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jueves, 13 de julio de 2017

The Oracle ACE Program -- July 2017

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The Oracle ACE Program
Newsletter | July 2017
Oracle ACEOracle ACE Spotlight
Gary Crisci, Oracle ACE

Gary Crisci
Gary Crisci is a Senior Financial Systems Leader with 20 years of finance and IT experience, specializing in Oracle EPM software. During his career, Gary has held various positions as a consultant and industry professional working for top-tier companies such as Siemens, Morgan Stanley, and General Electric. He is the EPM Principal Technologist for GE, helping to lead the company’s global EPM shared service deployment and EPM cloud adoption strategy. He is also a co-author for Developing Essbase Applications: Advanced Techniques for Finance and IT Professionals. Gary has an MBA in Information Systems and lives in Connecticut with his wife and two sons.

Additionally, Gary often speaks about Oracle products at various conferences including, Oracle Open World, Kscope, MOUS, and BIWA.  He is an active member of the Oracle user group community where he holds a Director position on the ODTUG Board of Directors and serves as the organization's Treasurer.

Outside of work, Gary spends most of his time with his family.  He has been a Scout Leader for 7 years and spends a lot of time camping and hiking with his two boys.  For relaxation, Gary enjoys practicing yoga and mindfulness meditation.
Congratulate New and Promoted Oracle ACEs!
 ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorDanny BryantApplications & Apps TechnologyUnited States
Oracle AceAlan ArentsenDatabase App DevelopmentNetherlands
Oracle AceAlexis LopezJava Tools & FrameworksColumbia
Oracle AceAlfredo KriegDatabase Management & PerformanceUnited States
Oracle AceEric EriksonBusiness IntelligenceUnited States
Oracle AceGary AdashekBusiness IntelligenceUnited States
Oracle AceJason JonesBusiness IntelligenceUnited States
Oracle AceLee BriggsApplications & Apps TechnologyUnited States
Oracle AceLukas EderJava Tools & FrameworksSwitzerland
Oracle AceMarcel HofstetterSolarisSwitzerland
Oracle AceMarco MischkeDatabase Management & PerformanceGermany
Oracle AceSabine HeimsathDatabase AppGermany
Oracle AceStefan PanekDatabase Management & PerformanceGermany
Oracle AceVincent MorneauDatabase AppCanada
Oracle AceWayne Van SluysBusiness IntelligenceUnited States
Oracle AceZohar ElkayamDatabase Management & PerformanceIsrael
 ACE Associate
Oracle AceDick DralDatabase AppNetherlands
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 Oracle ACE Program News
Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne 
We sent an email to all ACEs on July 9, 2017 addressing the Oracle ACE Director Briefing, travel support, hotel room block, conference passes and Oracle ACE Dinner information. Please email if you did not receive the email.

Becoming an Oracle ACE Director
We have received numerous promotion requests from current members to become Oracle ACE Directors. Jennifer sent an email to all members with an explanation of the guidelines for ACE Director requirements. Please email if you did not receive the email. You can also view the FAQ.

