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martes, 29 de noviembre de 2016

Integration Cloud Service 16.4.1 Fall Release available including free trials for Partners

We are pleased to announce the availability of 16.4.1 - Fall release of Integration Cloud Service (ICS) .
This October release continues to broaden it's connectivity portfolio 

in various segments. These include:
  • Oracle Utilities - New Adapter
  • Oracle Eloqua - Inbound (Trigger) Support
New Oracle Utilities Adapter:

imageA recent survey of 100 North American electric, water and gas utility industry executives completed by Zpryme and Oracle Utilities GBU shows that Utility Companies are embracing the Cloud. With 45% of organizations using the Cloud in some form today and another 52% planning to move to the Cloud. Nearly 97% of interviewees told us they have become involved with Cloud technologies or applications and computing resources delivered as services over a network connection instead of through in-house resources at a utility. This means integration is imperative to all Utility customers without doubt!

This release introduces the new Oracle Utilities adapter taking the list of total adapters closer to 50! This adapter enables you to easily integrate with Oracle Utilities applications that use Oracle Utilities Application Framework v4.3.0.0 or later and supporting Web Services.

For those Utilities Applications using JMS or DB integration services, you can continue to leverage the generic ICS adapters instead.
New Status and Usage APIs:
imageThe brand new /status API is now available that can be queried for system health status (runtime, storage, messaging, and security services). Similarly, the new /usage API returns metrics for system design-time (adapters, agent, application instances, lookups, integrations, packages, and runtime - messages and messaging system). Refer to the REST API documentation for more details.

Support for Service Callbacks:
Starting this release, you can configure outbound SOAP invocations to specify callback ICS flows for asynchronous conversations with external systems/web services.

For example, if you are invoking a credit rating service that responds to you asynchronously (One-Way with Async Call back), you can receive that callback as a delayed response. Remember that the callback flow will be specified within the SOAP adapter design-time as a separate ICS flow.

Learn More: More details on what’s new is available here. Learn more about Oracle Integration Cloud Service at
Want to try ICS Cloud Service? Get access here.
Partner Resources (community membership required):
Sales kit for partners: Cloud and On-Prem Integration: Integrate CRM SaaS Apps with On-Premises ERP & Integrate HCM Cloud with on-premises ERP

Marketing kit for partners: SOA Campaigns

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