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jueves, 13 de julio de 2017

Updated BloodHound Toolkit Available By @cshallahamer

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T H E    U P D A T E
My BloodHound Toolkit is free and is used for fast, advanced and clean reporting ASH analysis.
But like any software, sometimes it needs a little love.
This update focuses on the "tick analysis" script, which summarizes instance activity in a single line based upon your defined summarization interval. For example, each line could represent 30 seconds or 30 minutes... it's up to you. The tick report is extremely powerful when looking for when an incident begin and ended.
To download, click on the screen image above or go to and click on the Resources and then the Tools option.

A B O U T    T H E    T O O L K I T

BloodHound is a free ASH empowered Oracle database performance analysis toolkit. It references ASH-like data from a variety of sources and formats, reports using either a fixed date/time window or floating window, yet users only need a few reporting scripts. It also provides an adjustable time interval (e.g., 5 min) analysis, session level timeline and top anything tools. You can visualize ASH data at a point in time, including a RAC cluster perspective. It's powerful and it's FREE.
I hope you find the BloodHound toolkit very useful!
All the best in your Oracle tuning work,

Craig Shallahamer
Founder & President
OraPub, Inc.

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