Meet Up with the Oracle ACE Program Team
Jennifer will be attending a few events this summer and would love to see you. Click the links below to let us know if you'll be attending so we can plan to meet:
 Oracle ACE Watch
Arrow Bullet IconORAWORLD Magazine is looking for contributors to their quarterly magazine. If you like to write technical articles, share exciting stories, or have information that would be of interest to the EMEA Oracle community, please submit your contribution online at: and click on “Submit Your Contribution.” ORAWORLD Magazine is a product of EOUC, the EMEA Oracle User Group Community.
Arrow Bullet IconOracle APEX 5.1: Una Guía Práctica Para Desarrollar Aplicaciones Web Centralizadas Usando Oracle Application Express (Spanish Edition), by Oracle ACE Clarisa J. Maman Orfali
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: “Oracle Data Guard 12c en Arquitectura “Multitenant”: Comportamiento de PDBs (Parte I),” by Oracle ACE Director Joel Perez
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: “Registries: Use Cases for API Management and Microservices,” by Oracle ACE Associate Phil Wilkins
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: “Las Web APIS Como Uno De Los Pilares De La Transformación Digital,” by Oracle ACE Rolando Carrasco
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: “Realocando Pluggable Database (PDB) em modo READ WRITE em ambiente Multi-Tenant com Real Application Cluster (RAC), by Oracle ACE Director V. Ravi Kumar and Oracle ACE Rodrigo Mufalani
Arrow Bullet IconOracle Scene: “Extend HCM Self Service is as simple as ABC(S),” by Oracle ACE Director Debra Lilley
Arrow Bullet IconOracle Scene: “Troubleshooting GoldenGate 12.2,” by Oracle ACE Neil Chandler
Arrow Bullet IconOracle Multi-tenant Application Containers - Part I, by Oracle ACE Anju Garg
Arrow Bullet IconDynamic Assignment of Human Task to a User, Application Role, and/or a Group, by Oracle ACE Dan Atwood
Arrow Bullet IconModularization By Using Oracle Database Containers and PDBs on Docker Engine, by Oracle ACE Deepak Vohra
Arrow Bullet IconAbordando a Instalação do Oracle em Modo Texto no Linux, by Oracle ACE Eduardo Legatti
Arrow Bullet IconHow to Monitor OracleDB ACTIVE/INACTIVE Sessions on WebLogic?, by Oracle ACE Associate Fevzi Korkutata
Arrow Bullet Icon12c Multitenant Internals: VPD for V$ Views, by Oracle ACE Director Franck Pachot
Arrow Bullet IconIntroduction to Oracle Big Data Cloud Service - Compute Edition (Part I), by Oracle ACE Director Gokhan Atil
Arrow Bullet IconHey JAVA-Developer, Why Don’t You Love Your Database, by Oracle ACE Jan Karremans
Arrow Bullet IconEPM Cloud – Managing Applications with Smart View, by Oracle ACE John Goodwin
Arrow Bullet IconRead XLXS Files from APEX 5.0 and Higher – One (or Two) Ways, by Oracle ACE Associate Karen Cannell
Arrow Bullet IconReading AWR Report – Part 1, by Oracle ACE Liron Amitzi
Arrow Bullet IconExcelTable 1.3: Support for Password-Encrypted Files, by Oracle ACE Associate Marc Bleron
Arrow Bullet IconSPARC M12 and S7 CPU Comparison Using SLOB, by Oracle ACE Associate Marcel Hofstetter
Arrow Bullet IconComplex View Merging Transformation and ORA-00979 in Oracle 12c, by Oracle ACE Associate Nimish Garg
Arrow Bullet IconEM13cR2 Installation Failing on BI Publisher Configuration, by Oracle ACE Rene Antunez
Arrow Bullet IconThe OGh / nlOUG Tech Experience 2017, by Oracle ACE Director Richard Olrichs
Arrow Bullet IconAuto DOP and Parallel Statement Queuing (PARALLEL_DEGREE_POLICY and PARALLEL_SERVERS_TARGET), by Oracle ACE Director Timothy Hall
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: Building an Oracle Integration Cloud Service Integration in 2 Minutes, Oracle ACE Robert van Mölken and Oracle ACE Associate Phil Wilkins
Helpful Tips
Arrow Bullet IconNew Series by Dan McGhan: How To Get, Use, and Close A DB Connection Using Various Async Patterns
Oracle ACE Guest Column
Arrow Bullet IconNew Speakers Wanted

By Oracle ACE Director Alex Nuijten

Do you remember the first time you presented at a conference? Were you nervous? I know I was. I’m calling all speakers to reach out into the community and help, mentor, motivate and encourage new speakers to take the stage.

Somewhere in the spring of 2005 my colleague Lucas Jellema asked me if I would do a joint presentation with him. I said, "Sure, sounds like fun." Did I really know what I was getting myself into? Absolutely not.

During the preparation of that talk I learned so much from Lucas. He guided me through the whole process. His mentoring helped me walk to the front of the room, stand on the stage, and give my first presentation. I knew whatever happened I was as prepared as I could be and I was ready to go.

After that talk was done, I was hooked on giving presentations. I’m very grateful of the opportunity that I was offered and tried (both successfully and unsuccessfully) to encourage colleagues to share the stage with me. The UKOUG embraced this initiative and has reached out to old and new speakers for their annual conference in December. I’m glad to see that a number of speakers already reached out via Twitter.

Currently I’m in contact with two new speakers and we’re working on putting an abstract together, so hopefully I’ll be on stage with a new speaker at the end of the year… or maybe even better: I’ll be at the side line watching the new speaker take stage by themselves.

Having the technical knowledge to create your presentation is one part of becoming a speaker, but you also need to know how to address the room, answer questions (even when you don’t know the answer), and write the abstract. Join me by sharing your knowledge with a colleague and help them become a presenter. You can contact me at @alexnuijten or with any questions.
 Oracle ACEs Out and About
PG Day Russia ‘17
July 6-7 | St. Petersburg, Russia
Oracle AcePiet de Visser – Oracle ACE
DOAG Day High Availability
July 13 | Munich, Germany
Oracle AceMarco Mischke – Oracle ACE
INOUG July Meeting
July 21 | Indianapolis, IN
Oracle Ace DirectorRich Niemiec – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceMike Messina – Oracle ACE
Latin America 2017 OTN Tour
July 28 - August 17, 2017

Oracle Ace DirectorArup Nanda – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorBjoern Rost – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorCraig Shallahamer – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorDeiby Gomez – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorEdelweiss Kammermann – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorFrank Munz – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorGustavo Gonzalez – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorNelson Calero – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorRonald Vargas – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorStewart Bryson – Oracle ACE Director
High Five POUG
September 1-2 | Kraków, Poland

Oracle Ace DirectorAlex Nuijten – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorBrendan Tierney – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceChristian Berg – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorFrank Pachot – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorGokhan Atil – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorHeli Helskyaho – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace AssociateIvica Arsov – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle Ace DirectorJim Czuprynski – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorJoze Senegacnic – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorJulian Dontcheff – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorKerry Osborne – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceKiran Tailor – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorLudovico Caldara – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceLuis Marques – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceMarcin Przepiórowski – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorMartin Widlake – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceNeil Chandler – Oracle ACE

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