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jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2016

New Oracle GoldenGate

New Major Features in this release:  

      • Generic JDBC Targets - Amazon Redshift & IBM Netezza
        Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data can deliver to generic JDBC targets. Generic JDBC target interface has been tested and certified with JDBC interfaces from Oracle, SQLServer, Amazon Redshift and Netezza. The JDBC handler supports standard replicat features such as Statement caching, REPERROR and HANDLECOLLISIONS. JDBC handler can also do some basic mapping of metadata changes between source and target similar to other big data handlers.
      • NoSQL Targets – MongoDB and Cassandra
        Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data can now natively write Logical Change Records (LCR) data to a Mongo DB and Cassandra in real-time into their native formats. Operations such as Insert, Update, Delete and truncate can be handled. Additional features such as bulk-write, asynchronous mode, compressedupdates are also possible based on the respective applications., .
      • Improved Performance
        Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data can now benefit from Coordinated Delivery feature for Replicat which instantiates multiple Java adapter process inside a single Replicat. This can improve the data delivery performance by automatic scaling with multiple process.
      • Latest Certifications
        • Apache Kafka,
        • Hortonworks Data Platform 2.5(HDFS 2.7.3)
        • Cloudera Hadoop 5.8(HDFS 2.6.0)
      • ........ any many more
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