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miércoles, 15 de abril de 2015

Job Opportunities, Syniverse !!!

General Summary:

• The Senior Systems Engineer (SSE) assigned to the DBA Homeroom is responsible for supporting very large and complex databases including the organization, installation and assessment of enterprise database management system software across multiple database environments.  Systems are based on Oracle RDBMS, MySQL, MS SQL Server and Vertica hosted on Unix/Linux platforms.
• The SSE Oracle Database Administrator supports specific aspects of developmental, system test and production environments of an existing Oracle database environment.  Duties include supporting lifecycle activities of maintenance, backup/recovery, and intermediate to advanced performance tuning and monitoring of existing database systems.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

• Perform Oracle Database Administration during all phases of development, system test and production cycles.
• Design logical and physical databases or reviews description of changes to database design to understand how changes to be made affect physical database
• Install and use Oracle Enterprise Manager
• Organize, install, and assess enterprise relational database management system (RDBMS) software across multiple database environments.
• Troubleshoot Oracle RDBMS running on Unix platforms while complying with guidelines and specific DBA Homeroom best practices.
• Create, track and report metrics for capacity planning. Analyze current capacity and provide recommendations. Participate with database capacity planning, benchmarks.
• Routine tasks include database design, creation, maintenance, backup/recover, and performance tuning.
• Analyze requirements and prioritize requests. Communicate with users and requestors to clarify requirements. Create programs and/or processes to satisfy requests
• Keep abreast of the latest developments in technology; specifically in the Oracle tool kit.
• Communicate with managerial, administrative and technical staff to determine information needs, data flows and systems definitions
• Establish and control security and check systems in order to optimize performance and to initiate disaster recovery action after system failures
• Manage the distribution and retention of data on various storage devices
• Ensure all aspects of Oracle database security control measures are correctly implemented with proper ongoing maintenance.
• Conduct periodic review and confirm of database accounts to meet audit requirements


• 7+ years Software Engineering experience, including 3+ years as a Database Administrator
• Significant experience in developing Oracle applications and a strong understanding of Oracle tools
• Experience in producing operational and procedural documentation to a high standard
• Proficient with current Oracle versions, SQL and all related database tools
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Strong analytical and problem resolution skills
• Strong control and follow-up skills
• Strong Customer Service experience
• Experience with PL/SQL, triggers, stored procedures, SQL tuning
• Table and index space management
• Proficiency in database monitoring and administration tools and utilities
• Strong working knowledge of operating systems
• Unix/Linux OS experience
• Shell scripting
• Storage management knowledge
• Product lifecycle methodologies
• Working knowledge of client/server architecture
• Understanding of process management concepts and processes
• Capacity planning experience
• 24 x 7 Production Support
·         Oracle RAC
·         Golden Gate
·         Dataguard
·         ASM
·         OEM

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