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lunes, 6 de abril de 2015

Technologies to Enterprise Big Data Portfolio

New Oracle-only innovations help speed time from data to decisions
Redwood Shores, Calif.—Apr 6, 2015

A key component of Oracle’s comprehensive big data strategy, Oracle today unveiled Oracle Data Integrator for Big Data to help make big data integration more accessible and actionable for customers.  This news follows closely on the heels of Oracle’s recent Enterprise Big Data announcement and furthers Oracle’s vision to enable Hadoop, NoSQL, and relational database technologies to work together and be deployed securely in any model—whether public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises infrastructure. 

Oracle Data Integrator for Big Data enables customers to quickly go from data to decisions, streamline their Hadoop development, and enhance data transparency and data governance across the organization. It provides customers with access to an increased number of diverse data types from on-premises and cloud sources, and helps deliver increased performance for growing data volumes, and enrich data quality for business decisions and regulatory compliance. Unlike other products in the marketplace, Oracle Data Integrator for Big Data is designed to fully leverage a customer’s existing investment in their Hadoop cluster, running completely natively without requiring proprietary code to be installed or a separate server to be run.

“This is a significant milestone for big data tools,” said Jeff Pollock, vice president of product management at Oracle. “With this new product Oracle has made it possible for our customers to be big data ETL developers without having to learn Scala, Pig or Oozie code. In fact, Oracle is the only vendor that can automatically generate Spark, Hive and Pig transformations from a single mapping which allows our customers to focus on business value and the overall architecture rather than multiple programming languages.”

Generating value from big data requires the right tools to move and prepare data to effectively discover new insights. In order to operationalize those insights, new data must integrate securely with existing data, infrastructure, applications, and processes. Oracle Data Integration is a key component of Oracle’s Big Data solutions, a group of Oracle technologies that work seamlessly together to help companies exploit enterprise big data faster, at lower cost, and with less risk. They allow customers to securely reach across Hadoop, NoSQL, and relational databases to easily and cost-effectively sift through massive and diverse data sets.

“Oracle continues to innovate its data integration product line to support a growing ecosystem of big data sources, new technologies, and high performance real-time use cases,” said Charles Zedlewski, vice president, products, Cloudera.  “These latest enhancements in Oracle Data Integration make the portfolio a primary contender for enterprises interested in standardizing on Oracle across the full spectrum of their big data infrastructures, from data ingest and integration, to warehousing, to discovery and big data analytics.”

Oracle Data Integrator for Big Data, Oracle Data Integrator 12c, Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data, and Oracle GoldenGate 12c are part of Oracle’s comprehensive data integration portfolio, which includes data services, data federation, metadata management, data quality, bulk data movement, and real-time replication.

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