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jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2016

Introducing Oracle Integration Cloud Service and EBS Adapter

[Guest Author: Rekha Ayothi]

Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) is a simple, lightweight integration platform in Oracle Cloud. It provides an intuitive, browser-based user interface for integration of SaaS and on-premises applications. Its technology and application adapters provide secure connectivity and simplified access to application integration end points.
ICS enables you to rapidly build and use simple integrations in the cloud with just a few steps:
  1. Configure connections to application or service endpoint or technology component
  2. Create an integration using those connections
  3. Activate your integration
  4. Monitor integration executions at runtime

Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter

As part of ICS, Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter provides secure native connectivity to EBS 12.1.3 and later releases. It lets you create bidirectional integrations with EBS public integration interfaces, whether your EBS environment resides on-premises or in the cloud.

With Oracle EBS Adapter in ICS, you can use REST-based Web services provided by Oracle Integrated SOA Gateway in EBS. You can browse and filter EBS public integration APIs from the EBS Adapter wizard in ICS. It supports Oracle-seeded APIs, as well as custom APIs of certain interface types.


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