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lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2016

Oracle Blogs: MONDAY SPOTLIGHT: ACE or not to ACE?

Recognized for their technical expertise, Oracle ACEs contribute knowledge with articles, technical advice, blog posts, and tweets. The Oracle ACE Program is comprised of 3 levels: Oracle ACE Associate, Oracle ACE, and Oracle ACE Director. The "Associate" designation is base level entry into the program for those who are just getting started with their community activities and aspire to contribute at higher levels. You can join the community and learn from their insights and experience.

We are always searching for Oracle Linux ACEs. As an example for you and a way to promote one of our Oracle Linux ACEs,  Johan Louwers,  here's a compilation of his November blogposts and few examples below:
  • Oracle Linux : sending mail with Sendmail
In need to send mails from a bash script? You can check some examples on how to use sendmail on Oracle Linux in this blogpost
  • Oracle Cloud - persistent IaaS storage
In cases where you do not want to loose your Oracle Linux instance storage device on the Oracle IaaS cloud you can now make your storage more persistent in the latest version. You can read about it in this blogpost
  • Oracle Linux and understanding Oracle Cloud IP's
Trying to understand how the cloud IP’s work in the Oracle Cloud while using Oracle Linux. Check this blogpost
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