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martes, 14 de abril de 2015

VirtualBox 5.0 Beta 2 released

VirtualBox 5.0 Beta 2 released

Postby Frank Mehnert » 14. Apr 2015, 23:29
Please do NOT use this VirtualBox Beta release on production machines. A VirtualBox Beta release should be considered a bleeding-edge release meant for early evaluation and testing purposes.

You can download the binaries here. Please use sha256sum to compare the hash of the downloaded package with the corresponding hash from this list.

Please do NOT open bug reports at but use our VirtualBox Beta Feedback forum to report any problems with the Beta release. Please concentrate on reporting regressions since VirtualBox 4.3.26.

VirtualBox 5.0 will be a new major release. Here is an incomplete list of changes since VirtualBox 5.0 Beta 1:

VMM: added support for using paravirtualization providers with raw-mode VMs
GUI: encryption passwords no more centered (see here)
GUI: canceling encryption password prompt at VM startup proposing to close VM (see here)
GUI: Enter/Return key press for the last (or single) entry of the encryption password prompt accepts the dialog (see here)
GUI: VM menu-bar contents reordering - moving some of unusual for the Help menu stuff into separate File menu (see here)
GUI: scaling support will use the old smooth mechanism for the software renderer case (see here)
GUI: optimized medium enumeration for the large differencing trees
GUI: USB controller types for the given VM are now reflected in VM details pane
GUI: avoid error message during shutdown of a separate VM (see here)
GUI: fixed a rare crash when starting VM in separate mode
Drag and drop: fixed a crash when copying over host elements to the guest
Audio: don't crash when attaching via RDP to a VM with disabled audio (see here)
Input: fixed vertical scrolling and buttons 4/5 in PS/2 !ImEx protocol (see here)
3D: fix crash on restoring state on X11 hosts (bug #12737)
Bridged Networking: avoid host networking stack pause/restart on VM start/stop/pause (Windows hosts only; see here)
API: fixed long-standing issue (Windows host only) which caused loss of error information for the VM start operation
API: fixed too strict condition for changing extradata settings of newly created VMs (see here)
API: fixed too strict condition for creating persistent shared folders (see here)
rdesktop-vrdp: upgraded to version 1.8.3
BIOS: fix for booting from SCSI CD/DVD media (see here)
BIOS: fix for reads partially beyond end of disk (see here)
Windows Additions/WDDM: improved video memory utilization and allow more/bigger guest screens with large resolutions (including HiDPI)
Linux Additions: fix for Linux guest kernels < 2.6.13 (e.g. RHEL4; see here)

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