementing technologies that can support the centralized management and enforcement of security policy.

Oracle Big Data Learning Subscription
Use Big Data analytics and applications to transcend reactive intelligence with proactive insight for dynamic marketing, sales, services, and operations as your expertise builds. In addition, gain skills to administer and develop for Oracle Big Data.

Certification Updates

Increase your chances of passing your certification exam! Purchase an Oracle Certification Exam Prep Seminar.

Each exam prep seminar is delivered in a video streaming format and is available 24/7. Study the exact topics that you'll be tested on come exam day. Watch as many times as you need to during your six month subscription term.

Buy an Exam Prep Seminar Package and get the following:
  • Exam Prep Seminar recording by one of Oracle's top instructors 
  • An ePractice test to help you assess your knowledge before exam day 
  • 1 exam voucher + an exam retake voucher, in case you need it
In Beta
In Post Beta Review - will be available in production in early 2017
New in Production - coming in Dec 2016
New in Production
View recent training and certification releases for prior months.
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