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viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2016


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November 2016


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What are the characteristics of a good digital business? "When I see companies that are aggressive experimenters and are willing to try and fail, that's one indicator," says Neil Sholay, vice president of digital for Oracle EMEA. "Another is a willingness to operate in uncharted territory, within that gray area where rules are yet to be defined."

In the November issue of Profit, experts like Sholay—as well as Oracle executives such as Mark Hurd and Jon Chorley—talk about what it takes to create a truly innovative company. Plus, learn about the technology that can help you determine when a risk is really worth taking.
Special Report: Innovation


"Our industry is one where innovation is extremely critical to maintain the freshness of our brands in the consumers' eyes," says Andre Simone, chief business transformation officer at NBTY.
Healthy Investment

Profit looked at demonstrably innovative economies and companies worldwide to get a better understanding of what makes them so successful. What follows are 10 key factors that drive innovation at both the macro and micro levels.
Pillars of Innovation


·         Upwardly Mobile
Cover story: South Africa's Cell C dials up enterprise cloud technology to reinvent human resources and unlock employee potential.
·         Cloud: An Irresistible Force
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd says the desire for cost savings and innovation makes moving to the cloud inevitable.
·         Rush of Ideas
"A good idea is a good idea. It doesn't really matter where it comes from," says Oracle's Jon Chorley, chief sustainability officer and group vice president of supply chain management products. "You want to be able to capture it, evaluate it, and fold it back into your innovation process and into your product portfolio."
Upwardly Mobile Magazine


Larry Ellison's answer: The size of the prize is much bigger for ERP cloud applications, where Workday has an offering and Salesforce doesn't.
The more employees share about themselves using HR technology, the more their employers can recommend new roles to them based on a number of different factors.
"To this point, the cloud has been more about handling net-new workloads, and less about providing a migration path for what enterprises run today," says Steve Daheb, executive vice president of cloud strategy at Oracle.
Oracle Voice


Oracle's Steve Daheb examines several examples of how customers can achieve business transformation using the cloud, no matter their starting points.
Steve Daheb


November–February 2016

Join us for an Oracle Cloud Day near you to explore how cloud ecosystems can speed your digital transformation and make data-driven innovation a reality in your organization.


Upwardly Mobile
Get the best of Oracle's executive content, blogs, podcasts, and in-depth articles from Oracle's Profit magazine.

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