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martes, 7 de abril de 2015

Java Magazine March/April 2015 digital

Your March/April 2015 digital edition ofJava Magazine is now available

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Dear Ronald,

Welcome to the March/April 2015 issue of Java Magazine! In this issue, we examine how developers can improve Java performance—from code development to platform tuning. Plus, find out how Netflix uses Java to fulfill 2 billion content requests per day.
Improving the Observability of Fork/Join Operations 
When adding parallelism might help performance
On Demand 
Netflix moves fast to give customers a superior viewing experience. Java makes it happen.
Performance, Innovation, and Success 
Find out how collaboration drives a healthier Java ecosystem.
Understanding Java JIT Compilation with JITWatch 
See the effects of small source code changes and Java HotSpot VM switches.
The Quantum Physics of Java 
Discover how modern chip design affects Java programs.
Improving the Performance of Java EE Applications 
Incorporate performance tuning into your development lifecycle.
And more!
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Kay Keppler
Interim Editor-in-Chief
Java Magazine

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