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viernes, 14 de julio de 2017

Welcome to the Summer 2017 Digital Edition of Profit magazine

Welcome to the Summer 2017Digital Edition
of Profit magazine
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For years, I've been watching Profit readers overwhelmingly choose a digital subscription over the printed and posted alternative. I've known that a quarterly print schedule is increasingly out-of-step with the speed of modern publishing; even as I've watched social media emerge as a dominant distribution channel for Profit content.
So starting next issue, Profit will become a 100 percent digital publication. Here's what that means
BRAND-NEW DESIGN: Readers should expect a fresh facade, but also an update to the very structure of the publication.
EXPANDED DIGITAL MAGAZINE: We are making new investments that will improve the digital reader experience, including the addition of native social and multimedia features that pushes the Profit experience well beyond the printed page.
NEW WEB PLATFORM: Profit Online will enjoy new responsive pages (engineered to be viewed on any device), expanded editorial coverage, and new functionality that's built on a modern publishing platform.
I'm looking forward to the launch of this new platform. But in the meantime, enjoy the final edition of the current generation of Profit.
Cloud-based Carbon Inc. has the strategy and technology to adapt to change.
Cloud computing saves money. But Oracle's Chuck Hollis sees more than savings around the corner.
How analytics from Oracle Data Cloud connect TV advertising to in-store sales.
Your machines might have a better vision for your business than you do.
The cloud is driving a trillion - dollar transformation: an expanding range of consumer and business products as subscription services.
Is one issue of Profit not enough to get you through to Fall? Visit the Profit archives, or follow @OracleProfit on Twitter for a daily dose of enterprise technology news from Profit.
Best Regards,
Aaron Lazenby
Editor in Chief
Profit: Technology Powered. Business Driven.
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